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I want to buy it~!^^;
Was there the activation code for lifetime waranty somewhere that I have missed? Because I cannot find it now. Or does it not apply when the item was bought via Massdrop?
The cable tore at the junction after three months of use. After reading some reviews it seems the cable is a common source of issues.
Wow, in looking at the discussion mine also arrived with the Earphones and case looked used. Good news is that Massdrop did refund me but I wanted these for a trip I was planning on and looking forward to using and unfortunately no replacement was offered. :( I had to waste my time in getting these returned. Quality control has been an ongoing issue with Earhones / Head phones... with Massdrop. Hopefully things with start to turn around.
I bought these when they first came out almost a decade ago... Fit wise, you need a large and wide anti-helix so they can get down into the bowl of your ear deep enough and yes, fit the smaller piece inside of your ear canal.
It would be cool to see this active again and maybe grab a pair for old times sake. I sold mine after getting a TripleFi10 that sounded clearer.
i really want to jump for these drop but the price is really intriguing its not expensive what i mean
but the price in my country indonesia anything above 100 usd will get tax about 30% from the price
this koss 99.99 with 2.86 dollar shipping that make this priced $102.85

can i ask for invoice to be below 100 usd ? like 99-98 usd /? pls ??
so i don't get hit by huge tax please !!! any massdrop or koss employee can help me ?
One of the best sounding open compact earphones you can buy! If they fit to your ears, of course) Indispensable for travel, when traveling only with hand luggage and tired of IEM or would like to hear what's happening around: - Knock-knock, it’s a made, here is your Glenlivet!
The Koss earphones arrive without the earphones.
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i hope you got refund
I have given up on trying to get these to fit and stay in place while walking or working out at the gym. I've tried all the ear pieces and adjusted the height......to no avail. Terrible design. Sound is great is a 10 and fit/comfort/ease of use MINUS 10.
Wtf? Was this only available for a week?
After all the reviews I wish the price would have gone lower, then I could've considered to join in, but I think I'll have to pass on these as most people seems to be avoiding it. :( Only if the price were around 60-70ish.
I'm dumbfounded by people here saying they don't like these. I have pretty high standards: the WORST headphones I use on a daily basis are HE500s, and that's only when I'm tired of my Alpha Primes and my Stax Lambda Pros. I don't think very highly of dynamic drivers in general, but the KDE250 here is one of only two dynamic driver sets I actually like (the other is a Sennheiser MX985).
These 250s legitimately compare with the TOTL Audeze iSINE20. They don't sound as good as the 20--does anything this size?--but they come impressively close. I actually sold off my 20s because the 250s are close enough in terms of overall SQ, and are actually BETTER for portable use. The iSines are really unforgiving of bad sources, they will show you all the flaws in a recording, but they scale up with better equipment beautifully. The KDEs, OTOH, sound great even from a smartphone's headphone jack. The Koss won't scale nearly as high as the Audeze can, but they do still improve pretty significantly on my desktop rig.
For reference, my desktop rig is a Schiit Mimby/Magni stack. When I'm not at home I sometimes listen just out of the headphone jack on my V20, other times I'll carry a Hifiman HM601 or an ODAC/Fiio e11 stack with me (which actually rivals my desktop stacj in SQ). I listen to EDM, hip-hop, and occasionally rock.
Honestly I question whether people like jamtato below me have actually heard a KDE250 before. I can certainly understand disliking them based on fit or comfort or aesthetics, or maybe they aren't a good match for your specific use-cases. The 250s can be sensitive about where exactly they fit on your ears, because there is a definite "sweet spot" where they sound their best, and they sometimes require frequent adjustment to keep them there. I understand all that, and those are valid concerns. They aren't appropriate at all for runners, for example.
But people are complaining about the SOUND??? It's one thing if they simply don't match the sound signature you prefer, which I suspect may be happening, where idiots confuse subjective opinions with objective performance, or contrive the latter to make themselves feel better about feeling the former. I think the HD650 sounds like complete shit, personally, but I don't go around telling people that it sucks or that it sounds tinny, because it fucking doesn't. And neither does the KDE250.
I can't help but notice that NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM actually recommended an alternative that they consider better.
I remeber when I first tried mine with the medium earhooks They DID have rather forward lower mids, it was almost too annoying. But after a while I dicieded to try the small hooks and in addition to a more secure fit the mids got considerably more in line with the rest of the range and I now find the KDE250 highly enjoyable, It's definitely a very unique earclip/earbud type of headphones.
There are better for less money. Some Koss phones are great but this type of phone has come a long ways and Koss has not kept up.
If you have one for sale - let me know here or at email - mr-king@bk. ru
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They are for sale right here, what are you talking about
They might not ship to Russia, where he lives.
These have been burning in for 20 hours, and so far I hate the sound. They are very comfortable. Very (for me). But the highs are horribly harsh. Overdone, tinny, almost like they are being projected through a long horn. Does it get better? Please tell me it's going to get better. Or that I'm wearing them wrong. I've seen the advice here to not push them deep into the ears, and that helps, but no matter where I place the drivers (a millimeter of change at a time), the sound may change, but it's never audiophile-grade. I hope it gets better...
After a few days, it's getting better. The highs are more natural, transparent and very clear. Voices still sound a bit hollow, but I'm hopeful that will clear up as well. Ear placement is very finicky still. To adjust the sound, try rotating the emitter angle up and down, as well as using the hinge to angle it in and out of your ear.
A couple months later, voices still sound a bit like they are being sung through an old-fashioned paper megaphone. The bass is good — especially good for such an open design. All the highs are there, but a bit harsh. There's a lot of detail if they are perfectly positioned in your ears, and they are very efficient — I have to turn the volume down vs my on- or over-the-ear headphones. The vocal zone is still harsh and has that "through a horn" quality that makes long listening sessions tiring (though physical comfort is fine). But I claim to have golden ears and I'm VERY picky. You may not be bothered by this. I am tending to choose other headsets over these for both casual and critical listening. They are nice in the summer, however, since there's nothing to get all sweaty.
WEIRDEST FIT, EVER. Going to be a challenge for anybody with smaller ears.... and since a BIG issue with any IEMS/On-Ear monitors is about how they fit, it's what I am addressing first. Trying to figure out just how they sit on the ears is the first trick. It's not really intuitive, and, at first, it seemed like they had the L/R set backwards. I found myself looking at on-line images of their "ear-models" wearing them, just to see that I had them on right! There are instructions, but the oddity of the design renders them a tad inadequate,a bit cumbersome,(they talk about "Home Position" and there's a lot of tweaking to be done), just plain complicated. Some photos of them on the ear would have been nice! Deciding how to use the metal arms that hang them on your ears is also a bit tricky, (in spite of the instructions), and, if one wears eyeglasses, they may require even BIGGER fiddling. After I found what I thought was the KOSS-described "Custom Fit", using the "Custom Fit Dials" and all, I still found myself fidgeting them, over and over again, If you have a smaller set of ears on you, you will ABSOLUTELY need to bend the arms to get them set onto your ears correctly, even after screwing them down. I don't feel like these are particularly secure on the ear...but I'm more of an Over-the-ear,(i.e. CANS), kind of listener, with my classical and acoustic tastes running my preferences to Beyerdynamic,Grado,Sennheiser. Or true IEMS, like Shure,Westone, Etymotic... Once on, correctly, the soundstage is nice and open,(no claustrophobia here, as is often the case with IEMs...), in a quiet environment, the production and appreciation is quite pleasant.
Mine are "burning in." But the immediate sound, fresh from the box, has nice detail, all ranges are adequately present, without any one range being overbearing,thready,or shrill. As usual, a decent amp does improve detail and "heft" to the sound produced.
I feel that these will be nice for listening to acoustic and classical music while doing homework or reading...activities that have you sitting still enough to feel secure wearing these so you can forget about how they feel and hear the quite nice soundstage that these ear speakers have to offer. Because that's kind of what they are; little ear speakers aimed AT your ear canal.
I suspect that adequate burn in will offer another layer of sound quality to my experience... so I may pop back here for a more detailed comment about the sound repro after a week of playing with them.
Summary,(for now); these are a decent set of eccentrically built* ON EAR monitors that you DON'T buy for fit or looks- rather one buys them for the open soundstage offered at the portable level.But only the kind of portability that has you sitting down while wearing them,(not gonna be running in THESE!), and not stressing the fit, or the SKINNY little wires,(I too find them flimsy and lesser, as cabling goes), and using a portable amp for the fuller sound that this widened soundstage makes desireable. They sound NICE. But when you are talking earphones, full-size over-ear all the way down to the smallest, deep IEMS, FIT and COMFORT of wear are HUGE issues... if uncomfortable or wonky enough, you'll never wear them. No matter how good they sound.
Unless these develop a sound that is nothing short of divine....they will likely end up in my "curiosities" box. I'm certainly CURIOUS about what KOSS was thinking, and who's ears they were trying them on, when they designed these WEIRD ear-speakers.... 5-6 on my 0 to 10 scale....but only because they sound pretty good.

* I was actually able to place these on the ears of my fox-terrier more handily than on myself, at first go, LOL!

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Oh but she's terrified of rodents. That's the Chihuahua side. Cats on the other hand...
"sentient potatoes...." LOL! I love it.
Received these form the last drop, and have been using them on and off for the last few months.
The main weakness these have is the non-conventional fit which will not go down well with the majority who are used to over/on/in-ear styles of wearing headphones and earphones... that and the somewhat flimsy feel of the wires does not give confidence to their durability. You wouldn't want to randomly throw these around.
Other than that, they are very capable phones once you find a comfortable fit for them. The soundstage is amazing, separation is clear, and having them simply sit at the opening of your ear canals allows extended wear periods without physical fatigue on the ears. (Don't jam them into your ear canals, that's what you do for IEMs, these should just sit at the opening. It will take awhile to find a comfortable fit with the tweeter openings angled correctly for the best sound)
All in all, I would call it a valiant attempt by KOSS to address the problem of delivering great sound in a small package, which mostly falls flat because of issues with fit. Despite the marketing, I think buyers quickly realised this is an item for collectors, meant for use in a quiet personal space and not as a daily driver - that's a segment where the high end headphones play, so the fierce competition basically put this out of the race very quickly.
yes they are a Cinderella of Headphones
these look so HIDEOUS wtf koss?
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Definitely a retro look on the porta pros but these are indisputably ugly (sound good tho!):
I love the Portapros and Sportapros! If only they had a little more detail.
This Koss will make ya, jump, jump.
I thought koss was, you know... garbage.
Some of their products are very well regarded in the audiophile community, such as the KSC75, which are known to be extremely good sound for the price, and the Koss Portapros.
I'd love to see a drop on porta pro.
Instead of try to push them "in" your ears (yeah they hurt) just place them on your ear canal, try to find your best fit. It can increase the soundstage, won't suffocate trebles. Sharpness or harshness will fade with use. I dare u to find such small drivers with so wonderful separation and wide soundstage.
These earphones sounds terrible! treble is too sharp. Hard to put on, just unpleasant earphones period. I regret getting these earphones. Save your money and thank me later.
How would you compare these to Shure se535 iems?
They look so fucking cool. Wish I could buy these.
Got mine yesterday, wonderful crystal clear treble (cymbals sound amazing) bass good and not punchy. Soundstage very close but all the instruments are separated properly They look unusual and classy. The only thing I was worried is they were not perfectly isolated, from the outside and for the outside, cause they stay placed near your ear canal and not in it. I was surprised I was wrong. Strongly suggested, a real good product for a good price
Anyone has a tip for wearing this?
These do the trick for me. They cost $4.98 (even cheaper brands can be had) and easily attach to the longer metal earpiece. Without them the earphone falls off easily. www.amazon.com/GMS-Optical-Comfortable-Silicone-Anti-slip/dp/B00DUWLI8S/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1491408085&sr=8-4&keywords=temple%2Btips%2Bfor%2Beyeglasses&th=1&psc=1
Just got mine today. These have a real punchy sound, with the right fit. Fun to listen to and well worth the 100 bucks.
Mine came today and the only thing in my box were the metal earpieces and the carrying pouch no earphones? I submitted a support ticket. Never had this issue with massdrop before.
Jusr recieved mine. Really hard to wear.But if wore properly it's is comfort for me. Build is good except the cable is shitty and not removable . Stage and image is great. But sound muddy compare to modern iem Acceptable at $99 for fun and collection. I won't recommend this to people who is buying first serious headphone.