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Kuhn Rikon Vision Clear Knife Block

Kuhn Rikon Vision Clear Knife Block

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"unsanitary wooden knifeblock"


I don't think the issue is necessarily with the wood, but with the confined space the blades sit in in a block, and the inability to clean those areas occasionally (especially the type that aren't open at the other end). If anyone made the same design out of plastic it could still have the same issues.
Don't have time to go digging for references at the moment, but i can tell you I've personally seen knife blocks get pretty grimy if knives aren't perfectly clean and 100% dry before being put away.

I'm also a big fan of wooden cutting boards, believe they're safe for use when properly treated and cared for, but have read and seen differently when it comes to knife blocks

That said, this thing is a bit goofy looking IMO, and there's nothing stopping you from smacking your edges against other spines in the same slot, or slicing the handle next to it as you pull them out.
Also being completely vertical, not slanted like a traditional block, your going to have to store this out on a counter with no cabinets above it unless you want to have to pull the whole thing out every time
Shame that I need something to hold a 12" blade.
Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I need something that will fit the giant Apogee Dragon Fusion and Chef's knife that I recently got.
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