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KeySmart Pro w/ Tile Smart Location Technology

KeySmart Pro w/ Tile Smart Location Technology

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I'd be on this if it was USB C
Received mine a couple days ago. When I set it up it worked fine. A few hours later I tried to show someone how it works but the button on the tile produced no effect on my phone and it hasn't worked since. It works fine when I activate it from my phone, though. WTF??
So far so good for me. Got it for 39 from amazon sale 3 days ago.
I need a combo that combines this and a wallet
These are not GPS devices!

These things are simply bluetooth devices which will communicate with your phone- beeping if they are with range of your phone and communicating wih your phone to show if they are within range. I do wish they'd stop associating functionality with GPS!
poor price (going on other comments), plastic body (complaints about build quality on Amazon), uses bluetooth instead of the far better wifi technology, likely to need to replace tiles after a year.

All in all a big "no" to this.

The idea is fantastic, the implementation is KeyDumb on AssDrop.
Bottles twist off and a small USB drive would be so much more useful in the 21st century, plus this price is not good.
dang i thought this would like give you a certain key based on your location.. like if it uses GPS to know that you're at your house it would automatically pop out your house key. someone should make that
Um, this is only 39.99 at Kmart and Sears (I bought mine like 6 months ago and it’s still on sale). Plus you can stack that with coupons and use shop your way bonus points so the price can be much less. I think I paid half this price and it shipped within 24 hrs.. just saying
Mine broke within a couple of months (no longer charges). It worked OK, but personally I think the product has a few minor flaws that would make me stay away, despite it breaking.
1. Alarm on key chain is too quiet
2. It turns out that unless you move around a lot during the day, being able to track your keys on a map is not very useful (may be for some)
3. Requirement to keep phone bluetooth turned on (would be great if it also worked with WiFi)
4. Bulky design and not always the easiest to dig specific keys out (not the hardest to use, of course, but a key chain should just "work" in its basic function of containing and providing quick easy access to keys)
Saw this on Amazon for $39.99 last week.
I have been happy with mine. It has helped me find my keys many times.
I did not buy mine here (because of shipping wait), but I love mine. I am able to use a tile without falling into their dumb system of buying one every year.
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The normal tile runs out of battery within a year. The key smart is the only tile device that can be recharged.
Oh ok, thank you
I got one of these when they first released. After having it for some months, I can say it's reminded me I'd left my keys once. It's lit my keyhole a handful of times. It's white and is still clean, except the USB flap has gone yellow.
I'm pretty happy with mine, I just wish it had a battery level reminder. I tend to forget to charge.
It is bulkier than other keysmarts and doesn't have the cool integrated clip like the Keysmart rugged, but I just use a suspension pocket clip I got here on Massdrop.
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I missed this drop. Can you tell me what was the price?
It was about $48 + Shipping.
Word of caution to all prospective buyers:

You may want to be careful should you ever choose to resell your used keysmart. I tried to sell my used one on Amazon and the owner of the company threatened me with a cease and desist because, according to him, I was selling counterfeit goods. They also reported my seller account to Amazon. All with no evidence of anything. My seller account was restored, thankfully, because Amazon has more sense than the owner.
So my current Tiles are not “rechargeable“ and become obsolete after a year or so of use. This one doesn’t do that? Do other, newer, “regular“ normal Tiles still do that? I have like 5 of them and they will be expensive to replace when they die. That concept stinks and I’m hoping they are getting away from it.
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The current generation Tile products still aren't rechargeable (except, apparently the one listed here). I just replaced my older ones within the last 6 months. Agree that a rechargeable version would be nice.