LAMY 2000 Stainless Steel Fountain Pensearch

LAMY 2000 Stainless Steel Fountain Pen

LAMY 2000 Stainless Steel Fountain Pen

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Having tried both the stainless steel and Makrolon versions, I'd say I actually prefer the Makrolon. In my hand it feels better weighted, especially when posted. Having an ink window is also genuinely useful.

Cosmetically, I also think the contrast between the brushed steel section and textured Makrolon is more interesting.

Historically, if I'm not wrong this may have been the first time a FP incorporated fiberglass in its construction, which made the Lamy 2000 ultra futuristic when it launched (and even now).
Can you show an example of what the different Nib widths write like?
Was wondering why in the world would a stainless steel nib cost that much- until I saw "platinum... 14K gold" O_O
$175.00 For the M nib:
$211.00 For the F nib:

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Massdrop is grey market too unless it says the warranty will apply.
I got the medium nib version from amazon when it was about $160. Now I'm not sure I made a good choice. The M nib makes everything I write pretty hard to read. Despite being fairly wide (at least to me), the 2000 also writes wet. It /feels/ wonderful when writing, but I guess I write too small.

I have a Lamy Studio with a steel EF nib and I much prefer reading my writing with it, even though I like writing with the 2000 more (not to say the studio isn't very comfortable, just not quite as fun to write with as the 2000). One of these days I'm going to try to get Lamy to swap the nibs for me.
It says 160 on Amazo. Did I miss something?
I couldn’t find it. Any link?
The carbon fiber version is significantly cheaper. This is the metal version.
I bought the Makrolon on a previous drop, and it’s one of my favorite pens. Although the gold nib doesn’t have as much spring as other gold nibs in my collection, (it’s the construction,) I thoroughly enjoy writing with this pen because of its smoothness, and the slight amount of spring gives me just the right amount of control for my writing style. Highly recommended!
Its a bit pricey compared to market. I saw Penheaven website selling it for 156 pounds translates to approximately $215 and will be delivered in one week typically. Considering the delivery time Massdrop takes, I wonder is this even a deal at all!!!!!!!!!!
Sounds like you were looking at the rollerball, not the fountain pen... They list this at £238.50, which is around $325.
I guess I was looking at the black one for 156. the price they keep on the website is for UK. you need to select US shipping then they will take off VAT.
Bauhaus-founder? I don't think so.
Herr Gropius would be rolling in his grave if he found out.
I've had this beauty for over a year now, but I don't use it as much as the Makrolon version. Fine nib on SS and EF on Makrolon, but I don't notice that much of a difference with the way I write. The problem is the cap. In the Makrolon version, the cap is held by the little metal ears with pretty much an ideal pressure. On the SS model, the cap seems to be too heavy and the grip just isn't as good. The cap on the SS pen also comes loose when I post it, which bothers me as the Lamy 2K is a shortish pen for my hands and I need it posted for the right feel. I don't have that problem with the Makrolon version.

I sent my pen to Lamy and paid for service and they switched the cap for one that has a slightly better grip than the one my pen included, but it still doesn't offer the same reliable experience that the Makrolon pen does. Of course, I did have to send the Makrolon pen to Lamy for service once after 2 years of use because the body cracked. Comparsed to that, a cap with a less than ideal fit is not much of a problem!

Regardless, the Lamy 2K is my favorite pen in my collection and though I prefer the Makrolon version, the SS one is still a beauty of a writing instrument and I don't regret buying it!
Great pen! Well balanced and a good weight considering the all-metal construction. The clip isn’t quite up to the task, so don’t bend over too far. OTOH, it can withstand the drop. Excellent, smooth nib, well made (as you’d expect from a German pen) - a total winner!
Please bring this back!
Quote from description: “To ensure that you maintain solid grip and give a slight accent, the front section is made entirely of stainless steel, as is the spring-loaded pocket clip.“

If the front section and pocket clip are specifically called out as being made of stainless steel, does that mean the rest of the pen is not SS? Or is this just a copy/paste from the Makrolon Lamy 2000 description?
Likely just a copy and paste from the Makrolon version. This version is entirely SS.