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Keycool Hero 84 Mechanical Keyboard

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To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Where to buy this keyboard .i dont find any seller ? this seller is good?
Dont buy from this seller. keyboard model delivered is totally different from advertised / photo ( mis advertisement sounds intended, no checking /etc from their "warehouse"). and also zero accessories (caps, key puller , etc) included as listed. The only correct description is the brand. No reasonable compensation either for all the hassle. I am keeping mine just because is not worth sending back in my case (depends on your location)
Hey everyone,
We’re taking this drop down for now. It was scheduled to go up before users were reporting they were getting something different than our pictures and with Yanbo out of the country we accidentally let it slip through.
We’re working with Keycool to figure out the discrepancies and if everything is taken care of we’ll bring it back in the future. We always take your feedback seriously and want to resolve any issues before running another drop.
Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.
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check out the plum 84 on ali express
Thanks I already got myself a Drevo Gramr 75% :D
Can someone from Massdrop staff confirm that the keyboard is exactly the same as in the pictures?
I had bought one of these before and sent it back because it felt cheaper than a toy. I'd be careful.
does the black version come with pbt caps as well?
Kailh only? No thanks
Everyone had a negative comment.I was undecided,dont trust.Shipping too late.I look at the picture's by the buyer.but this keyboars quality different other keycool 84's.I canceled my order
What is kailh switch's actuation point? each color (black,,,,)?
Has anyone tried both Kailh and Gateron Browns before? How do they compare? The switches are really only reason keeping me from this keyboard. I love the Gaterons on my Noppoo Mini ):
I retract my previous statement. You wanted a comparison between Kailh and Gaterons.
Thanks, though I was asking about Kailh vs. Gaterons because this KC84 comes with Kailh, haha. My SO has Cherry Browns on a Corsair K70 actually, so I've tried them. But since they feel stiffer/harder to press, I don't like them as much as the Gaterons on my own mk. Although I can't really tell if it's because of the different keycaps or the actual switches themselves. Soon I'll replace a few keycaps and test it out again.
I would pay more for unbuilt version of this keyboard, it's too much work to desolder those Kailh's :)
Does this keyboard have dip switches to allow minor layout changes?
When begins shipping ?
Interested but want confirmation from massdrop that we would get exactly what is pictured
People, there were some quality issues (and questionable management from massdrop IMO) with the previous drop. CHECK AROUND PAGE 42.
Put Cherry MX Clear switches here and I will buy two (even three for spare).
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have you seen noppoo choc mini?
Mine broke with no warranty coverage. Page up got stuck. Dont buy from noppoo imo.
What are the quality of the keycaps on this board?
I didn't like originals at all and replaces them with blank Leopolds. Had a problem with left Shift though. To solve the problem bought two sets of blank keycaps.
Are these switches similar to Cherry Mx? Which are the quietest?
Kaihl switches are Cherry clones. They have the same stem (so any keycaps would work on both). Brown, red, and black don't make too much noise when you use them, but the blues are very loud.
I watched a review comparing both browns. Kaihls are more clacky. I can get a Ducky One TKL for the same money but i wouldn't mind the layout of the Hero.
Note: At check-out... You will have your choice of Kailh mechanical switches in Brown, Red, Blue or Black and all will come with white backlighting.
Is the keycaps cherry or OEM profile ?
Hello. I'm very interested in joining the drop but I have some questions. A lot of people from the last drop were not satisfied so I'm a bit conderned. Does the keyboard looks exactly like on the pictures? I mean the keycaps (people said they were not laser etched), cable (was not detachable and had some gold ribbon around) and overall quality was bad. Could you confirm that it's the same keyboard as present in the pictures?
So, it sounds like the last drop went bad, so maybe this isn't the best time, but has anyone else who's had the keyboard for a while had issues? I got mine in the Apr 29, 2015 drop, and now it's not being recognized by Windows. I've used two different computers and two different Mini USB cables, and it just shows up as an unknown USB device. The three lock buttons are lit up, but it's otherwise not responsive. The problem started happening a few months ago, but I could get it going again by rebooting the PC or reseating the cable. Now it just doesn't work.
The keycaps quality is rubbish, and I don't even wanted the silly backlit, especially NOT shine through this rubbish keycap, it's ridiculous! And I didn't get a detachable USB as promised, it looks like they drilled a hole in micro USB size, and then just thread the cable through that hole. Looks real dodgy. Overall this is my first disappointing drop, and I had to wait 2 months for that. What Deecha had from the last drop was good, but not this one. Can you PM me shipping and what you would let go for? Ship to Australia thanks.
Just saw your post. I had already sold the keyboard by then. It went quickly on eBay. Thank you for your interest though.
I have a Keycool 84 Keyboard (w/ original Cherry MX Blue keys) that I purchased from Massdrop. I ended up not using it. It is still in the box. If anyone is interested in buying it please contact me. I am based in Michigan and will ship using UPS ground or USPS at your convenience. Thank you.
I don't know if this is the right place for asking but could you give some more information like price, pictures and would you ship it outside US?
Pictures here:
I am looking to get what I paid for it, namely $111 + Shipping costs (USD) + PayPal fees. I haven't done international shipping before, but if you let me know which country you live in, I could research the shipping costs and let you know. I am also pretty sure PayPal fees are different for International, so I can look into that too.
I accept only PayPal and will ship to a PayPal verified address. Thank you for your interest.
Can anyone confirm this is also happening with the black version? So far I've seen reports for the white keyboard and I'm not receiveing mine anytime soon (international order). Anyway...has anyone received a black unit? Cheers!
I also received my keyboard today. I have pretty much all the same problems as other mentioned before me. 1. This is not the product I paid for. It takes 5 seconds to realise that when you look at the pictures and what i have in my hands. These differences consist off: ---1. The keycaps are not laserengraved. This is called false advertising! ---2. The keycaps set is different. There are not transparent parts below the "capslock" key as shown on the pictures. False Advertisement ;-) ---3. The key orientation is completely different. The pictures show a layout of upside down switches with the LEDs at the bottom of the key- This would allow for the transparent parts at the bottom of the "capslock" key to light up (which are not even there. See above) Just what massdrop!!? What are those pictures? And it continues ... ---4. The cable is not sleeved in white rubbery looking material ( I have the white version btw) but instead in a sleaved white plastic cloth with a golden lining (others have already posted picture of the cable). Why are we shown pictures of a real Keycool Hero 84 but then get some rip off? Did you even check what you received before sending it out? 2. The spacebar stabilizers are of terrible quality. They pop out the other side when the spacebar is pressed at anything but the exact centre. 3. It says USb cable included. I only received a keyboard with an attached usb cord but that is part of the keyboard as it is non detachable. Where is my USB cable that was promissed? Instead I got a keycap puller which is the lonely nice plus of this whole story.Do I have to mention that the non rip off Keycool Hero 84 has removable cord.
The problem here is that you did not deliver what was ordered. Edit: These are some pictures. Please excuse my mediocre shooting style with shadoing parts of the frame and so on.

Different keycap set.

Different cable.
Different Switch and orientation.
Low quality stabilizers that can't Hold the spacebar in position properly

Non removable cable. I did not want to pull on it or anything but you can make out that beuind the plastic part there is clearly no USB connector. Instead more cable.
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I thought I didn't receive a final response as well but I looked in the email conversation one more time and saw there was a response with the link to print a mailing label. For some reason my gmail didn't notify me of that final response.
This was my third purchase from Massdrop and even though it's disappointing I didn't get the correct keyboard this time, I am glad they offered a full refund and I don't really blame them for this screw up. I do think a quality check on at least a few of the keyboards before could have caught this a lot sooner but that's in the past now. And I do kind of look at this as a sort of blessing in disguise. I truly wanted this keyboard with Cherry Clears. I will keep searching for that or a way to cobble it tougher myself.
I opened up the case to see if there was any hope of replacing the cable (the covering is ok but the gold ribbon is a deal breaker, I strongly dislike the look of it), looks like it might be possible to either mod an existing cable or get a diy kit from somewhere and just not put on the mini-usb part of the cable. (I've literally never done this before so I don't know if that 's possible).
Took a picture for reference:
Can anyone translate the manual that came with it into english? How do you dim/turn off the LED?
To adjust led brightness, use Fn and up/down.