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Lake People HPA RS 08

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Community, please help, what was the price on this item on last drop? Thank you.
Can someone please explain to me how on all of my husband's audio equipment (Arcam amp, Arcam irDAC and KEF speakers) there is a red and white RCA input and red and white RCA output. Why are there 2 red for the input and 2 white for the output? If going from a DAC into the headphone amp, how do you connect it if using standard red and white RCA cables? Or does it matter as long as you connect right to right and left to left?
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Oh yeah, just now noticed it. That's confusing.
Thank you for confirming this.
Please note for inner EC shippings that the German VAT (+19%) will be added !!
Thank you for this information. I thought VAT was included. Damning .
Amp would look better if the chassis was just straight instead of those grooved edges, gives it a too vintage feel.
priced at 600 I'd buy one of these instantly, I sort of want a used carbon though (2.0 only)
If I didn't have the Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon - I would so jump on this amp. You will be hard pressed to find better made amps than the ones from Violectric/Lake People. These guys know what they do.
From where will the amplifier be sent? I live in the EU and I am concerned about customs if the application is shipped from USA.
Any orders from the EU will be shipped from Germany. :)
The published "max output" specs are meant to be the continuous output specs (RMS, both channels driven).
There are no "PMPO" or other strange measuring methods at Lake People / Violectric.
Thanks Fred :)
does anyone know the RMS / continuous output specs for this? I'm specifically wondering about the continuous output at 200 Ohms.

I have only been able to find the "max output" specs.
pleas what is price ?
do we need balanced dac to enjoy the balanced out ?
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I have the Vio 181 and its amazing :)
Vio-CEO : Is the interior of the 181 the same?
Not at all.
V181 is made with 4 power op-amps which are perfectly quite.
RS 08 follows a design rule that we call V100 circuitry.
This is a 4-transistor amp per channel (in case of RS 08 16 functional transistors).
These are arranged inside V100 as traditional thru-hole components,
in case of all G109, RS 02 and RS 08 its SMC.
Will some owners of HPA-RS-08 please share their audio impressions of this new amp ?
The Lake People HPA RS 02 at a lower price level than the 08 looks interesting.
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