LAMY Imporium Titanium/Platinum Fountain Pensearch

LAMY Imporium Titanium/Platinum Fountain Pen

LAMY Imporium Titanium/Platinum Fountain Pen

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Matte Titanium Body, 14-Karat Gold Nib

Designed by Marco Bellini, the LAMY Imporium fountain pen is a study in subtle contrast—from the matte titanium body and gleaming two-tone nib to the different directions of the guilloche grooves. The PVD-coated barrel features a vertical pattern, the grip section has a horizontal pattern, and both are contrasted by the rounded smoothness of the screw-on cap. The fountain pen has very little branding, with “LAMY” written only on the side of the platinum clip and on the nib. And speaking of the nib, it’s a beaut, done in two-tone 14-karat gold and offering a smooth writing experience with a bit of give. Solid and well balanced, the Imporium has a comfortable feel in the hand thanks to the grip’s rounded ribs.

Note: At checkout, you’ll have your choice of nib size: extra-fine, fine, medium, oblique medium, broad, or oblique broad.


  • LAMY
  • Matte titanium refined PVD barrel and cap
  • Platinum pocket clip
  • Vertical pattern on barrel
  • Horizontal pattern on grip section
  • Smooth screw-on cylindrical cap with pocket clip
  • Two-tone 14k gold nib
  • Partially galvanized
  • Accepts LAMY T10 cartridge and Z27 converter
  • Length, capped: 5.6 in (142.2 mm)
  • Nib length: 0.7 in (17.2 mm)
  • Section length: 0.8 in (19.7 mm)
  • Maximum/minimum section diameter: 0.5/0.4 in (11.9/8.7mm)
  • Maximum barrel diameter: 0.5 in (12.7 mm)
  • Total length, not posted, including nib: 4.8 in (122 mm)
  • Total length, posted, including nib: 6.6 in (168 mm)
  • Weight: 1.7 oz (47 g)
  • Designed by Mario Bellini
  • Made in Germany


  • Gift box
  • Converter


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