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Keywalker 68-Key Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

Keywalker 68-Key Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

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It would appear as though I lost my "FN" key...FN+up arrow does not turn on my keyboard lights. Does not pair with BT. I don't think it does anything. I have the software to reprogram the keyboard from GitHub but the FN key, from what I understand, is not reprogrammable

Anyone else have this problem/solution?
reret the keyboard by pressing for buttons at the four corners : esc, lctrl, left arrow and `
That programm is a mess, it replaces every standard shortcuts with the ones you add and you'll lost every Fn function
I appreciate your reply.

I tried the reset(4 corners) per the manual that came with the keyboard but it did not work (short press, long press, etc.,)

Luckily Massdrop was willing to swap out my keyboard with another pair
So, the Fn key seems to not work on mine. Fn+1 only results in 1 being input instead of F1, I can't properly enter pairing mode, turn off or at least turn down the backlight. Every other key seems to be ok, the LED on the Fn key works fine, but without the Fn functionality the boards is effectively useless to me.
Just got the shipping email with tracking number!!! Let’s see how lon got takes to get here.
Uhm... no Cherry Mx Clear?
Geez the drop ended on 5/25 and it says expected delivery is on 8/21! This is my first drop. Is that normally how it is on this site.
That's actually good turn around - most drops ship after around 6 months.
Any update on the instruction manual? The link provided says that the file was deleted from server
I'd also like an update on the manual. I'm hoping by responding to your comment that I'll get a notification with it.
I'd get this if they offer MX clears
I agree! I'm looking for a Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard with Mx Clears... but it's not easy to find.
I'm a Mac user looking for my first mechanical board. I've looked over the comments and there seems to be some conflicting info over use of this with macOS. Would anyone who's bought this to use with a Mac recommend this as a good first board? Your advice is appreciated.
This is my first board and I use it with a mac. It works seamlessly.
Is it only wireless?
No, it comes with a cord as well.
just bought the ALT RGB. Wish I would've seen this first.
You can still cancel the ALT and get this instead, the ALT group buy ends in 23 hours or so.