Lanier Classic Black Enamel Fountain Pensearch

Lanier Classic Black Enamel Fountain Pen

Lanier Classic Black Enamel Fountain Pen

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Just received. This is a beautiful pen! And to those concerned about the generic iridium point nib, you should be looking into pens that cost a lot more than this one. This nib writes smoothly, no skips. What I love about this pen is the rear cap unscrews to expose the converter gnurled knob. This means you can clean and refill the pen without disassembling the barrel and nib. Really a nice feature. And the pen cap posts and closes with a single turn, easy access. I find the pen well balanced with or without posting the cap, depending on the circumstance, either may be appropriate. And the workmanship is great. I may purchase a second one for myself, as this one is a gift. Please setup the drop again!
Question for Lanier:

Would it drive the price up so very much if you used Bock, JoWo, or Schmidt nibs in your pens? I like the look of your pens very much, but those generic "iridium point germany" nibs are just too substandard for me. It's a shame to put them on such lovely pens as the ones you make.
I don't see the option for engraving during checkout. Any assistance on this matter?
Hi Tanner,

I will contact Mass Drop and will ask them to reply. You should be able to just key in the text you want engraved.

Regards, Jim
Sorry about that, the engraving option is not available for this drop.
Medium nib—too bad, but not my taste, so I won’t be participating in this drop
Although the pen is not to my taste, I heartily endorse the Private Reserve inks. The Black Cherry really has the color of a ripe Bing cherry (too bad I don’t see that in the swatches), and the Sherwood Green is a nice dark leafy green.
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Thanks for your feedback j-e-g . I haven't actually used much PR ink myself, but I do love me some DC Supershow Blue.

Whenever possible we try to work directly with the manufacturer, but this is not always the case, as we do also work with other vendors and retailers. Hopefully we can get something going again!
Will keep fingers crossed. The DC Supershow is a popular one.
I have no had a bad experience with any PR inks that I have tried.
Some are super saturated and maybe slow to dry. But that is often true for many saturated inks and any manufacturer, as you know.
Partial to Cosmic Cobalt and Sherwood Green. Most always have a bottle of their Buttercup in my stash because it makes a terrific ink to use as a base for mixing - if one is into mixing their own ink colors. Thanks !
i want this
No any updates from MD since almost two month.....
is there any updates when they will be shipped out?
I like the look of blue and black, but I'm with most of you questioning the nib quality and what other kinds of pens you can get at this price point.
Also, that nib looks frighteningly generic ... exactly like what i got on two extremely mediocre pens in the very beginning of my collection. I got them from amazon, and they were in the neighborhood of $10 to $15. A Skilcraft and a Lanxivi (both made in China). You'd think an established brand like Lanier would use a slightly better nib.

Looks like msrp is $115 on the Web site. Maybe the ink bottles make up the rest. The price of the color I want is around $10 on amazon.
I wanted to ask about these "sample" bottles of ink. Are we sure they're 2 oz? That equals about 60 milliliters, which is approximately the size of most full-size bottles of ink. The pictures would seem to contradict that. I would just like precision in the description of what we get.
Sorry the weight of the glass bottle and ink is 2 ounces. The ink volume is 15ML.

sorry for the confusion

A rather nice pen in my (amateur) opinion. Not that I have all that much to compare it to.
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Thanks for your patience and expect an update from us on 8/2 or sooner if something comes up.