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Keycool Hero 84 Mechanical Keyboard

Keycool Hero 84 Mechanical Keyboard

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You are welcome.
is this guy real? Looking at all the stuff hes selling he seams like a legit retailer.
Where to buy this keyboard .i dont find any seller ? this seller is good?
Dont buy from this seller. keyboard model delivered is totally different from advertised / photo ( mis advertisement sounds intended, no checking /etc from their "warehouse"). and also zero accessories (caps, key puller , etc) included as listed. The only correct description is the brand. No reasonable compensation either for all the hassle. I am keeping mine just because is not worth sending back in my case (depends on your location)
Hey everyone,

We’re taking this drop down for now. It was scheduled to go up before users were reporting they were getting something different than our pictures and with Yanbo out of the country we accidentally let it slip through.

We’re working with Keycool to figure out the discrepancies and if everything is taken care of we’ll bring it back in the future. We always take your feedback seriously and want to resolve any issues before running another drop.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.
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check out the plum 84 on ali express
Thanks I already got myself a Drevo Gramr 75% :D
Can someone from Massdrop staff confirm that the keyboard is exactly the same as in the pictures?
I had bought one of these before and sent it back because it felt cheaper than a toy. I'd be careful.
does the black version come with pbt caps as well?
Kailh only? No thanks
Everyone had a negative comment.I was undecided,dont trust.Shipping too late.I look at the picture's by the buyer.but this keyboars quality different other keycool 84's.I canceled my order
What is kailh switch's actuation point? each color (black,,,,)?
Google fu is out for lunch?
Has anyone tried both Kailh and Gateron Browns before? How do they compare? The switches are really only reason keeping me from this keyboard. I love the Gaterons on my Noppoo Mini ):
I retract my previous statement. You wanted a comparison between Kailh and Gaterons.
Thanks, though I was asking about Kailh vs. Gaterons because this KC84 comes with Kailh, haha. My SO has Cherry Browns on a Corsair K70 actually, so I've tried them. But since they feel stiffer/harder to press, I don't like them as much as the Gaterons on my own mk. Although I can't really tell if it's because of the different keycaps or the actual switches themselves. Soon I'll replace a few keycaps and test it out again.
I would pay more for unbuilt version of this keyboard, it's too much work to desolder those Kailh's :)
Does this keyboard have dip switches to allow minor layout changes?
When begins shipping ?