Landscape DSA Spacebar + WASD + Arrows Setsearch

Landscape DSA Spacebar + WASD + Arrows Set

Landscape DSA Spacebar + WASD + Arrows Set

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Get in Touch With Nature

Take a chill pill and tranquilize your favorite board with these DSA-profile keycap sets. Available in four colors, they’re full of flowers, clouds, birds, and other wildlife inspired by watercolor paintings of Chinese landscapes and pavilions. To keep them from breaking down over time, the caps are constructed from PBT plastic, which is dye-subbed to keep the legends pristine. Plus, because they’re in DSA profile, you can put them wherever you want on your DSA board.

Note: At checkout, choose Blossom Pavilion , Koi Pond, Mountain View, or Sunset Country.


  • DSA profile
  • Material: PBT
  • Dye-subbed construction


  • Spacebar
  • 1.5u  (ALT, CTRL, Windows, etc.)
  • ISO enter key
  • WASD 
  • Arrow keys


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