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KWZ Iron Gall Ink (3-Pack)

KWZ Iron Gall Ink (3-Pack)

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Got mine in and using the blue #3 today. Love the VERY dark color and watching it darken as it dries/oxidizes. Very pleased with the ink. It does write very wet on cheap (copy) paper so I don't recommend it on that. On heaver paper it's a very, very nice ink. Pleased as punch so far.
As a user of Konrad's inks, permit me to add a personal comment. First of all, when you purchase his iron gall inks, Konrad includes an instruction sheet (usually,) that gives you all the caveats for iron gall. Please note that this is ink made the way ink used to be made, with ground up gall nuts (usually from oak trees,) iron filings, and a few other ingredients. This ink was in popular use when quill pens were the norm. These were disposable, and so any potential for harm to the pen itself was irrelevant. With your expensive fountain pens, there is, or at least, may be an issue. Iron gall inks have potential corrosive properties. Konrad notes that he formulates his inks to avoid or minimize these properties, but the potential is still there. If you're filling a good pen, one that is valuable or means something to you, with iron gall ink, give the pen a shake now and then, and by no means permit the ink to be in the pen longer than a week to ten days. At that time, flush out your pen thoroughly and carefully clean it. Water works perfectly well. You can then refill your pen with iron gall ink, as long as you continue to follow the regular flushing procedure. It's great ink--just be careful when you use it. There's a reason why we switched to water based dye or pigment inks, and as always with new technology, something's lost and something's gained. If you buy it, enjoy this truly great ink.
Be Aware that some of the KWZI Iron Gall Inks had something in them that did NOT react well with the TWSBI DEMONSTRATOR Pens. The interaction caused something like etching on the clear barrels. I believe KWZI subsequently modified something in the ink so this wouldn't happen. Which ink is this? Do a google search of the internet to learn more.
I heard that the Iron Gall line in general has a tendency to disrupt pens if unused for a while. Here's a good description of the rundown from Vanness.
Super tempting. I heard the Iron Gall line isn't one to leave for a long while in the pen, but I ordered a sample of one of the inks and might be tempted to order full bottles.
Why charge us $1.99 more?

I received my ink today (6/9) - so if you're looking out for tracking, you'll just get a surprise. I received it along with another Massdrop order.
So estimated ship date was about a week ago...any idea when the actual ship is going to be?
As a short follow-on...flow problems existed with both the green and the blue, in their first pens. I put the green into the Custom Heritage that had only seen the orange, and it's been excellent. Even after sitting for a week or 10 days, no start-up issues, no flow problems.

I am going to pick up 2 more Custom Heritage 92s...they have both blue and orange demonstrators. :) Color coding! And they write very nicely, AND the price just can't be touched, as long as you perform your due diligence.
So, I've just loaded up ink #3 from the recent drop. The 3 inks: orange, green #2, blue #5. I intend to restrict the iron galls to specific pens, and those pens will be demonstrators. I want to know when the ink level is low.

So: the orange was loaded into a Pilot Custom Heritage 92, brand new for the purpose. Great pens, great price buying through Amazon from Japanese sellers. The 92 is a piston filler. Perfect! No skipping, no hard starting throughout, until the ink level started to get very low. The color starts as a burnt orange, more or less, but darkens to a medium brown. Still a nice color, and one I like...just be aware of it. If you want something like the peel on an orange or tangerine...this isn't your ink.

Next up, green #2 in a Sailor demonstrator. I think it's a 1911 midsize, but it's been a long time. This is a converter filler. Wrote wet, altho dried nicely. Flow stopped after a couple pages; ink didn't flow to the feed well. This is often a viscosity issue; capillary action blocks flow in a narrow-ish converter. Sailor's converter isn't stepped like a standard cartridge; that shape is notorious for capillary blockage because it's so narrow. It could also be a difference in the feed. I cleaned out a Pelikan 200 amber demonstrator, which will get the orange later, and I'll refill the 92 with the green to try again later.

Green #2 is a fairly dark green initially and after drying. It also has substantial blue tones. It's a quiet kind of green. Due to the flow issues, I flushed this out early.

Blue #5 went into a blue demonstrator Pelikan 200 with a steel medium italic nib...I believe I got it custom cut from Pendemonium. I just filled this, and I'm about a page in. The 200 is a piston filler, and like the Heritage, the flow is fine so far. This blue is fairly bright. The closest match I can think of, would be a Swiss blue topaz.

None of these show much shading. I haven't tried the water test yet either.
Hi all,

We always want members to get the best price on an item, even if it's not from us. In this case, we've been able to negotiate a lower drop price if 30 or more people join.

To give everyone a chance to join the drop, we've extended it through the end of next week. This will not affect fulfillment time by more than a day, if that. Thanks for speaking up!
Van-ness was cheaper for me in NY
this is better at the lowest drop price.
Quick question; can you confirm the age of the samples shown? Are they samples in which the inks have dried or their appearance when first applied to paper? I know there was a simpler way to say this but it's been a long day! 🙃🙂
The photo of our ink swab sheet was taken the same day as the sample was made. IIRC I made the sample up in the morning, and then it was shot in the early afternoon that day. Hope this helps!
This drop makes no sense for people who living in U.S .
Just buy from vanness and it cost less than here.
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I love you guys again XD
Actually about $1.40 less to do massdrop with tax and shipping, once 30 people sign up. Vanness shows up at pen shows, so in my mind supports them. Give Vanness the sale.

Massdrop should really just concentrate on items where they offer a significant discount . Greater than 20% over amazon or well know local sellers.
non iron gall please!
We're working on it. :)