Kershaw Showtime 1955 Rexford Assisted-Open Knifesearch

Kershaw Showtime 1955 Rexford Assisted-Open Knife

Kershaw Showtime 1955 Rexford Assisted-Open Knife

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Like the knife, hate the ugly pivot screw. The machining on mine is off to where it looks lopsided and I'm so anal, all I see is the lopsided pivot screw. Ugh!
Yeesh, you could park a minivan in that lockbar cutout.
$21.51 on Amazon with free 2 day shipping.

Kershaw Showtime Folding Pocket Knife (1955); Todd Rexford Design; 8Cr13MoV Steel Blade, SpeedSafe Assisted Open with Flipper, Reversible Deep Carry Clip; 3.7 oz., 3 In. Blade, 6.75 In. Overall Length

I would love to join more drops but the price with shipping on most items is generally less on Amazon.
"Usually ships within 1-2 months"
If only this shipped to belgium
hate low long it takes to get the Kershaw blades what is worse is I only live about an hour from where they are made.
Does the oxide layer wear away at the rubbing part of the frame lock? Or is it not applied on that surface? Any owners know?
Doesn't look like it from the pics. I think the lock itself rests on the bare metal closer to the pivot.
I haven't noticed any rubbing off on mine I've carried it daily for about 6 months
I joined themncancelled this drop. You can purchase via Amazon prime for under $28, including tax & shipping.... and it arrives in 2 business days.
The little Kershaw landed in the box today. It's a bit stiff but very cute. ūüėĀ I was actually surprised that it was sharp out of the box. That's a bonus that seems to be less often lately.

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Touché friend. I have a young daughter myself. Although she's not into blades like my 6 yr old son! Be well.
You're calling the dude gay with a name like taytay balls.
Why this knife can't be shipped outside US? That's so dumb... I love the knofe design but even if the drop was active i couldn't buy because od this policy.
Email me at I think we can work out a deal.
I've ordered many knives through Massdrop but I have to say I'm disappointed with the ship date on this, stated May 8th it's the 15th and still hasn't shipped.
Such a joke. Pay the same or less on Amazon and get it one or two days later for free
Nearly a month later and still hasn't shipped never using this website again
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You're right. I wish I could cancel... I'd rather purchase via amazon and get it earlier
Sorry I got screwed bro. It's what they do best. Sell shit with hugely inflated msrp and make it look like they're hooking you up. its like they don't even track what their competitors are doing...