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Klictro Chameleon RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Klictro Chameleon RGB Mechanical Keyboard

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This appears to be a keyboard based from the same China manufacturer, there were a few brands that sold this exact keyboard with different keycaps, I personally have the Nighthawk X9 or something (I forget) and I'm typing on it right now. My version used Cherry MX Browns and plain white LED lighting. Another version called Xarmor also made this keyboard. The first gen only had 1x USB plug and on some ports it didn't provide enough power, I noticed sometimes my keyboard would disconnect if it was daisy-chained, but this newer version looks to fix that. Generally the keyboard is your standard affair, having used other keyboards I would probably spend more for something "higher end".
True. I have the Rosewill version of this with Cherry MX Browns and blue LEDs. Overall, I'm very happy with it for the price-point. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16823201061R.
Whats with the bottom row
Greetings people! My name is Joakim, and i'm from Denmark. :) I am very interested in this keyboard but in Denmark we use the Nordic keyboard layout, and i noticed that since this keyboard is sold in the US it ofcourse comes with the English/US layout or whatever. I was wondering if there is anyway for me to get this keyboard in the Nordic configuration? If not i want to know if some1 knows where i can buy just the key caps that are different from the US ones. Thanks in advance!

Sincerely Joakim :D
Hi! You can actually buy a QPAD keyboard which is the original one. Depending on what MX Switch you want to get there are different models depending on the switch. I would actually call this the rip-off of the QPAD MK-90 but well oh well. I know there are QPAD MK-90's in nordic layout because I am from Sweden myself and have owned a QPAD keyboard. Hope you enjoy the keyboard.
Are the Kailih key switches replaceable in this keyboard? That is, could I buy some different key switches and swap them into this keyboard?
You would have to desoldering the switches
Looks just like my qpad mk 90 i bought a few years ago...
Has anyone noticed an issue with this board freezing up? I thought I was going nuts but I saw an amazon review which noted that pressing "Fn + F6" three times would cause it to stop sending keys and you had to unplug the keyboard to get it to work again. The version I have (which admittedly is pretty old now) has this problem, but despite that I like the rest of the board enough that I would consider buying another one if this issue has been fixed on the latest revisions.
I bought the 68 Magicforce for $62.99 I think a long time ago. It was worth it. I'm sure this is probably worth the funds too.
This probably belongs more at the 'tech' community than here. Fullsize, non-standard keyboards are just not very desirable.
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What's non-standard about it?
Bottom row isn't standard
This looks a ton like my old Monoprice mechanical keyboard, though the Monoprice came with cherry mx switches. The monoprice keyboard that I have (and have since given to my kids to use on their computer) has been awesome.
I wish my g9's were still alive :( My favourite mouse ever.
This uses kailh switches like Razer used to do, and the RGB LEDs are exactly like Razer's RGB LEDs. This is basically a Blackwidow RGB but not as gaudy / ugly. Not bad.

EDIT: Wait, this also uses a non-standard bottom row that's exactly like Razer's old BW bottom row....that's a bit interesting. Personally the non-standard bottom row stops me from buying it though.
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Razer doesnt use kailh switches, they used to use Razer branded switches made by kailh which imo are worse then these standard kailh switches which are still not very good, but now Razer has there switches made by greetech which is some how even worse.

Also the non-standard bottom row does suck, overall this keyboard is sadly kinda not very good.
They used to use Kailh switches.
Been wanting to upgrade my keyboard for a while. But, how long do these hold up? I see little to no reviews on this keyboard. Im not a huge typing or keyboard enthusiast. I wouldnt mind buying one of the $100 ones from Razer, Corsair, Logitech, etc. but if I can get it for much cheaper with the same or barely noticeable difference then I wouldnt mind.
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As far as I'm aware, Razer's orange switches are the same switches that are in this keyboard, so it should be essentially the same quality as theirs.
I can't attest to this one but I've had the Azio MGK1-K for about 6 months and I've never been happier. It's the second keyboard I had the first was a Razor Widowmaker and it just didn't feel well and I always felt like I was making typos for no reason at all. Also, my most used keys seemed to miss clicks occasionally, I think the switches were wearing down.

I think the bottom row not being standard would really make things odd for me being a gamer and a typer in one. There's a lot I do that just needs those buttons to be bigger. As far as price goes, I think this is a really good deal if you're willing to sacrifice. I think Kailh switches are just as good as Cherry, in fact the price makes me believe they are better. Cherry would be at least mentioning improvements to their switches or why they are better if in fact they were better. Their silence speaks volumes.