Lamy Studio Palladium Fountain Pensearch

Lamy Studio Palladium Fountain Pen

Lamy Studio Palladium Fountain Pen

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How much did this pen cost in the last drop?
Also, does anyone have any idea when the next drop would be?
If you were going to get your first fountain pen, and it would likely be your only one, would you get this pen or the Lamy 2000?

I can't afford to consider anything more expensive, so I can't consider any "but this $800 pen would be my choice if I could only have one" offers, but if there is some amazing pen other than these for around the same price I will take them into consideration.
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Thanks for your input! I've decided to get the 2000 over this one, but now Massdrop no longer offers the 2k in anything but the unaffordable (for me) steel version (and at that, rarely).

Ever since Massdrop brought the steel Lamy 2000 to their platform, the makrolon version hasn't been seen here. Guess I'll have to pay the extra $20 (given my preference in nib size) and get it from Amazon.
Apparently the finish on the Lamy Studios is prone to chipping but the Palladium may be the exception.
The gold nib on the Studio is beautiful to write with and has a bit more flex than the hooded 2000, however I'd still probably get the 2000 over this one.

I bought two on previous drops, an EF and a F, and I love them both.
Simply one of the smoothest writing pens you’ll ever find. Feels great in the hand, and looks really classy.
FYI mine came without a converter in the last drop. Complained to MD and they refunded me $10.
Does this ship to Australia?
I will again endorse what I said about this last drop, this is an amazing pen at a very good price. However, at this moment, you can get it in the limited edition Racing Green from Nibsmith with the gold nib (instead of the steel nib that color normally comes with) for under $100.
hmmm... must have changed it - showed $156 with the gold nib option for me from the Nibsmith
Yeah, I think the deal is over. In that case, this drop is back to being a really great deal unless you really want it in a special color.
Nice pen, but mine didn't come with the converter.
Mine came without the converter. Anyome alse has the same issue?
The broad is currently on sale on Amazon for $90 with what seems like free shipping for US customers. Even adding a converter youre looking at under $100 USD with much faster shipping (probably).
Not any more it's's actually more than double that now at $183+.
I will add to my comments last time this came around. At $125 this is a good deal. This is a great pen and at this price it is a good deal to proper price for a c/c gold nib pen from a name brand. The nib is more or less what you get with a standard Lamy but in gold (so it is not the same nib as the 2000 if that is what you were looking for, think a more quality controlled and less likely to degrade Safari nib). Particularly if you like a metal pen instead of plastic, this is about the best you will find with these specs.
Street price seems to be around $167, so this isn’t a bad price. Lamy USA raised prices earlier in year. If I didn’t already have 2 of these, I’d be in.
I picked this up in an early drop and it is one of my favorite pens. I like the form a bit better than the standard Safari/AL/Vista and it feels a bit more solid in hand than the AL-Safari. The nib is great. It is more or less the standard Lamy nib (the one on all their pens except the D3, 2000, and Aion) but gold. There is nothing inherently better about a gold nib over a steel nib unless you are using a lot of very corrosive inks (like the old Omas inks or iron gall inks), but, it is pretty clear that Lamy itself seems to up their quality control on the gold nibs, which gives them an edge (but its manufacturing issues, not materials). As a side note, this also means you should be able to swap the nib into most any other Lamy, in case you wanted a gold nib Safari (I haven't tried it but I have seen the attempts online).
All that said, this is a much higher price point than the last drop and I am not sure its a great deal at this price. This is a great pen, and $150 is fair, given what it is, that is pretty much in line with the alternatives at this range like US sold Sailor 1911 standard or Pro Gear Slim, Platinum #3776, etc. i.e. gold nib c/c (the only real outlier at this price is the Lamy 2000, which is both gold nib and not c/c). However, it is at a price point now where you do have a lot of other options, including getting this pen at a much lower price with a still great steel nib.
What happened to the discussion history? This is the second drop I have seen with this happening. Not good, MD.
Well, I found the original:
Turned out MD created a new entry for the product. I wonder if they realize this.