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Received mine yesterday. Equipped it with memory foam tips. Very comfort to wear all day. I honestly forgot I have it around my neck until I had to shower. Sound very good. I have a pair of Klipsch wired earbuds costed more (a few years ago). But this bluetooth one sounds better! AAC with iPhone definitely helps. This is $60 well spent. Good job Klipsch!
For 60 bucks these seem to be am exceptionally good value.
Mine came in today! Very warm sounding and easy to listen to. Bluetooth will stay connected from a long distance. I wish there was a medium ear tip size as the large are too large and the smalls are not secure.
Just drop some comply memory foam tips on them I put them on all my earphones and they are super comfortable and help block out sound
Interested in these for chilling around the house or going on walks when I don’t want to use my more expensive iems Ue 900s and Lyra II for Spotify+podcasts using a non headphone jack iphone is a hassle as well so
I got the beats X for that reason around the neck for $80 but these seem nicer quality plus I don’t like the congested sound (not bass heavy beats at all thanks apple but still disappointed) can anyone recommend these?
So, I had this version and then returned it. I read some reviews about the earbuds hanging around.. there were several incidents that they were going to snag and its true. The Quality of the leather collar is very good, the neck band is very stiff as well. Also, if you are thinking of buying it for the Gym. I'd recommend Jaybird or others. This one is a bit heavy too for me compared to the others I have used. Coming to the audio quality. These were very good. I loved it. The mic is good too, but I wanted to put them under my collar or over my collar and its a struggle.
How's the battery life? That's the main reason I would buy them.
With minimal usage (For about 2 hours on calls each day).. I think it used to come around a 5-7 days
No Case?? I went to the Klipsch site and they mention a case. One problem, Klipsch is sold out of the R6.
Does this ship to Australia ???
Ugh I have the same question I have the wired r6 but they snag on EVERYTHING when I'm at the gym
I wonder if these are worth it. Tempted.
Welp based off what that other guy said not for the gym and I'm shopping for the gym =[
Any thoughts on the "leather" collar, shouldn't it start to stink if it absorbs sweat?
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