Kizer Willumsen Super Bad Bowie Fixed Blade Knifesearch

Kizer Willumsen Super Bad Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

Kizer Willumsen Super Bad Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

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I have the T2 from Massdrop at $74.99 and it is excellent. The Kydex belt clip is not very secure, but I carry inside waistband (IWB) with a 1.75" Comp-Tac Standard Clip and paracord to my belt to pull the sheath from the blade if the belt clip fails to hold. J clips are good too, and I have those on a few for IWB carry too. While on the subject of knowing things, when your belt is a factor in how you carry guns or knives, get the right belt. Also, if you want a knife that will not break, leave it in the safe at home. Tips break from hitting things, lateral stress, getting dropped on concrete, etc. Knives are tools that will fail, get lost, stolen, sometimes rust and not perform as desired. They can be repaired and replaced. Expectations can be unrealistic, but that is not the fault of the knife.
This looks quite nice. Might get this to wear across my belt. I'm that weirdo who hates folders.
I would grab this in s35vn in a heart beat.
Yes! It's on its way. Shank you very much 😎
Well low cost has welll...costs!
The designer may be Danish but where is the knife made? A 200 dollar knife knocked down to 75 bucks screams China.
Kizer is a Chinese knife company, so yes it's made there.

For future reference, all rike, WE, reate, tangram, and bestech knives are made in China by Chinese companies. anything from crkt too even though they are an "American" company. Anything from Spyderco with g10 scales for less than$100... China. Any Kershaw less than~$40, China. Anything from any manufacturer made in 8crXX steel... Made in China. Any knife that costs less than$20 China(some RARE exceptions). Knife with insane machining work that looks like a full on custom for $300 instead of 800+ Is from China.
I think all the Linder knives are still made in Germany. Most of those are had for under a Benjamin.
For a split second I thought it read “Super Sad Bowie,“ and that confused me.

But only for a few seconds.
Great deal I think. I got the v3 kizer on a previous drop, the scale was cracked and kizer sent me a replacement. I love their folders and this fixed blade looks good. I'm definitely in on this one.
I don't have this one (yet) but I do have this one:

I haven't used it very hard so I can't speak to it's durability but the build quality is pretty decent and the edge is absolutely razor sharp. So I am confident in spending ~$80 on this knife.

I wouldn't trust Kizer knives... Bought one and the tip of the blade broke off. Massdrop told me it only has a 30 day warranty, so I'm stuck with a broken knife.
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I also talked to Wendy, but in March of this year. Must not be a big company. Anyway, I wrote her and asked for an explanation of the double standard. If I hear anything I'll pass it along.
Strange. I have a Kizer knife. The craftsmanship is superb with a lifetime warranty
Does anyone have one of these? I've been itching for the Uli Hennicke T1 and T2, but this seems like an unreal deal.

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