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Kovea Spider Remote Canister Stove

Kovea Spider Remote Canister Stove

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Great little stove. A wind screen is essential with this, however. Very susceptible to wind blow-outs. Also, expect a healthy spray of cold fuel on your fingers when unscrewing your canisters from this stove. I find myself always reaching for my pocket rocket instead of this, and offer this stove to non-backpacking friends when we head for a night or two.
I'm idly curious about what would happen if one we're to hook this stove up to the fuel pump for a Primus OmniFuel or an Optimus Optifuel. I know you'd have to find a way to preheat the stove, but it'd be awesome if it worked!
When it's folded up what are the dimensions? Or what size pot could i nest this in?
KOVEA Spider folds up small and flat (95mm x 85mm x 24mm) and it fits inside MSR Titan Kettle (with room for a small gas canister). It also fits inside a Trangia 25 Kettle (with plenty of room for other items) and it will fit inside most other small pots.
The piezo lighter was, well, a non-starter. The stove, however is fantastic!
Make sure the end of the igniter is touching the top of the burner, and that the gas is on low to medium.  Then click 2-3 times. That way it should light every time.

I am very happy with the stove, however the piezo lighter that came with my stove is really weak. It makes lighting the stove very difficult. Does anybody have a good solution for that?
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To get the best out of the KOVEA piezo igniter which comes with the Spider, you need to have the gas on a low to medium setting, and the end of the igniter in contact with the top of the burner head. That way it should light every time you click. If you have the gas on full, it won't mix correctly with the air inside the igniter tube. If the igniter is not in contact with the top of the burner, then for some reason the spark doesn't ignite the gas so well. Hopefully if you do it this way, you will never need another lighter! 
I agree with you. I find that I prefer to use Coleman canister since they work down to at least -15C without problems. Had to use their super heavy lpg adapter but it worked like a charm.
Good stove. Arrived in good time. Happy except piezo lighter was DOA.
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does it work on EU cannisters?
like "camping gas"
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@hikin_jim You can get KOVEA PAT adapters,
with worldwide shipping, here:
Ah. Excellent. Thank you Mercator That's good information.

Got this on an earlier drop. Really impressed with the weight and size compared to my MSR Dragonfly. Have been on the lookout for a lightweight stove and couldn't beat the price. It seems just as stable and holds my larger pan set no problem.

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Yeah, I've had the dragonfly since about 1999. Was time for an upgrade! :)
Thanks for the pics and the review of the Spider compared with the MSR Dragonfly!