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I have a Spinal Cord Stimulation device inserted on my back, can I use this scale? This is like a pacemaker but for your nerves. anyone know? I bought it but im afraid to use it until verificatio.
Most useful feature on this scale?
There's a small button on the back that automatically deducts five pounds from the read out.
Which one is better Yunmai color scale / Xiaomi smart scale 2 / this one ?
App and scale work well for me but definitely cannot use it on the carpet. Has anybody been able to sync the scale with the different app like Google Fit or anything else?
Did you use the hard plastic caps for the feet meant to be used if you have it in carpet? Or do they not work as intended?
Yeah I tried it... It was still off about 10 pounds or so. For what it's worth, my carpet is more thick or fluffy than average. I'm pretty sure that's why the hard plastic caps only helps a little.
It's smart alright! I mean, it measures body fat...Ewwwww!
But where is the RGB?!!!
Can someone cite an independent study showing the BMI function actually works on this scale? It should be impossible. Or even, MOST of the functionality of this device. I can guarantee there's no way this thing can independently verify your hydration. Is the idea like fitness pal - where you enter all the information and it gives you a vague/incorrect idea based on your entries?
If you enter your height, and then stand on it, that's all it needs to calculate bmi.

The other values are estimations based on electrical conductivity I.e. Fat is less conductive than water. So based on how well electricity can move through your body from one foot to the other, it can estimate how much fat/bone/etc is making up your weight.
It’s my understanding that the pads on the scale measure electrical conductivity through your feet and they instruct you to weigh yourself barefoot for that reason. But I agree, it’s probably only an estimation.
Can anyone who has it, review it?
This was in a drop in late December and shipping via DHL was not expected to come until mid-January to Canada. How do I go about getting a refund since DHL seems to have lost my package. Also tracking information disappeared once the item crossed over into Canada.
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Funnily enough, for one thing, I did end up getting a refund for the scale for it getting lost in transit, but 2 days ago I still received the scale. You know almost 3 months after the shipping went out, and the only money I had to pay was the customs charge. And the product works great, so I can't complain.
Nice. 3 months is just bizarre though!
Kissfit search in App Store in Lithuania returned nothing. Please advise
Are you on android or iphone? If on android you could try an alternative package manager like f-droid. You can actually manually install apps if you've rooted your phone. If you have an iphone then I have no idea, maybe someone else can chime in.
Has anyone been able to pair more than one app/phone to the scale? I see that you can add additional users to your phone/app, but I really don't want to have to have my girlfriend ask to use my phone each time she weighs herself. Would rather she could use her own app/phone.

But we cannot get her phone to recognize the scale, mine works fine though. I'm wondering if it's because my phone is in bluetooth range and therefore it's trying to use my phone and not hers?
Mine has an iPhone 8. It worked well with her, though I don't remember if I turned my Bluetooth back off while she did the set up. Unfortunately, she has yet to wanna step back on the scale, so I have no tips other than make sure your Bluetooth is off during initial setup, just in case it interfere with hers.
I received the new scale and didn't have any issues. Downloaded the app, created an account and it connected easily to the scale using BLE. The scale does seem to default to kg, but changes to pounds when the app connects to the scale.
Wish I could change date format 😐