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Is the base aluminium or just plastic?
Are the switches hot swappable or are they soldered in?
Also, I see the wireless mode is not support by linux systems? How come?
They are soldered. I assume the drivers don't work in Linux though I could be wrong.
I just love ignorant friends who don't know about mechanical keyboard. One of my friends literally just said "That keyboard is ugly. Looks old." Oh my. Although I have to admit, a black and white color scheme would look better.
You need new friends.
Can this be converted to ISO UK layout?
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Are there keycaps to go with the UK layout?
Sorry man, I don't know. Maybe you can find a few via google. Or just get blanks ;)
I have Coolermaster Masterkeys PBT, and do you guys think is worth it to replace with this?
I don't have any problem with my current board, but just want to explore more keyboards for fun.
Do you like a smaller board? If your board has a function row and numpad, branching out to a smaller form factor can be fun. I love small boards, personally, and this one looks nice.
Can you buy just the case pcb and plate? I don't want to use cherry switches or the keycaps, but otherwise I like the layout and board.
No, you have to buy the whole board. You can desolder the switches and then solder in your own switches though once you get it.
Is it hard to find alternative keycaps to this? I'm interested in the layout but I really don't like the white/grey keycaps.
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top right corner.  it has a picture of a cherry on it.
top right corner, above delete.  has a cap with cherries on it.
This looks grea... what? Cherry Black, Blue, Brown & Red only?
Damn. Would have been an instabuy in Cherry White, Clear, Green or similar non-Cherry switches.
Good luck to you if you like the switches on offer :)
Here ya go!

are these pre built?
Yes, all assembled.