Keycool KC-SP64 Bluetooth Mini Mechanical Keyboardsearch

Keycool KC-SP64 Bluetooth Mini Mechanical Keyboard

Keycool KC-SP64 Bluetooth Mini Mechanical Keyboard

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This DSA PBT Dye sub Key caps are very nice.
I want to make drop for this key cap set only...
hope the bluetooth works,
crossing fingers
Nordic layout? :(
When my sp64 is not connected to a line, there is no light and no Bluetooth option is displayed even if I press the key. Do you know what the problem is? My pc is a macbook pro 2016 touchbar model.
Does anyone know if this fits most 60% cases?
looks like a warranty isn't included, so be careful
What is the weight of this keyboard? Is it good for traveling?
I would jump on this if it shipped a month earlier. Why so long?
Me too :L
Still no confirmation on programmability?
Is anyone able to confirm that SA Vilebloom with a non-standard kit will cover this board?

SA Vilebloom:
This thing got a user manual yet? Pretty useless to me in the mean time. :-/
I have a question regarding the battery life of this product? This has a battery inside it, correct? How long is the battery life and what kind/size of the battery inside it?
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I am willing to buy it if it is meme-powered
1200mah based on a picture I saw.
damn i want to order but i will be back at university on the ship date and i dont know what my
exact address will be....

hopefully they open drop again then :)
does anyone knows if the pcb is a hot swap pcb?? from one the pics it looks like you would be able to remove the switches and switch them up?/
It is not hot swappable.
How does this compare to the Happy Hacking Keyboard?
hhkb is topre, so its hard to compare really...