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Lansky Universal Sharpening System

Lansky Universal Sharpening System

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Bought at cabelas waste of money...I’d recommend Arkansas hard stones and a good strop with some buffing compound.
I bought one of these kind of Lansky systems awhile ago and didn't like it. First, if you crank down on the clamp hard enough to hold it steady it can scratch your knife blade. This was before I learned to use painter's tape which can fix that issue. The bigger problem is that depending on where you clamp the blade, the sharpening angle will be different for different parts of the blade. I also had trouble clamping the wire guide to the stone tight enough where it wouldn't wobble around.

Overall I couldn't get a good edge with this system. I'll admit I can't sharpen a knife freehand so take that with a grain of salt, but that's the kind of user this system is made for.

If you've tried every sharpening system and still can't get a good edge, I'd recommend the Work Sharp WSGSS. It's pricey and you'll probably need the upgrade kit but it'll get you used to using a consistent angle. If you have a lot of blades with a recurve its probably better to get the Lansky MEDGE1 or the Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker.
By the time you convert it to AUD$, it's $10 cheaper than eBay but with a much longer wait time compared to local stock.
Bought same kit off aliexpress for $16
Lansky branded?
I hope for everyone who's bought that Lansky's fixed their product. I've had two of these sets (one I purchased and one I received as a gift) that the stones fell off the warranty coverage from Lansky...
I bought a kit like this once and it was the biggest waste of money. It was the most awkward process, and it was not at all quick to swap sides of the knife. I have never had a problem just sharpening a knife on a regular stone or blocks - my current favorite is a cheap $12 block from Harbor Freight. No oil or water required, just sharpen. I can do anything from a small paring knife to a large chef's knife and get them all sharp enough to shave with. I'd love to get a good set of Spyderco ceramic bench stones, but it's really hard to argue with $12 that gets the job done.
Oil or water are meant to decrease the heat generated by the sharpening process. This is not necessary for ceramic stones, but afaik regular stones all need some kind of cooling if you don't want to risk damaging the heat treatment on your blade.

Also, the kind of stone depends on what you want to achieve. Even professionnals with 10 years experience admit that they are still improving their sharpening skills when it comes to maintaining an angle. If you want a perfect angle, you will either need a reliable system or to work your skill up for years.
Also, if you want to reach "polish finish" on your blades and to get them shaving sharp, you will need more than an unique $12 stone of unknown grit. You will need a range of stones from 200 to 1000 grit, using a variety of materials from diamond to ceramic , then a couple strops for the finish.
The Harbor Freight $12 hone has 4 blocks from I think 200? to 600 grit. I go from that to a straight steel, and that's plenty sharp enough to do things like cut tomatoes or shave the hair from your arm. I have an ultra-fine ceramic stone from Spyderco, which does a great job putting that mirror polish on the blade, but TBH I haven't noticed much benefit from doing that. My pocket knife is cheap enough that I don't worry about using it for pretty much anything, and I haven't really seen a difference in the length of times my kitchen knives stay sharp, or how well they cut vs. the 600 grit.

I'd be interested in seeing some kind of studies, though.
The description says they are honing stones. So they are not diamond hones. This system works very well if you take your time and keep a little pressure on the stone and rod so the stone stays at the same angle through the cut. Remember to use a drop of oil on the stone and wipe off the stone when finished. Lastly use the entire length of the stone through the cut so u do not wear or belly the stone, and use the finest grit stone with very very light pressure for touch ups.
Cheaper on Amazon.
Newbie here, could this kit sharpen M390 and S35vn?
Eventually.... It will take a long time. You would be much better off with the diamond set
I agree with Robhimself. Get diamond for grinding and ceramic for the finish to work on high end steels.
You're going to have to do better on price mass drop
I have had this kit for about 10 years. It has a learning curve, but can produce great results. The diamond stones work better, IMHO. Not sure how good this price is. For kitchen knives, if you are willing to take your time, it produces a very good edge.
Aside from the other comments about pricing and usage issues... I find it odd that Massdrop isn't displaying pictures of the system in use. While I'm all for doing my own "research" I refuse to buy something when the company selling the product can't take the time to provide adequate information to the buyer.
5 stone deluxe system at this price many other places including shipping
Same thing on Amazon Prime for 2 bucks more, comes out cheaper after mass drop shipping
Lansky LKUNV Universal Kit
I found a consistent angle very very difficult with this system. A knockoff edge pro apex system about the same price and easily 3x better. Jm2cw.
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There is a learning curve for sure. It is not idiot proof but this system can do a great job.. The only thing better is the wicked edge.
problem with knocoffs is the quality of the stones. Low end stones won't last, will carve and be rather inefficient. Well, at least this is what testers say and what led me here.

Now, maybe I will end up with a Wicked edge at some point. Too bad I went through spyderco triangle and lansky kits first :D