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Kizer Ki3455A1 Mini Dorado M390 Flipper Knife

Kizer Ki3455A1 Mini Dorado M390 Flipper Knife

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Mine was just cancelled due to not enough inventory ugh
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Ah ok. I got a skully and it's just not doing it for me and was going to offer it to you
I appreciate it but I wasn't interest in the skull. Find some EDC groups on Facebook to resell it.
just an FYI, i join the previous drop for this. Mine just arrived a couple weeks ago. It has terrible blade centering favoring the lock side and the lockup is over 60%, this means that the lockbar is touching way over center of the blade that makes it look like it's been well worn. The centering can be fixed by loosening the blade, but as soon as you do that you start getting blade play. I'm keeping it regardless since it's a decent deal for M390 and need a small EDC knife. If you don't care for the steel and don't "need" to have another edc knife, then you should skip this one..
I'd love to see this at the price point they offered the Alter Ego at. After some time breaking it in, the Alter Ego is now one of my favorite blades.
MD is killing me with all these drops. Want, but can't get.
How does the titanium hold up? I want this for my EDC, I love the look of the plain titanium, but am concerned on how well it will hold up to daily abuse? Any feedback is greatly welcome!
I got mine about 3 weeks ago from the last drop. I already owned two other Kizer/Cucchiara collabs, the Flashbang (with rainbow skull) and the plain, bead-blasted Ti Trifecta. Actually, I also own the green G10 Flashbang, which is actually mini-sized like this mini Dorado, but Ill stick w/ a like-to-like comparison and only consider the Ti-framed models.
I also own a couple other designers' Kizer productions, including the recent MD offered Alter Ego, and as you can probably tell, I love my Kizers. And especially my Cuchiarra models--theyre beasts in size, beautifully built, and have blade deployment as smooth and swift as my best Zero Tolerance,
So I was supet stoked about this drop when I saw it a few months back, esp to try out the M390 blade steel (and of course I ordered the rainbow skull version, so much better looking than (yawn) plain grey Ti.
The knife looked grear out of the box, of course, but the blade would not deploy with even a stern flip. Id never experienced anything like that with a Kizer, granted the mini Dorado has a much thinner/lighter build than the similarly shaped, but obviously bigger full-size Flashbang. But even my G10 models flipped great.
To make a long story short(er), the deployment problem was mostly caused by an off-center blade. I was able to fix it by adjusting the torque of all the screws, but it didnt get truly smooth until I swapped out the screws holding the pocket clip with ones from one of my G10 Kizers. For whatever reason, the original screws let the clip touch the frame look a bit, inhibiting the movement of the blade.
So in the end, alls well that ends well, but I was a bit surprised that this Kizer knife didnt quite live up to the quality of the others I have. It was like the final finisher quit 10 min before the job was done. Hopefully that's an aberration, because i see from the serial # (105 of 200) this knife appears to be part of a batch specially made/set aside for the drop.

I just got my order in. I could not help myself. I did not cancel my orders for the crux and the buc. I will love them all. I did have to tell the wife that I would give away some at Xmas. I lied.
I just cancelled my milled Crux ($150) to get this for 25 bucks cheaper. It's slightly smaller but better steel, and arguably a lot more unique with the anodized skull. Seemed like a no brainer
It’s a beauty you’ll like it
I keep seeing this pop up... I'm looking for a good smaller knife in M390. I prefer the look of the Mini Intreptid though. Anyone that has handled both of these models have a comparison?
I have both. Mini Intrepid I think is a far better knife though they are both great and both super smooth in their own way.
I own both as well. I absolutely love my mini intrepid. I’m not a huge fan of the polished titanium scales on the dorado, as it shows everything. For the price the dorado is great knife and because of that makes me worry less about being An EDC.
Just got mine, pretty nice overall. Action feels...weird? It’s smooth but also really gritty. It also works surprisingly well with a “push button“ style deployment. Unfortunately my “Cucchiara” stamp on the spine is not parellel to the spine :/
They should absolutely replace that tool based on that cosmetic flaw. At this price point, there's no excuse for that shit.
Mine was gritty too. Cleaned it and added nano oil and was way better.
Very nice. Perfectly centered and deploys like silk
Really love mine, ETC every day and haven't had any issues with the pocket clip at all. Would buy another.
I already own the A2, so it only made sense to buy the A1. And to get an M390 blade and Ti scales for a Benjamin is a no brainer. Not to mention the wonderful design skills of Matt Cucchiara. If came razor sharp, blade in the middle, and with a wonderful action. So many reasons to add this knife to my collection, as well as EDC rotation

So this is a great knife. I bought the skull one knowing I was going to anodize it, so I included a few of the directions I’ve gone between (loving the bronze). Kizer always has great action and this is on par with my high expectations. I wanted the mini because I like smaller knives- also, it was titanium. For the price this is a steal. Weakest link is the pocket clip, its stiff and makes me concerned it will break. In the end I would buy again.

Just got mine. 2 weeks early! Thanks Massdrop. I think this knife is beautiful. So solid. Only opened a few times but action is very smooth and sounds like a vault when it snaps into place. The skull is AMAZING. So cool. It's a bit bigger than I thought it would be but that might be because I've been carrying the Spyderco Chaparral Raffir everyday. (another awesome) It's a great mid-size, and my first flipper. Love it! Super sharp too. Did I mention the skull face!!?
Hells yeah on going for the skull. When I saw the Olin handle sold out way before the skull I just shook my head, because I have the Flashbang w/ rainbow skull, so I knew it was awesome. But I could certainly see how some people, perhaps the ultra manly-man types, or "knife goths" (every part of every knife they own must be BLACK) who were already out of their comfort zone with this natural metal-colored knife, hearing "rainbow skull" and thinking, "not a chance."
Honestly, I felt the same way last year until I actually saw the Flashbang in front of me. Somehow they manage to make that rainbow skully look nothing like what most people imagine a rainbow skull will look like, even after seeing pics. And thats a good thing--its much, much better looking than one would imagine.
Arrrrgh! Waited too long.... Now have to decide if I could live with that skull..... Hmmm
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I'm trying to envision what I could do with anodizing to tone it down some lol
@probablythelastmimsyNevermind, just found a solution to my problem......ordered the Tashi Bharucha Prism instead, now this is a definite no lol
Dear Kizer and Massdrop, Please stop making/discounting attractive, well made folding knives out of high quality materials and then selling them at less than half of what they would be anywhere else.
Sincerely, My savings
For real though, holy crap has Kizer absolutely nailed it for every one of their knives that I own. Excellent fit and finish, action, and frequently stunningly attractive. Spyderco take note. Of their prices. Please.
My savings was murdered last year by Kizer, with the help of BladeHQ. Who ever heard of sale on knives in which the discount was 50-65% off the actual last offered price, rather than some bogus "discount" of 20% off the MSRP?
That was when I first broke down and admitted "I collect knives". Prior to that, I wouldn't buy a knife unless I could justify it by arguing (with myself) that I didn't already own a blade that had the exact combination of features that THIS knife I now wanted to buy had ("Well, I don't own a sub-compact, spring-assisted, tactical black, titanium-framed, wharncliff-bladed, Italian made, knife with N690 blade steel and frony flipper least, not one with carbon fiber scales...that is, I don't have one that has carbon fiber scales with a FALLOUT PATTERN, like this knife never know when a woven carbon fiber pattern won't cut it--I'd better buy this knife, just in case").
So Kizer and BHQ killed my savings, now Massdrop--with the help of Kizer, and Spyderco ( I picked up both the gold steel sprint run drops this morning), and some custom designers have dug up the corpse, chopped it into pieces, lit the pieces on fire, and thrown the ashes down an abandoned Central Nevada mine shaft.
i really want to join this drop but sadly with the "flipper" label this wont make it past Canadian customs, regardless of knifes with flip tabs being available to purchase in Canada
That's not true bud. I and several others that also live in Canada have ordered and received knives from Massdrop well after the $}{¿T storm caused by the jack asses at customs. Massdrop is covering us if our knives get seized. That is unless it gets so bad it's no longer feasible for them to do so. So if you want one just join in my friend it's all good in the hood. 😎✌
Just love my full size Dorado that I got for around $100 last December, fantastic slicer with the hollow grind, great ergos and probably my favorite flipper, so I'm really looking forward to getting it's little brother in M390 on such a great deal!
Damn...I just purchased a couple of knives from you guys and now y'all put this up on the site 😍😍😍😍. Hopefully I'll catch it on the next go !!!!
Looks like a great deal, now the question is: skull or no skull??
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I confirm: Skull. I hesitated rather long before making my mind. I was right to pick the skull, it is smooth under the palm and adds that note of uniqueness to the knife.
My only concern is the randomized anodization. The colors on mine are almot exclusively blue and yellow, I'd love to have more red in it.
I also have a blade centering and smoothness issue on mine. Currently getting sorted out with Massdrop support.
Glad my advice didn't lead you astray, but sorry to hear about everything else. Mine had poor deployment and an off-center blade as well, but thankfully it was just due to a loose pivot screw--nothing a torx 9 couldn't handle; we'll see if it holds or if some loctite is needed. And I have to sheepishly say: the colors on my skully are perfect, and perfectly distributed across the entire etching.
I got one for 120 and thought I got a great deal. 99 for this go round? You crazy, Kizer
Good price on a M390 blade with Titanium scales.
Im loving mine, action is smooth, mine is marked 100/200, only 200 made?
Received mine yesterday and, for those worried about a weak detente, this one seems perfect to me. I suggest getting a sheath with a pocket clip on it (Collector Knives has some nice ones) because about anything you carry in addition to this is going to scratch the titanium. Used the Sharpmaker on it, and it does straight vertical cuts on newspaper easily.
Just arrived last night! Beautiful and sharp. I sense a hair of blade play though which I wasnt expecting on a knife this pricey.
Which model comes with the heat treated ti clip?
I picked this one up in the skully version one of the last times around. As someone else mentioned the detent is extremely weak, the weakest I’ve had on a knife. I have several Kizers, which occasionally get ragged on for weak(er) detents, however this is the only one that I would say it’s actually a real negative. It would be a real problem if the action wasn’t extremely smooth right out of the box.
Overall this knife is a little frustrating to me. The blade is great, large enough for any EDC task, great steel, usable and versatile grind....paired with a handle that is pretty, but in my opinion, good for nothing else. It’s slippery, too small and thin, and picks up scratches just by looking at it.
Ultimately, this knife is a looker but it doesn’t make me want to carry it. I use my knives, even the “pretty“ ones, and so I don’t tend to buy anything I don’t think I’ll like using. This one sucked me in with the blade, looks and the price for the materials, but I kind of regret buying it. If you’re buying this as an EDC, I would think twice, unless you‘re intending it to be more pocket jewelry than practical use. And even then know that the finish is going to show wear immediately and does not wear it well.
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Native 5 in g10 is my daily driver outside of the office
Nice. I literally got my Native 5 (titanium) yesterday in the mail. So far I'm really like it.
Anyone have any suggestions or a link on the best way to sharpen a recurve super steel blade. I know enough to know stones aren't the best for sharpening theses steels and the recurve throws another curve(lol) ball into the mix.
spyderco sharpmaker or edge pro.
My Work Sharp knife and tool sharpener works great with recurves.
The Mini Dorado arrived a couple of days ago and this is a really sweet knife. I love almost everything about it. My only complaint is that the detent is VERY weak. It flips best if you push button the flipper. If you like to light switch the flipper you need to pay attention to giving it a definite quick pull, since just a casual flick will leave the blade half open every time. Overall though this is a really sweet knife. Lockup, blade centering, blade finish, hollow grind, blade return tension is all perfect. The M390 steel is almost unheard of at this price.