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LAMY Dialog 3 Fountain Pen

LAMY Dialog 3 Fountain Pen

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I've had this pen for about 6 or 7 years. You can find it for $200 on the internet. Can't recall the name of the place I bought it at, but that was their normal price all the time. I got the stainless version of it. Honestly, I never use it anymore. It's a really heavy pen and don't dare drop it. If you do, it always wants to fall on the opposite of the nib end and it puts dents into the round portion that are impossible to remove. It's going to happen and I'm the most careful of all about trying to protect my stuff. It's not a matter of "if", but "when". Then you've got a roughly $300 pen with dents that you can't remove from it.

The absolute best fountain that I have been carrying for 10 years now, are the Namiki/Pilot retractable fountain pens. They work simply fantastic, have a great weight and balance to them and look like a regular ballpoint pen.........until you click on it and and a fountain pen nip ejects out. They come in a lot of cool colors and designs are just about 1/3rd the price of this pen. Made very well too.

In addition, to that, when you're using it and there are some people that are next to you and all of a sudden they see a fountain pen that ejects/retracts, yeah, you get a lot of comments on it too.

The LAMY Dialog is a cool pen for sure, but not nearly as practical or convenient as the Namiki/Pilot retract fountains. The Namiki/Pilot is just as cool, but in a different way in my opinion.

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@The.Lightist, thanks for the thumbs up!

I wanted to add one more thing about why the Namiki/Pilot works so well for me. It's a typical "click" pen. You know, the ubiquitous types that have the button on the end that you just click to eject the pen tip. My job requires that I do a LOT of writing. I don't like writing with pencils, and fountain pens work great for me due to the amount of ink that I simply use. With that, I'm constantly setting my pen down and picking it up. As everyone with fountain pens know, you don't want to leave the nibs exposed for too long or they tend to dry out.

With any fountain pen that has a cap or a twist mechanism like this LAMY, it ends up being a lot of extra steps when you have to write as much as I do at work. That's why the Namiki/Pilot "Vanishing Point" as it is actually called works so well for me. You simply pick it up in your writing hand and use your thumb to depress the "clicker" on the end to eject and retract the nib. So much more convenient if you do a lot of writing.

Also, Noodlers Bay State Blue is a wonderful fountain pen ink. It's basically Cobalt Blue and it's permanent! Get it wet, and it doesn't bleed, run or anything. Only bleach will get rid of it.

Thank you!
Last time this drop was at $200 and this time its 269?
Help! Just got my pen and inspected the nib. One tine is longer than the other and its very scratchy and tears out paper fibers. what do i do
Send to a person who can custom grind the nib down to your desired specifications. Eg:
This does not seem to include the wooden case, which normally comes with the pen. I would think this kills any resale value...
AFAIK the wooden case was discontinued a while ago.
Wow this is an ugly pen.
I am having issues with this pen ... does Massdrop support it directly or does one have to go to Lamy?
No Paladium extra fine?
So there are 11 people in this drop, and the EF's are sold out? Is this drop happening because someone at Lamy decided he needed to empty his desk drawer of a few extra pens? ^_^
While waiting for the palladium broad nib to be available on this drop, I managed to find mine for $173.95 shipped instead. Hooray patience and Fountain Pen Day deals!
i had this pen for a few years now. best table display piece ever. I do not use this pen.
I agree. I've had mine about 5 years now. It looks cool, but it's not a great fountain pen at all. Heavy and clunky. I never use it. And don't dare drop it! It gets a huge dimple in the end of it.
It says only shipped to US address but still allows purchase and ship to canada with 8.95 shipping? Can someone confirm if I can/cannot buy his if I'm in Canada. Thanks
Sorry about that, this can indeed ship to Canada. We have updated the description note accordingly.
I got the EF on the last go-around, and overall, it’s a terrific pen. A few things to be aware of: 1. It’s quite heavy, and your hand might tire after a lengthy writing session. 2. The clip doesn’t retract all the way. I’m not certain why it was designed that way, but there you have it. 3. Please remember that Lamy nibs tend to be a bit on the broader side. So I ordered the EF, and it isn’t like a Faber-Castell or Caran d’Ache EF, but significantly broader. And lastly, 4. Since it uses a converter, the ink supply will be somewhat limited, compared to a piston-fill for example. None of these factors interfere with the fact that it is a great pen—you just need to be aware of them so that you won’t be disappointed when you get the pen. For my part, all these things notwithstanding, I quite love it
Are you kidding me?! Most are sold out! Why was there not a limited quantity listed?!!!

Since there was no quantity listed, I thought I had time to figure which one my gf would like most.
Now that I know, Piano White with a medium nib is sold out...
i wonder why all lamy drops are limited to U.S. shipping..
would have joined many of them but couldn't because i live in europe.
maybe those policies are imposed by lamy?