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Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Bundle

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Bundle

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This really isn't much of a deal. I can get 2 Safaris from Amazon for $44 and converters for $6 ea.
Do both pens come with the standard original box?
Anybody (besides me) interested in seeing a Lamy Safari with a gold nib?
If this drop was for a single pen and converter in black with a choice of nib sizes, I'd be in. If it was two pens in a choice of colors and nibs (maybe even a stub), I'd be in.

I already have fountain pens that I use daily. IMO, there's no point getting more fountain pens unless they also have an interesting color or nib choice.

What this drop has done is make me add a Lamy Safari with a converter and a few nibs to my Amazon wish list.
How would these compare to the Al-star and Vista?
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It is nearly identical to the Al-star except it is all plastic whereas the Al-Star is Aluminum (that's what the Al in Al-star stands for). The Vista is a Safari demonstrator. I have a few Safaris, Al-Stars, and Lx models. The Safaris are really light weight, which i don't like, but they are well balanced and they all have the same kick ass Lamy nib.
Thanks for the breakdown :)
Yes, it’s true that the Safari is a great pen for beginners, but it’s also a great pen for experienced users who have a variety of more expensive pens. Let me say this right now: you’ll be hard-pressed to find a pen that writes better and smoother than a Safari. And while I always have a MontBlanc inked and ready to go, and ditto for a Pelikan M800, (sometimes an M600,) regardless of the so-called upscale pens that I always keep with me, I always have a Lamy Safari in my pocket. I love writing with it, and the only thing better than having one Safari is having two Safaris. My opinion, the EF nib is equivalent to a Japanese M. While I do have one Safari with a F nib and one with a M nib, the rest of mine are all EF. It’s about as wide as I care to go,. Of course, YMMV.
It's a good deal if you live in us and it even a great deal if you ship intrl...
but... size nib are very limited (no EF,B)
and the colors are limited (you have 10 colors at least).
I think this drop can be successful as the Pilot Metropolitan. ( even more :)
how would you guys compare them to the pilot metropolitan, as I already have the metropolitan and was wondering if this would be an upgrade
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The are after the same market, thought the Metros are a bit cheaper in the US (in other markets they sell for more and the Safari's for less, so overall they are the same). The Safari is all plastic (the metal body versions are sold as the more expensive AL-Safari or the relative top of the line LX). The Safari is also bigger, which is a consideration for both transport and writing feel. For ink, you have a similar number of colors as cartridges for both lines; the converters that fit the Lamy I think are superior to the Pilot options, they hold more ink and I have found them less prone to breaking.
Better. Every pan man should have at least one Lamy
if you buy 2 of these on amazon its $50, and you get the same stuff
that's what I"m thinking too
The converters aren't included on Amazon, so you'd have to buy two @ ~$8ea additionally.
This is a great pen for starters and they look GREAT!
The Safari's are great take to work pens and with the design of the grip, they are specifically designed as a starter fountain pen (well, more of a next step up pen after the ubiquitous wood/plastic school pens that kids start out with). I personally favor the feel of the metal versions, but that is a preference of look and price. Lamy's converters are proprietary but are some of the best and hold a lot of ink, adding to their value as a work pen (they only take proprietary cartridges, if that matters to you).
However, a few things to think about for this drop specifically. Except for a few of the higher end pens (the 2000 and the D3), all Lamy nibs can be swapped (even the rounded one for the Aion and the gold nibs found on some version of the Studio and Scala), so unless you want two identical pens inked at once, your better deal is to buy one body and an assortment of nibs. Also, Lamy nibs run a bit wide, even by Western standards; and do to production limits, they are starting to limit extra fine steel nibs in North America, so if you favor smaller nibs, you might have to import an extra fine.
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awesome Lamy lineup there chief. I'm jealous of those dark turquoise ones
Those are the Petrol Safaris from last year, you can probably still find them.
Pricing isn't bad. Just took a quick look on Amazon and from eyeballing the price of 2 pens @ $25/ea, 2 converters @ $7.50/ea alone is $65 without tax.

I'm delving into the fountain pen world and currently use a Pilot Metropolitan as my daily, so hopefully these will be an improvement.
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Nice! I definitely like the feel with and without the cap depending on what I'm writing. Overall smooth pen and not an expensive way to start, only issue I have is that the ink tends to get used up quickly/dry out faster than the disposable pens I'm used to. I don't know if that's a normal thing with fountain pens or not.
I think the first time you use it the ink will seem to be short lived. My first cartridge lasted about 3 weeks before it was empty, but my second cartridge has been in the pen for a week and a half now, and I have about 2/3rds ink left. I believe a good deal of the first cartridge's ink may have been used to saturate the feed.
When this cartridge is empty, I'm going to clean out the pen and get my Lamy Safari back into use, now that I have a converter for it, and finaly have some bottled ink. 😁