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Kinkajou Bottle Cutter Kit

Kinkajou Bottle Cutter Kit

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I love mine even though it's completely silly it has made for a good arts and crafts presents for my alcoholic friends.
owner's website sell this 39 USD
Why is this listed under tech drops?

Tightened the cutter down, measured the sides so they were adjusted evenly, held the bottle in place and spun the cutter. One application of boiling water and cold water. The bottle actually just fell apart perfectly
I was one of the original Kickstarter backers of this guy. My first couple of bottles worked out ok, then I had about 10 bottles shatter in my hand, in a row. Haven't touched it since.
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Yep! It was over five years ago...fuck.
I've used a variety of things to cut and drill glass over the years, it's a fickle thing some breaks are inevitable. Making sure your line is spot on and being patient with the hot/cold water helps a lot. Also thicker glass like wine bottles take longer but tend to work better than beer bottles in my experience (though I've cut quite a few beer bottles successfully there is a higher failure rate). Very much a practice makes perf... err... better thing 😉

Cut proof gloves (or just decent leather work gloves) will prevent most injuries.
Practice makes perfect. Need more bottles
about 40% of mine actually work out, maybe less. It's pretty hard to get wine bottles level, I end up missing the mark most of the time.
Just recently got mine. Started testing it with some boring beer bottles before trying it on a nicer bottle. The first one worked great. All the following ones I couldn't get it to make a nice circle around it. It always scored a spiral up or down the bottles, no matter how precisely I leveld it.

Any tips?
I don't have that problem. Just hold the cutter and spin the bottle, that makes it better
Is it anything like these going for around US$12 including worldwide delivery?
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Almost certain that is a cheap knock off that won't last long. May look nice but materials used and construction are less adequate and will most likely break or wear out in a short period of time. Also the end result may not be as good as the original manufacturers product.
Nope never tried, hence why I'm asking :)
How would this go for square bottles..?
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Dang, came here to ask the same question. Looks like this can do square/irregular bottles but at more than double the price:
Not cutting Jack Daniels bottles with this...
Sooo... what are the uses of this thing..?
Cutting bottles.
What about a non-cylindrical bottle like Patron?