KWZ Standard Fountain Pen Ink (3-Pack)search

KWZ Standard Fountain Pen Ink (3-Pack)

KWZ Standard Fountain Pen Ink (3-Pack)

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Small-Batch Inks in 40+ Colors

Handmade in Poland by ink specialist Konrad Żurawski, KWZ fountain pen inks are a remarkable find for those who appreciate color intensity, durability, and small-batch production. Each bottle is made from scratch and Żurawski’s color selection is both wide and nuanced; it includes four different shades of brown and five shades of azure. While he’s well known for his iron galls, these are standard inks suitable for use in all fountain pens with a converter.

Note: This drop is for three bottles of ink. At checkout, you’ll have your choice of 44 colors.

KWZ Standard Fountain Pen Ink (3-Pack)

Ink Color Options

Azure #1
Azure #2
Azure #3
Azure #4
Azure #5
Baltic Memories
Blue Black
Brown #2
Brown #3
Brown #4
Brown Pink
Dark Brown
El Dorado
Flame Red
Foggy Green
Grass Green
Green #2
Green #3
Green #5
Green Gold
Green Gold #2
Grey Lux
Grey Plum
Hunter Green
Maroon #2
Menthol Green
Midnight Green
Old Gold
Pine Green
Red #1
Rotten Green
Thief's Red
Walk Over Vistula
Warsaw Dreaming


  • KWZ
  • 60 ml (2 fl oz) bottles
  • Handmade in Poland


  • 3 x 60ml bottles


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