Kuwalla Tee Color T-Shirts (3-Pack)search

Kuwalla Tee Color T-Shirts (3-Pack)

Kuwalla Tee Color T-Shirts (3-Pack)

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Do these T-shirts run small, big, or just right/normal, for each size? Can someone help me with that?
Almost joined the drop, then I saw that they are 40% polyester. While I'm not, people can be allergic to polyester. I choose not to wear anything but 100% natural fibers that close to my skin, so only 100% cotton t-shirts and shorts. Too bad, these are nice colors.
can anyone vouch for the durability of these shirts?
Anything with polyester will last until armageddon.
60/40 blended? No thanks...
6' tall, 42" chest, 36" waist, 195 lbs - L, or XL? :/ Generally wear a large, can get away with medium if it's 5.11 shirts. I feel like large here might be too tight around the shoulders, but XL might billow out around the stomach. Ugh. Can anyone help?
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Yes.. I'm 6'3, 207lbs, 36 waist, not sure of chest though.. but athletic body type

Just received these shirts a couple weeks back and the XL fit me pretty perfectly after a wash and dry.

Nice quality shirts! Comfy, and decent enough fit.
Thanks guys! Might go with the XL and shrink in the dryer if necessary.
Just received mine today, the same issue as the two below me have stated.
I ordered the camo crew necks, the packaging is labeled "Camo" but the shirts are actually light grey, grey and dark grey.
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I noticed that too, the others don't have any colour in them however.
Right. I just don't think it's an issue of getting the wrong product as it's clearly labeled "camo" and the shirts are not monochrome. Perhaps not quite what you were expecting is all.
Ordered camo. Received the wrong color (black grey) here also that significantly darker than pepper version shown.
MD, I order CAMO color and after long waiting I received something else... not good enough
Very comfortable, good fit (regular). Just beware that the photos are misleading. THEY ARE NOT 100% COTTON. As said in the description, they are 60-40 blend...
Only remaining crew necks are size S and XXL. Need more crew necks.
Will these be long enough for tall guys (6'4").
I am 6'3 and I find them long enough yes.
The picture shows they are 100% cotton, but the drop description says 60% cotton, 40% polyester. Which is it?
The bag itself is 100% cotton, the shirts are 60/40?
Previous buyers how is the quality?

is there any measurements for fit?

do they shrink?
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I got 3 white crew neck on last drop. They shrank a bit. I took advise to size up and I'm glad I did.

Very soft and very bright white. Would buy again. Wow did I just write a review for a t-shirt lol.
go up a size they do shrink for sure. I'm glad I got xl vs l
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