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Knitting Accessory Set

Knitting Accessory Set

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Knitting Basics

Your knitting toolkit isn’t complete without these handy notions. The Knit Mate set contains a knitting needle gauge, a small double-ended stitch holder, a knitting register, and a fiberglass tape measure, plus one darning needle, one jumbo darning needle, four point protectors (two small and two large), and 20 locking ring markers. You’ll also get a quick-locking stitch marker set, which comes with 10 small pieces, 20 medium pieces, and 6 large pieces. These stitch markers can be used in the locked or unlocked position, and feature vibrant, easy-to-find colors and an undulated design that prevents the stretching of stitches. Each set is contained within its own compact, translucent case.

Knitting Accessory Set
Knitting Accessory Set
Knitting Accessory Set
Knitting Accessory Set


  • Knit Mate knitting accessory set
  • Quick-locking stitch marker set


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