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Lambo 60% Anodized Aluminum Case

Lambo 60% Anodized Aluminum Case

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Is there a MAC key set?
This is a keyboard case for 60% boards.

EDIT: not a full set but here are some Mac keys
IMHO, the red cases look great with Jukebox, either Signature Plastics's SA or Tai-Hao's "cubic" variant.
Would this fit the gk64?
Yeah this will fit the gk64
How's the quality of these cases? Especially in comparison to the KBDfans 5º case.
I have both, and the 5 degree has more weight to it that makes me feel more reassured in its quality. That being said, I still use the Lambo and find it to be a fun case to have lying around.
Who pays $80 for molded aluminum?
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You will... soon.
These are typically CNC machined, not cast.
What's the name of the key-set displayed on the red Lambo?
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I think its GMK Red alert or EPBT Red on black.
^I think Rice is correct. The tada68 caps have arrows and shorter shift.
Does this fit the Anne Pro?
I believe I found a slight design problem with a version of the Lambo 60% ... I just received a Lambo 60% that has riser protuberances that stick up from the bottom, like the one in the picture

For my original GH60 PCB from TechKeys, as well as my GH60 Satan, that riser I pointed out falls exactly under on the of clips for the stabilizers for the left Shift key (see image). When you screw the PCB in to the case, it will pop the stab off the PCB, causing the key to be skewed.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I am thinking of taking the case into the local Hacker space and grind that riser down somehow.

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Finally did it!!
I used a dremel to grind down the risers (with the help of a friend who knew how to use it)
Works perfectly with the GH60 Satan!!
That is awesome looking work there!!! What dremel bit / tool type did you use for that?
will this fit the original poker 2?
"Note: At checkout, you'll have your choice of case color: black, blue, red, or silver."

I don't see all these colors as options in checkout?
it's a typo- i can't find the blue anywhere