Klipsch R6 Bluetooth Headphones w/ 18-Hour Batterysearch

Klipsch R6 Bluetooth Headphones w/ 18-Hour Battery

Klipsch R6 Bluetooth Headphones w/ 18-Hour Battery

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I was able to pick these up for a bit less a couple of months ago, and I will say that I've been pretty impressed with them. I've really had a hard time finding wireless IEMs I like, for a variety of reasons. I've never had a neckband style IEM before, so I took a flyer when I saw them on the cheap - and it paid off.

The sound quality is good, with a bass-oriented tuning - definitely not neutral - but it's quality bass, not sloppy or boomy. The comfort of the neckband is way better than I imagined. It's extremely light and easy to forget it's on. Klipsch ovals are my favorite silicon tips (obviously a personal fit thing), but if they work for you they're great as far as seal and isolation.

I think these are a no brainer for wireless IEMs at $60 with a legitimate 18 hour battery life.

A couple other comments and general responses to the thread, since I've been using these quite a bit recently.

1. I'm usually in the "No deal, you can buy these for the same price on Amazon" camp. But I took a quick look and I think there's actually a legitimate reason to buy them here. It looks like the sellers on Amazon are third parties - I didn't see them being sold by Amazon itself. It's easy to get burned buying from third parties like that. Most are legit, but some are selling counterfeits. I would also suspect that they are not authorized dealers, so no warranty if there's a problem.

2. I wouldn't recommend them for exercise. The complaints about failing due to sweat are pretty consistent in reviews and, while they are stable walking around and doing light stuff, I can't imagine wearing these for a serious gym session. Honestly, they're too nice for serious workout anyway - they just scream "poser"

3. There isn't a way to lock the buds in place like with the LG tone. While I wish there was, I haven't had any issues with tangling (and I hate it when my schwartz gets twisted!). I often walk around and do stuff with them dangling - I have a family, so the surest way to get them to talk to me is to put a pair of headphones on. (As near as I can tell nothing bothers women and children more than a man relaxing and enjoying his music).

4. In general, buying last generation Klipsch's as they end their marketing cycle has been a winning strategy for me. I've picked up the X11, R6i, and these, and all three are in the quality to value hall of fame at their stock clearing prices like this.
Wondering if there is a spot/place to mount the earbuds when not using (for transport), or do they just dangle and tangle?
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From the description:

”Profiles: Multipoint A2DP, AVRCP, multipoint HFP”

now i just feel like an idiot for not reading this ;)
Also, I don't get how this is even a Massdrop at all when it's now on Amazon for 4 cents cheaper?
This is not the same as the older R6 bluetooth model as on Amazon; although the comments are correct, this is now also available on Amazon for the same price. This looks like a better design, because the heavier piece is on the neck brace now instead of behind the ear. Also, the regular R6 is the most comfortable in-ear that I have ever tried!
It is the exact same one on Amazon, just search correctly “klipsch r6 neckband”. They offer both behind the ear and neckband. Since I can add 3 or 4 year Squaretrade protectionon Amazon, that seems a good/better option as so many headphones crap out in over a year.
1 cent more expensive than on Amazon - and longer shipping ETA. What's the benefit of buying it here instead?
Yeah 1 cent more expensive. :)
Came here to post exactly this. No idea what makes this a good drop.
NOT for the gym.
so is it not good for running either?
Received mine yesterday. Equipped it with memory foam tips. Very comfort to wear all day. I honestly forgot I have it around my neck until I had to shower. Sound very good. I have a pair of Klipsch wired earbuds costed more (a few years ago). But this bluetooth one sounds better! AAC with iPhone definitely helps. This is $60 well spent. Good job Klipsch!
For 60 bucks these seem to be am exceptionally good value.
Mine came in today! Very warm sounding and easy to listen to. Bluetooth will stay connected from a long distance. I wish there was a medium ear tip size as the large are too large and the smalls are not secure.
Just drop some comply memory foam tips on them I put them on all my earphones and they are super comfortable and help block out sound
Interested in these for chilling around the house or going on walks when I don’t want to use my more expensive iems Ue 900s and Lyra II for Spotify+podcasts using a non headphone jack iphone is a hassle as well so
I got the beats X for that reason around the neck for $80 but these seem nicer quality plus I don’t like the congested sound (not bass heavy beats at all thanks apple but still disappointed) can anyone recommend these?
So, I had this version and then returned it. I read some reviews about the earbuds hanging around.. there were several incidents that they were going to snag and its true. The Quality of the leather collar is very good, the neck band is very stiff as well. Also, if you are thinking of buying it for the Gym. I'd recommend Jaybird or others. This one is a bit heavy too for me compared to the others I have used. Coming to the audio quality. These were very good. I loved it. The mic is good too, but I wanted to put them under my collar or over my collar and its a struggle.
How's the battery life? That's the main reason I would buy them.
With minimal usage (For about 2 hours on calls each day).. I think it used to come around a 5-7 days