Keycool KC-SP64 Bluetooth Mini Mechanical Keyboardsearch

Keycool KC-SP64 Bluetooth Mini Mechanical Keyboard

Keycool KC-SP64 Bluetooth Mini Mechanical Keyboard

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I would like to make sure cherry key type keyboard also has RGB light color. I am asking this because Keycool official seller only has cherry key type with one pre-set light color which is not changeable.
How do I pick cherry key type? seems only led color choice?
This looks like an insane deal. How is the quality of keycool keyboards?
Why must this pop up, literally 2 days after I purchased an Anne Pro 2 =(

Maybe just bite the bullet and have both?!

Ugh, why must I want to live the BT life?!
Are you able to change the layout at all, because that seems like a really bad place for a Delete key?
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I'm more concerned about accidentally hitting it.
I've had this keyboard for a few months now and I'll be honest, I do accidentally hit it from time to time when I'm trying to nudge and object in Illustrator and end up just deleting it. Doesn't happen enough to bug me though.
The keyboard stops working after 2 days... no lights, no response even when connected via USB... Anyone else has the same issue?
I bought mine used about 3 or 4 months ago. I use it 8 hours a day for work and haven't had any issue. I assume you tried the factory reset already? (ESC+Ctrl+R Arrow+Backspace)
Review and key guide here:
Nice keyguide, thank you!
just received it. anyone knows how to turn on the bluetooth?
my logitech options cant see the keyboard
I can't get BT to work either
The Del key is next to the arrow keys and can be pressed accidentally. I wish it was where Backspace is and Backspace where the \ key is.
This DSA PBT Dye sub Key caps are very nice.
I want to make drop for this key cap set only...
hope the bluetooth works,
crossing fingers
Nordic layout? :(
When my sp64 is not connected to a line, there is no light and no Bluetooth option is displayed even if I press the key. Do you know what the problem is? My pc is a macbook pro 2016 touchbar model.
Does anyone know if this fits most 60% cases?