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Keywalker 68-Key Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

Keywalker 68-Key Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

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Geez the drop ended on 5/25 and it says expected delivery is on 8/21! This is my first drop. Is that normally how it is on this site.
That's actually good turn around - most drops ship after around 6 months.
Any update on the instruction manual? The link provided says that the file was deleted from server
I'd also like an update on the manual. I'm hoping by responding to your comment that I'll get a notification with it.
I'd get this if they offer MX clears
I'm a Mac user looking for my first mechanical board. I've looked over the comments and there seems to be some conflicting info over use of this with macOS. Would anyone who's bought this to use with a Mac recommend this as a good first board? Your advice is appreciated.
This is my first board and I use it with a mac. It works seamlessly.
Is it only wireless?
No, it comes with a cord as well.
just bought the ALT RGB. Wish I would've seen this first.
You can still cancel the ALT and get this instead, the ALT group buy ends in 23 hours or so.
" It comes with your choice of Cherry MX switches and keycaps, too." There is no option to select a keycap style at checkout. Additionally, the link to the instruction manual is broken, and from reading the comments, appears to have been broken for months. Additionally, the board appears to be backlit, yet there is no mention of this at all in the product description.

100 USD, "all sales are final".

If this were a post on Craigslist, I'd fully expect to be stabbed and robbed when I went to pick up the board.
Would it be worth the effort of buying this and replacing the switches with BOX Royals? Does anybody have experience with the bluetooth? How is latency, and are there frequent connection drops?
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Thanks for the info. I have very little soldering experience but from what I understand it's not too hard once you get the hang of it all, just a little tedious. Is there anything in particular I should watch out for that would be different from this board vs the guides out there about soldering/desoldering custom builds?
Nope, nothing really special. When taking it apart (RGB version so YMMV) I found out there are no screws, just use a credit card or guitar pick to pry (gently) around the perimeter.

Definitely pick up some no-clean flux (preferably in a refillable pen) and one of those spring loaded desoldering pumps though. Both are cheap and they'll save you a lot of heartache and frustration. Also in a pinch you can add a bit of new solder to a stubborn connection to make it flow again.

Make sure to have a fan blowing across your workspace so you don't breath the fumes and good luck!
Is this backlit? The pictures suggest it is but it's not mentioned anywhere in the specs.
Kind of a long shot but:

does anyone know if you could put this into the tada 68 aluminum case?
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Pretty sure it doesn't fit because of the strange location of the micro usb port... you'd have to do something custom.
No, I asked this question on to the seller