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120 at costco.com with kayak paddle, free shipping in us, December 2018
Anyone know if this would be appropriate for bike rafting? I have a relatively light gravel bike that i want to take through algonquin park.
Thank you!
What flotation device do you recommend with low weight and bulk when using this raft?
Just got one of these here in Australia & they've definitely gone up in weight to 1268g or 45 oz, while the packaging still states 992g.
The boat is 39oz I believe. The dry sack & patch kit adds weight.
wonder if this is any more comfortable and "manageable" steering-wise without a paddle than a round floatie. Maybe a simple blow up Intex floatie or float ring would be just as good. Any suggestions?
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Got one of these, and they are durable (so far), comfortable and fun. On calm water. Tried it on a windy day, and I had to paddle for my life, the wind would just take me where it wanted. No steering possible. So, enjoy responsibly on sunny, calm days.
You are spot on about the wind! We went up and down a small lake and going into the wind was tough! I had to keep paddling or I'd start going backwards. Fortunately we went into the wind first, so the way back was easy. These are great for going with the wind, and then hiking instead of paddling upwind.
Will I still have to pay customs when this arrives in Belgium?
It usually depends how lucky you are..
Shipping to Malaysia costs more than half of the Raft at USD50. What kind of shipping is this?
Would this hold up to a small dog’s nails if it sat in front of me like the kid is sitting in front of the adult? I’m a thin girl with a 12lb terrier so the weight should be ok.
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Thanks for sharing! I'll see if I can convince either of my dogs to join me (34 lb & 55lb) - maybe one with me and one with my boyfriend? Ha!
Btw I went through your dog's Instagram (because, puppies!) and the dog vs water bottle video is solid gold.
Aw hahaha thanks!
Does it matter whether you use the LWD with the red or the blue side facing up?
The orange-red side should be facing up because that's where the inflatable seat & the valve to fill it is located :-) Other than that, there's no reason you can't flip it over and use it "upside down" :-)
45 oz and not 35. Not a deal breaker but still one of the worst (mis)labeling I've seen for an advertised lightweight backpacking product. I own a pack and a few different pads and pillows from Klymit but they all weigh as advertised. Not sure what's going on here.
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Got mine about a year and half ago. The packaging claims 35 ounces. The bare raft, no inflator bag (and of course no paddle) was 35.9 ounces.
My raft, about a year old, is 41oz _with_ inflator bag. The inflator bag is pretty much mandatory, so i never weighed the two separately
My LWD recently delivered.
Does your boat bend/wrinkle weird like mine before you get into it?

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Well finally bought a 65L drybag from Sea to Summit, but even though it's huge, it's long & tube shaped, and won't fit my 40L backpack inside when packed... back to the drawing board...
Yes, definitely a consequence of it being a 'two dimensional' pattern. However, if it were 3D like a burlier raft (alpaca, etc) it would necessarily weigh and cost more.
I was shocked by the shipping costs to Europe, almost $50 ?? This thing is super light and small, two klymit sleeping mats were delivered for $10? I'm not committing to this, because of the high shipping price, could somebody explain why they are so high?
50 is kind of acceptable ...shipping / import fees from US on Amazon is 52usd....124euros all together from massdrop is quite good deal!
If it is really so that the import fees are included it would be more reasonable. But still I find it high, compared to other drops and potential added fees.
Where can you find shipping cost?
Click on Join Drop, and it'll show you the details before you commit.
Thanks , I have been avoiding joining on many of these because I couldn’t see the shipping cost
Received my Klymit LWD this week and tested it out today on Parramatta Lake in Sydney, Australia. All went well, nearly fell asleep on it on the lake as it was so relaxing.
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😂, except there are no crocs in Sydney where the pic was taken, way too far south for them as they are tropical animal that live in the north of Australia.
Thanks Ghost of Steve Irwin...
I need one of these for a trip soon. How often does this drop run? Does anyone know?
right now lil fella
I've only seen it once before on here and it was about a month or so ago.
If anyone is considering picking up the AE Ultralight paddles, do consider just picking up an Intex Challenger/Explorer kayak. You get a paddle that breaks into four pieces just like the AEUP's, but with the added benefit of having a larger kayak to play around with. I had picked up two LWD's so I just bought an Explorer K2 for not much more than if I were to buy two of the AEUP's. Basically get a bonus kayak for not much more! (Or you can flip the kayak+pump and keep the paddles)
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The paddles are solid, but nothing particularly fancy past that. I haven't checked the compatibility of the pump design but I imagine they're all about the same. Actually, embarrassingly enough, I haven't used my LWD's yet...
I have an Intex. I like it, but it is rather large when packed up and too heavy to carry on a hiking trail. Because it is larger you are not laying down on it and I think it might be more comfortable. Probably takes a lot longer to blow up. The paddles are good. Don't think you can beat the Intex for durability. Very similar to the sevylor type fabric. I have used my Sevylor inflatable kayak now for over 20 years. No leaks. However, Sevylor is hard to find. I'm contemplating getting this Dinghy just to have something more compact and far lighter in weight.
LWD is in hand.
Dang, said shipping would be 9/11, but I already got my tracking number. Pleasantly surprised since I can take them out this summer!
Shame the shipping to Australia is so expensive - $48. Can buy one locally for that.
How durable is this material? I float down a river every year on pool floats. There are rocks and small rapids. Every year, we lose floats due to punctures (think: Intek river floating tubes). I'm on the hunt for something more durable that won't break the bank (like Kokopelli packrafts would). Here's a short video of the conditions we are in - anyone with experience using this packraft have an opinion? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7uKp737f8s
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Anyone know What paddle is the guy in the video using?
This looks super safe....
It definitely says 350 lbs capacity, but just in case--am I going to sink when I sit my 280 lb self in this?
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My fiancée and I managed to successfully use a single raft riding tandem, so I‘d definitely endorse its weight-handling abilities. We’re tiny people, but I reckon we pushed it to about 300 lbs. without it being worrisome. Definitely wasn’t a comfortable way to paddle though, which is why I ended up ordering her one. Too bad I didn’t wait for it on Massdrop…
Tried it in a pool session this week. I had lots of freeboard with my 190 pounds on board. Four middle-school girls were on it at once, 470 pounds total. They were all out of the water and there was a fair bit of raft still out of the water - not much functional freeboard, but potential of floatation. If Rose, and another Rose had really wanted to save Jack and another Jack (Titanic reference), it would have worked for that.
I don't see any mention of paddles?
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I like hiking boots with no shoe strings, and then use paracord. Just enough to jump off a cliff. I kid.
Don't want to be up or down the creek without a paddle.lol. Thats a great idea. What tent and trekking poles do you use? Any thing that lowers your weight is great. I'm going to start building my gear so that I can take my Son on some real adventures. We live half the year in the Blueridge mountains of Wv. and half in Tallahassee Fl. Both have wonderful places to hike and camp. Any advice on gear, or anything else, would be greatly appreciated. Our dog, Blue ( half Siberian husky and half German shepherd. A Gerbarian Shepsky.) will be accompanying us. Where's the best place that you've hiked and camped? Thanks and have a great day!, Sidney Michele
I have two of these, It actually works pretty well. Sure the bag inflation method takes more time than a foot pump, but then you don't need a foot pump. Also don't bother with the paddle, just use 2 trowels, it really don't stear true as it lacks the draw if you use a normal paddle (or shovel). It is stable enough for me at 6'5" but i can't bring my pack with me. i honestly run with two so i can ferry gear and people if we will be in an area with rivers/lakes. Haven't sunk yet!
Hey I really like that you mentioned using trowels/shovels. I've seen or heard mention of a few LWD users using cheap plastic ping pong paddles, similarly shaped paddles DIY'd from corrugated plastic and attached to trekking poles or handheld, swim flippers/fins/hand paddles as well as collapsible Atwood emergency paddles as their main paddles, all with seemingly more maneuverability and definitely lighter weight and bulk than the 4-piece paddles that came with my intex challenger and my Costco LWD (Costco website is definitely the way to go for those complaining about Massdrop's shipping and the fact that LWD's don't come with a paddle, but I'm not gonna reply to those posts to advertise that fact) So today I was fiddling with my gear closet and looked at my Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel. I used it a ton in my teens and twenties, it's heavy, it's worn, it's dull, it didn't come with a sheath back then. I was bored and decided to put a knife edge on it after years of keeping it on the dull side of tool-sharp. Now I need a sheath. I looked into prefab kydex sheath. $55. Nope. Not paying that. Though I could DIY one, I have the spare time and tools. I thought about how heavy and clunky it is and why I don't use it anymore, but how it can do the job of a potty trowel, hatchet/machete (albeit poorly) and even a skillet (and more depending on how much of a pinch you're in, but let's not kid ourselves, it's mostly a weapon disguised as a small shovel that happens to be a decent shovel too) But also a LWD paddle! (if only the knife edge wouldn't gash my boat open) So I thinks some more. And what if I made a sheath out of kydex (or something lighter but similar) that also turns your shovel into a more effective paddle? Of course I'd need to weigh my poop trowel, hatchet, paddle, and everything the sheath/shovel combo could replace...and I doubt it would be very marketable to anyone but bushcrafting/survival/bug-out nerds who also own an LWD, as not many other packrafts can be paddled as well by such a contraption. Maybe Klymit could offer a "Recon" version like their sleeping pads and pillows or even that King's camo I've seen static V's sold in to give my coffee fueled hair-brained idea a market. You saw it here first folks! Hahaha.
Klymit is in the process of updating our Website and packaging on the LWD to reflect the new weight of the LWD which is now averaging at 39 oz. We switched to a higher grade fabric and it weighs a little more. We are sorry for any inconvenience and confusion this has caused.
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Could you please provide us with the updated materials and specs here now? Ten weeks after your post it appears that neither Klymit's website nor Massdrop's has the corrected info. Thank you.
The Litewater Dinghy has an average weight of 39 oz. 350 capacity. 210D Ripstop durable polyester. 76 x 45 inch inflated size and 4.5 x 9 inch pack size.
Hi, I just received my LWD. It looks great, except that it weighs 38.90 ounces (without the patch kit and dry bag). That's more than 10% over spec. Can I exchange mine for one that's 35 ounces? Thanks!
Your weight looks correct (not an outlier) based on all the reviews I've read of this product. E.g. july 2016 review: http://sectionhiker.com/klymit-litewater-dinghy-review/ his weighs 38.5 oz. I never trust manufacturer provided weights (they are often slow to update them.. It's not always deliberate trickery), and prefer instead to Google reviews for said item to get an accurate weight. I'm not saying you shouldn't be dissatisfied with a 10% off listed spec weight, but more giving you advice for future purchases to protect your happiness :-)
I see the drop has ended! I was a day short :/. Anyway to add two more on? Thanks -Tom
It's back
So exited! I just discovered this last night watching YouTube videos and reading reviews then just by chance came on Massdrop and Bam! There it was.