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Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Computer Speakers

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Computer Speakers

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Can anyone comment on the sound quality between these and the Logitech Z5500s? I've had the Logitechs forever (like 11 years) and have no issues with them, but have been considering the fat Edifier setup that comes up on here for $600 because people have said it sounds miles beyond the Z5500s so I wonder if it applies to these too (for a fraction of the cost).
is this the version with on/off switch on back or newer ( cheaper version )?
I don't believe any ProMedia 2.1's come with a switch anymore.
If you're interested in buying this, it's on sale right now at Best Buy Buy $10 less than the price here(at the time of this post)

This one doesn’t have bluetooth in the decription. I would guess this one has the turn OFF button. The BT version does not have an off button.
Would not recommend buying there new as they can be found on ebay for half the money
These speakers and the 4.1 set have been around forever. They are _not_ energy efficient. One of my coworkers has a set of these and he hooked up his Kill-A-Watt; they use the same amount of power turned off as they do turned on. lol
they sound great though
Thanks no off-button!
I've had the 5.1 version of these for 15+ years now. I wish Klipsch still made the 5.1 version. If they did, I would buy 2 more.
I just saw this at my local Best Buy for the same price lol.... Bought the Bose Companion5 which I am in love with. The demo was broken but supposedly this is comparable for roughly 200 dollars less.

https://www.bestbuy.com/site/klipsch-promedia-2-1-bluetooth-speaker-system-3-piece-black/4924200.p?skuId=4924200 - Ok so 10$ more online....

Edit: The one online actually appears to be slightly different, but I could have swore the one in store was exactly the same. I doubt there is actually much of a difference though.
I replaced a companion 5 with these.. Bose has a nice design and kinda cool sound signature, but Klipsch sound a lot better..
I've owned a set for around a year and they are simply fantastic.
They should really do a design upgrade For these.
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Brian, any chance of that Sony Projector drop we've all been anxiously waiting for? :)
Let me work on it.
Have had theses speakers for the last 10 years at least... they are great. I’ve only had to replace the controller under the speaker due to a loose cable and they sell it sepertaly. Good deal at a119.
Can I connect the mic plug of my PC 37X to these speakers? I'm confused since I couldn't find any mic mark of these speakers. Well, Instead, I saw that headset mark though.
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3.5mm cable and a 3.5mm in. they're pretty good speakers tbh.
I'm waiting for it now. Thx you for your reply. XD