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Klymit V Ultralite SL & Insulated V Ultralite SL

Klymit V Ultralite SL & Insulated V Ultralite SL

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I just bought the Massdrop edition of the UL Klymit pad and that seems to be about 2oz heavier and has dual valves. Should I just buy a second one rather than this orange model. The Massdrop model seems better?
I used the insulated orange pad in the Sierras for a week and was delighted with it. With my quilt on top it kept me cozy to 30 degrees F. The shape of the air tubes keeps your feet from sliding off the pad. I reduced the amount of air so it was less stiff and it was quite comfortable.
Way too narrow pass
Had one and sold it, agreed. I bought the long/wide instead and cut it down to 66"
Great idea! I think I may go this route.
I can't keep track of all these different models.
It’s coming into winter here in Australia and I wish I could get this to arrive sooner before I head up into our cold and snowy mountains! looking forward to giving this a test run later this winter.
what's the difference between this one and the


The one in your link is slightly heavier and has a flat valve system. I believe this one might have a slightly larger packed size.
So push/pull and twist valve, or screw valve?
Are they ok for side and stomach sleepers given the width?
I own a 20-in wide and a 25-in wide Klymit and I would definitely stick with the 25-in. models if you are a side/stomach sleeper.
Although it's a bit lighter than the previous model that was exclusive to Massdrop + Klymit that just ended, it has the old valve so it's an older model
that said, it's a decent deal for someone that wants a higher R value but is on budget
I have both. They are wonderful. Used each 20+ nights. The insulated one kept me really warm in sub 20 degree F temps. I always stored them in the stuff sack and away from anything rough or sharp as the 20D is fragile.
Nope, actually, when I checked, I have an older version one that is about two feet wide at the head and tapers down to 20 inches at the feet. I see this drop is a narrow pad being only 20 inches wide all along. Not sure I'd want the narrower one just to shave less than an ounce. I'd prefer mine which is the orange ultralight v that weighs just under a pound, but a portion of an ounce more than this drop but it has an R factor of 4.4 and is wider at the top; narrow only at the foot.
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