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Can I connect the mic plug of my PC 37X to these speakers? I'm confused since I couldn't find any mic mark of these speakers. Well, Instead, I saw that headset mark though.
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3.5mm cable and a 3.5mm in. they're pretty good speakers tbh.
I'm waiting for it now. Thx you for your reply. XD
I really would like to know the manufacturing date on these as some of the older ones have issues..
Wow this is actually a pretty good deal! I am tempted!
For anyone confused, there are two models of the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1. Here is the version for sale through this drop:
Model number 1062918 has bluetooth and 1011400 does not. Which model are these?

Does this model have bluetooth? I see 1 star reviews on their website complaining that the bluetooth connection is open (no password needed to connect) and anyone can connect to the speakers overriding the wired connection.
I already have these speakers and I can't recommend them enough. They are way too powerful in my opinion (which is a great thing). I have my speakers turned up only 1/4 way and it shakes my entire office and most of the house. The subwoofer is powerful, and the speakers are clear and crisp. I'm not an audiophile, but these speakers are top notch in my opinion.
Careful with this package. The regular speakers are pretty good but the Subwoofer is notorious for having issues. I owned this a few years back and the Subwoofer went bad after a few months of casual use.
Very happy with these speakers, the sub woofer really pumps for this price range.
I bought one last year on eBay $89, it's okay
I've been looking at buying some speakers for around this price point, and these seem like a good option. Do they have more than one input so I could plug a chromecast audio into them in addition to my computer? Also, do you think these would be better than the Edifier R1280DB speakers? Thanks
Kind of - there's a second input on the controller that goes under one of the satellites.
these are at best buy for 100 sooooo yeah dont buy them here
The one you are referring to is not THX certified. They are different.
Not the same thing. Klipsch kinda dropped the ball here. IMP. They look the same but there is 2 models, THX version and non THX version (for $100.00 at best buy) and they're not the same thing. THX is far superior. Many excellent reviews for the price at $150.00 and up. I paid much more and am very happy with the THX version that Massdrop is promoting.
Im a little confused this isnt a deal at all this is normal or above normal price for this and with massdrops shipping history i dont know why anyone would pay more for slower shipping.
(i realize this is the bt version but you can still use line in but it has more than double of the discount as massdrop with more features)
They are different. The one on your link is not THX certified..
Well you got me there i didnt notice that. i also cant find any price that matches what I bought these for 2 years ago. I guess i just got a good deal then.
Great speakers but.... these are available for equal or less on-line. Not the best price from Massdrop.
THX version of this is about $150.00. (e-bay)not to be confused with non THX version. I have the THX system and there amazing.
Thanks for clarifying. You are correct. THX version is an excellent buy!