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Klymit Insulated Static V Lite Sleeping Pad

Klymit Insulated Static V Lite Sleeping Pad

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As the pillow isnt available as a separate drop, can you add an option to buy it here? I already own a mat :)
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Thanks! How is it not advertised anywhere on the site? It's not on the banner nor in the "deals" section. I already have the pillow x, but I'm not a huge fan of it, but I'm still tempted to get another one because of this deal. Edit: Ouch, shipping is $10.
Picked this up for $50 on cyber monday lightening deal on Amazon - GREAT VALUE for $55. Would buy more if I needed them. I'm a 6'2" 210lb side sleeper, and had no discomfort in hips or shoulders.
How do I get mine serviced? I used it twice and on the second use I discovered it has a slow leak somewhere. I had about two hours of sleep before I'd just be on the ground. I'd wake up, blow it back up, and have another two hours.
Go through Klymit's RMA process via their website. If you believe yourself to be handy, your stuff sack should have a repair kit in it. If you have trouble finding the leak, you can fill a tub with water and submerge your inflated pad into it and look for bubbles.
What's the estimated ship date? It's slightly more expensive on amazon but I can't wait more than a month for it
Nice pad but $21.50 shipping and handling to DE? Does it travel by private jet? The ultralight pad (in stock) costs $2.54 s&h.... Quite a steep difference...
Would be nice to see different lengths...
Hi, i'm ordering 5 pcs. Is there any posibilities to get it into one or two packages instead of 5?
Why this one over the UL version that is still running here on massdrop? The other one is also insulated, massdrop made with flat valves and anti-slip bottom.
Massdrop version is in widths 20” or 26". This version is 23" width. Which is a good middle ground. I personally think 23" is a sweet spot of comfort and weight. 20" too narrow, 26" nice but too heavy.
It's 67 ¢ cheaper than Amazon! Well isn't that cool!
In my personal experience, this is too long and not wide enough
Agreed. I've never understood why shoulders (pad width) are shortchanged in favor of toes (length). The latter can be very happy atop extra clothing at the bottom edge of the pad.
Or for the majority who are curl-up side sleepers, why waste 40% of the pad in unused area while leaving knees and hands out in the cold?
I have this. It inflates in 25 breaths; you'd have to be a big guy with a very deep breath to get it to inflate in the time they say. That being said.... it is by far the most comfortable pad I own. Love it.
As a gear junky who has to try *everything*, these blow up pads from Klymit are by far the easiest to blow up compared to other pads. Something about the V-shape design; it takes less air for the same comfort.
Why was international shipping on the massdrop ultralight klymit mattress so much cheaper than this one?? $3.59 versus $21 is a huge difference for less than 150g difference in weight!!
Does anyone know klymit policy on repair? I bought the pad here on mass drop last year and it has a slow leak coming from the valve and I end up on the floor during the night, which defeats the purpose of having the pad...
Contact their support center. This is from their website: "Klymit camping pads purchased from an authorized dealer are guaranteed for the life of the product. Klymit sleeping bags and backpacks purchased from an authorized dealer** are guaranteed for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Items will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Klymit. If a replacement product is unavailable or discontinued, a comparable product will be substituted. For all sleeping pad leaks that cannot be repaired with the provided patch kit, and for all other warranty claims, simply complete our Warranty Return Authorization and ship your product to the address provided." https://www.klymit.com/warranty
They have a afix for the leaks from the valve. Their video shows how to fix it, but they need to send a new valve.
Same model is currently $67 shipped (and same day in my city) on Amazon.
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May 25, 2018 10:02 AM $67.96
So 5 days ago it was 67 dollars but now it's back at 85 dollars. Gotta act quick I guess :D
This is an awesome pad. Buy it. Very comfortable, and the insulation is effective. You are going to have to do a lot of waiting to beat this price by much (Amazon price is $85 right now).
Is the only difference between this one and the $59.99 Klymit pad just the width and color?
This one is insulated., it makes a big difference on cold ground or in a hammock on a cold night.
The material and insulation are the same. If you're not trying to go ultralight and save every possible gram, then this one is just fine. The differences are the color, the size (both length and width. It's how they get the weight down using the same material), the valve, and the non-slip bottom.
Amazon is cheaper, what’s the benefit of supporting this drop?
When I checked amazon before posting this pad was more expensive on Massdrop.
I bought this pad. I like it better compared to the Massdrop made UL klymit pads because this one is 23" wide where as the other pads are all 20". The weight is about the same as well.
Hmmm. I can buy this from Massdrop for $67.99 + $7.75 shipping = $75.74 total, or I can buy it from Amazon for $62.95 + free shipping. Tough choice.
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Nope, it is the same model. I have it in my Amazon cart. Was $62.95 yesterday. Today it is $81.17
If this is the same one, 12/2/17 would have been a great time to have snatched it.
I took the Klymit insulated sleeping pad with me on my pct hike 2017 and was glad I did. we got snowed on the second day on trail. Had to camp on the snow. My husband had the non-insulated klymit and was cold. l would recommend this klymit. Loved it!
Is this a good pad to use for hammock camping?
It might just be wide enough at 23" wide for your shoulders and arms not to be compressed by the side of the hammock and get cold. But probably more ideal to go 26" wide if camping in cold areas, like the Long pad sold here: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-klymit-ultralight-v
Photo of me laying on a Klymit 23" wide red pad on top of a 26" wide green pad. I wear Mens small clothing for reference.

It fits nicely in my hammock. It slides around a little but makes thing more comfy for sure. Might be specific hammock sleeping pads work better but this one will certainly do. Or works for me
I was surprised to see these and all the Klymit gear on sale at Costco yesterday, no shipping!
That's not the lite version. The Costco pad weighs 25 oz
There are tons of sleeping pads out there, many excellent. I will comment, that if you are doing anything other then strick summer warm weather camping, you want a higher r-value then 1.3. R-value here of 4.4 is good. This is the sleeping pad I use due to the following combination, good weight at 19 ounces, 23 inches wide so elbows don't slip offer, just make the sleeping that much easier, good r-value and packs up to a decent size. Everyone sleeps differently on various pads, like checking out a mattress I would compare different companies pads to make sure you like the design. This is a decent price. So when comparing other klymit packs and other companies design, make sure you have all the metrics in front of you, price, weight, r-value, width and length, how much room will it take in your pack, and finally comfort. Just more unsolicited advice from the ibex
I just picked one of these up to replace my 5 year old original staticV after a cold camping trip. I debated between this and the massdrop UL wide pad, but i won't go narrower than 23". The quoted 25 oz weight of the wide and long put me off on the green one, im giving my old uninsulated pad to my dad. The 2 oz weight penalty over my old pad seems worth it.
I also picked up a pillow to test out, it has to replace my old thermarest stuffable pillow, but for a 8 oz weight savings it might be worth it.
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23 inches is probably right in the ideal width to weight ratio sweet spot. If I had to buy my first inflatable pad and I was looking at Klymit, this is the pad I would go for. I might compare my old (heavier) 23" Klymit to the new Massdrop UL 26” over the weekend and report back. I already know 26" is glorious, but it's nice to find out if it's overkill and 23" is enough.
& @Cardamomtea Did a quick comparison of 23" wide vs 26" wide. My prediction was correct, 23" is a sweet spot for width and weight for the Klymit v shape pads. It's amazing what 3" extra width going up from 20" makes. I'll personally be using the 26" x 76" from now on because I need the length (my feet touch the ground on standard 72" length). The extra width is really nice. Not necessary but welcome. See photos for where my shoulders rest, 23" wide red pad on top of 26" wide green pad. I wear Mens small clothing for reference.

Hi folks - newbie to Massdrop - is there a way to confirm what shipping costs would be to Canada for this item?
Hi Tim! Welcome to Massdrop! What you do is pretend like you're going to buy the item. Click join drop, enter your zip code/address, and before the payment section it will show you price of item, tax (if any), and shipping cost. Hope that helped!
I wish long (and short, for that matter) models were included as a premium option.
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Insulated pads are a pain in the @ to customize, ask me how i know lol
I shortened an insulated Klymit pad and it was fairly easy and straightforward. Cut, remove the insulation with a knife and tweezers, then reseal with an iron. Probably took ten minutes total. Pads from other companies may be harder, not sure. https://www.massdrop.com/talk/2026/how-to-shorten-your-massdrop-x-klymit-sleeping-pad
Is the green Massdrop version that's is going on sale later this week the insulated version with the flat valves and nonslip coating?
Hello Danny, I was wondering if there's an ETA for the drop we were expecting on the weekend. Thanks.
Having a really hard time deciding if I should join this drop or wait for the green Massdrop version to come out again....Gaaaahhh
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I do not have any of these items. I'm actually new to both massdrop and backpacking. I've done car camping and day hikes plenty of times to know that I want to get into backpacking. I can remember only 1 long backpacking trip I did , maybe about 13-15 years ago. I'm building my gear slowly, will use them on my car camping trips and eventually move onto longer multi day hikes when I have my gear sorted out.
Looking forward to your newer comparison videos. And just like you, I move around quite a bit as well and that's why going for the long and wide model for the green one.
Thank you for the insights . It helps newbies like me a lot.
Ahh well welcome to both Massdrop and back to backpacking. Nice to have you. The upcoming long wide model will be the most comfortable to sleep on, the main reason to consider other sizes is weight and a bit of cost savings. For car camping it will be pretty excellent and when you start backpacking you may consider shortening it to save weight and pack size. In its price and weight range the Klymit pads are probably most comfortable. When you jump up in price for other brands you get slightly lighter pads and a few centimetres or an inch or so of extra thickness and support in the pad. For some that extra thickness is needed for side sleeping or maybe to support their bodyweight. Thickness is less important for back sleeping as pressure points are more spread out.
So far I've had 6 sleeping pads and none I'm truly happy with yet. It's hard to know how something will perform for you until you try it for yourself. And it helps having a bit of understanding of the science of what's needed for what circumstances. In the absence of understanding the science beforehand, not sleeping at night while camping because you're freezing or uncomfortable will quickly tell you your system needs some changes. I've learned the slow and long way like that. 😝
I decided to make videos to help people get closer to getting the right gear the first time around. And on a budget if possible.
I'm sort of new to Massdrop. I've seen some comments about shipping. If I join the drop how long will it take to ship?
This drop says it will ship on September 29th. Depending on where you live it could take another week or longer to arrive.
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Agreed not everyone is backpacking in sub 35 degree weather. Plus insulated pads are lighter and a little more quiet, less of a crinkle factor.
Ha, I was exaggerating a little. But it's such a lightweight way to increase your warmth. I would rather have a warm pad and a really light bag. And winter is my favorite season for backpacking...