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Levenger Bomber Jacket Pocket Briefcase Bundle

Levenger Bomber Jacket Pocket Briefcase Bundle

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I have a pocket briefcase. Old school note taking. I've found the bomber jacket products to be well made. I think $89.99 is a pretty good price for both - if the drop gets there.
to be able to buy either— both is too much.
One for you...one as a gift!
It’s a nice idea to be sure, but I don’t know anyone who I’d like to gift one to right now.
Just received mine today !
I was quite excited until I opened the box: the STENCH of plastic leather !
I am having a very hard time beleiving it is actual REAL leather, it just feels and SMELLS (sorry, stinks! I do think I can bring suchj a thing to work) of plastic.

I don't know how they made their pictures but mine looks bland in comparison.
I think I will leave them to air for a while and gift them to someone that I don't like that much, or resell them.

@Massdrop Team: I beleive we deserve some truth from Levenger! and no BS descriptions or pictures. Seriously I am very DISAPOINTED at the moment, I feel like I just bought something DIRT CHEAP from ebay from somewhere in China where they are probably laughing at you thinking "how could they beleive it is actual leather !"

My recommendation? AVOID this product! And maybe avoid the BRAND altogether, I know I will
i got the Briefolio and it also smelled, for like a day, its the glue that they use that smells, it goes away if you air it out. the leather they use is real!
Cool concept! Unfortunately a tad too big, looks about the size of a passport. With slim wallets trending, it'll be hard to sell.
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Nice! I use my Note 8 for notes so for me it's better to keep my wallet slim.
redundancy.... you might have a point there. The only real advantage the shirt pocket has over the wallet is that yiou don't have to keep it open to write. I could see myself using it for (very fancy) grocery shopping
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