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Taking a look at the Levenger website, it looks like there's still a sale on a couple of the colors of the L-Tech 3.0 for around $30. However, going through the reviews shows that there seems to be a problem with the ink drying, which appears to be because of a lack of an o-ring or any type of seal on the removable end of the cap. So if you do get this pen get it from the website while they still have the deal, and perform a mod on it using Teflon tape to create a seal on the pen.
Dont get the black one it's a peice of junk, doesn't feed properly
I purchased the stealth. It looks amazing with everything all black. Hopefully a stand alone issue and not a common one.
It's not an isolated issue, the quality of the pin is sub par. The ones without the black nib work better, but the converter didn't lock in well at all and felt loose, which is simply a design flaw. The Lamy Safari out performs this pin for a fraction of the cost.
You can buy a bronze or purple pen on the Levenger website now for $39 +$6 shipping- I did and I got it a day later.
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Go to the Levenger website and actually search for "L-Tech Fountain Pen". 2nd and 3rd results are for the bronze and purple versions of the L-Tech 3.0 at 60% and 50% off, respectively.
Oh found it now! thanks
Got my pen and was super excited. Unfortunately, I might as well throw this in the trash because it leaks like no ones business. Not just around the nib but seems to seep around the feeder and onto the grip which is super annoying and prevents me from using it as an everyday item. Besides wasting LOTS of ink, it's kind of a pain to walk around with paper towels cleaning up every time you want to use it. I hope the manufacturer cares enough to fix this issue.
UPDATE: Contacted Levenger support and they were very understanding of the issue! Took care of me within a few days and haven't had the issue since.
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Well the problem was ink seeping onto the finger grip area. Perhaps due to a type of capillary action due to the fine texture of the grip. I don't know for sure what the cause was. I notice what appeared to be a hairline crack in the feeder itself, though this could have been a seem from a manufacturing process. So maybe it was the seal where the feeder and nib meet the grip.
No matter how the pen was handled, this happened. Example: cleaned the pen, relieved pressure in the converter so nothing was being "pushed" out, laid the pen horizontally on my desk for a few minutes, picked it up and found ink on the grip again.
Believe me, it sounds odd, but it happened time and time again.
But in the end, Levenger took care of it and I'm happy. Been using the pen exactly as I was before and have had no issues whatsoever.
The expected ship date was yesterday. I received an email on 11/7 that the shipping label has been created, and then nothing. There have been no announcements her either. What’s going on?
Third fucking time in a row. FOUR hours after the launch email and I can't select my preferred option of Stealth/broad. Either don't bother or set the launch to allow for people who fon't live in your fucking time zone.
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Perhaps you should read the drop description first :)
Having now tried the pen with many inks, I found this pen to have a rather thick ink spread for a fine nib. Ordered an Edison #5 nib online in Extra fine. It worked very nicely, except I found the Edison nib to be rather 'stiff' and a bit unresponsive as well as not having the same nice flow that the original Levenger nib had. I guess I will have to learn to live with a thicker size on my letters. For simply writing and taking quick notes it is really nice, but for something I have to go back and read several times, I prefer my Waterman for now.
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Where do I send them?
Well, I actually bought this pen last year. I had similar problems that others have mentioned on this forum, wouldn't start, would start but skipped, etc. Tried all the suggestions on here and other fountain pen websites with no results. Finally threw it in the back of the drawer. Recently I decided to give it another try and bought a TWSBI 580 nib, as others on this forum have done. ($21.50 on jetpens.com) Worked like a charm ! It is a drop-in replacement and wrote immediately. Hated to have to spend a few more bucks, but at least now it works.
Thanks to the others on here for the suggestion!
No such luck for us outside USA. Had to order a Edison tip after reading on some forums that it should work and also have an Extra Fine nib. The transport is double the value almost from most shops to Europe and in Europe, I have a hard time finding any shops online selling nibs :(
My LTech had serious issues with x-feather but heart of darkness worked fantastic. No clue why but some pen/ink/nib combinations just don't seem to want to work. See above for a nib/feed that I got that works really well for me.
I have to say that this pen is really nice, feels well-balanced in your hand, writes really nice and it is a quality thing for sure. However, I find the nib to be rather broad for a fine nib size. My biggest so far and makes my Parker with ef looks like a spider-thread in comparison. This writes with a thick flow of ink and I doubt I will actually use it much since I have to write almost 50% bigger than my ordinary style for it to not clog up my letters. Sad since I really like the pen otherwise. This ones fine nib is wider than the Italix pen that was on Massdrop previous to this one.
I got this on the last drop and wanted to provide some of my thoughts. The only other fountain pen I've put some serious mileage in is a Lamy Al-Star so most of my frame of reference is going to be in comparison to that. The two main reason I wanted to get the L-Tech was the screw-on cap (ruined a good pair of shorts when the cap to the Lamy came off in my pocket) and the stylus adapter. Screw-on cap works as you would expect. There are multiple thread openings around the circumference so not a lot of twisting is required to get it on. The stylus works OK, but don't expect to use it for any precision work. This pen is fairly heavy. You will notice the weight if you're carrying it around in your pocket. The big complaints come with how it writes. It often takes a while to get started. There were a couple times where I just gave up trying to get it going and used something else. When it is going and if you're not holding it almost vertically it will frequently stop flowing briefly while writing, requiring you to go back and patch in little gaps in the lines. On the rare occasion it's flowing really well, it makes a mess. There are little micro-droplets of ink that splatter on the page which smear. Afterwards it looked like someone took some grey chalk and smeared it across the page. This is with Noodler X-Feather on Rhodia paper. I never had this problem with the Lamy using the same combination. In comparison the Lamy at less than half the lowest price for this drop, writes consistently, cleanly and almost never requires any effort to get it started. I just wish it wasn't like carrying an ink grenade in my pocket. I forgot to mention this is with a fine Nib on both.
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Thanks for the tip. I'll get my hands on some different ink and give it a try.
I have about 4 of the Levenger L-Tech 3.0s in lots of colors, and here's my insights... it takes a Herculean effort to get the converter to seat on the nib housing ( I found this out after many initial "hard starts, and finally calling the pen guy at Levenger). Once that happened, and there was an almost imperceivable "click," they all worked fine. They are some of my favorite pens. And after wetting the nib a touch after a week of no use, it writes and writes and writes. My 2 cents. YMMV
I really wanted the black broad but not available :(
2nd time in a row. 4 hours into listing and what I want is sold out. What's the fucking point?
How much does this typically drop for?
Any ink recommendations for this pen?
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I used Noodlers black [not very innovative color choice, but for notes and such gets the job done] with a Fine L-tech went through ink faster then my Faber-Castell loom M and my Itallix Pearson's Essential M. So maybe it was just my nib, but I changed it out for a Faber-Castell F (from their model Basic) and now it goes through ink at what I consider a normal rate, with out dumping out ink.
Noodler Bay State Blue works well in my pen. F/nib stealth.
No stealth broad this time?
Got this pen yesterday. I like it's balance. I inserted converter into it. and did the test writes.The writing feels smooth. Then it leaks inks on my finger just a few words I wrote. After careful examination, the nibs plastic has crack as photo. Can you send me the replacement part or I need to return the whole box for replacement?


Tony, thanks for the reply. Full refund isn't what I expect for replacement. But It will save lots time and money cost for a replacement since I live in Taiwan. After receiving refund, I might order another one.
Best Regards
^ hours after the drop starts and already the preferred option of Stealth/broad is sold out? Fuck you.
Some comments on Amazon says the back of the barrel where the cap posts is plastic? Is that correct ? Once confirmed negative I am ordering one. Please reply. Thanks.
It certainly *feels* like metal to me, and has the exact same finish as the clip and the standard tip of the cap (which could be replaced with one of the stylus tips).
Holding that against my skin -- for the pen I have (purchased directly from Levenger in bronze, not a color apparently available in this drop), it's quite certainly metal; the material conducts temperature in a way no plastic I've encountered does.
Thanks Charles for the detailed response...I especially liked the thermal conductivity test proof and wouldn't have imagined that one would go to that extent...but fully and truly appreciated...Thanks again...
I dunno about this one I found this pen on amazon with bronze or olive finish for cheaper and with prime. Only can get it in a medium nib though. These must be unpopular color options though because the other colors for the pen go up to the MSRP. So it looks like you might be able to get a good deal a on specific color and nib, but if you want bronze finish with a medium nib I would recommend amazon: http://amzn.to/2ruOIXt
I'm only a casual pen-person (not a casual-pen person!) and am just chiming in here with a couple things that surprised me about this pen...
1. Finish looks surprisingly good in person! (I got stealth black) 2. I am having the same issues with the pen needing a moment to get started again after even sometimes a brief pause. I have not used the piston converter yet, because I have no ink to fill it with (that's how casual of a pen-person I am!), so this experience is purely based on the supplied cartridge. 3. The fine nib is gigantic! This makes me long for my cheapo Lamy Safari extra fine. I will definitely be looking at a drop-in replacement nib that is more precise. Very happy to find some recommendations in the comments here! 4. While looking at photos of this pen, it was somehow lost on me how large it is - diameter wise. I was expecting and wishing for a thinner, more elegant barrel (I've got girl hands). I wish this info had been listed in the specs along with the length of the pen. Maybe it wouldn't have changed my mind about opting in on the drop, but at least I would have known what I was getting into.
Thanks to all the other posters here, from whom I am picking up lots of great pen-knowledge!
ThePenAddict's review says that the twsbi 580 nibs fit, but you'd have to check on that
I've been using mine for about a week now. I ordered the Stealth with medium tip, but ordered a bold tip separately from Levenger. I'm using the bold tip with J. Herbin Anniversary ink (Caroub and Grey so far, both with gold flecks), and it does an admirable job of laying down enough ink to get nice shading and to get some definition in the gold fleck deposits.
I think the weight strikes a perfect balance between a quality feel and a usable weight. I prefer writing without the cap posted, however, it throws off the balance. The pen is a little more sensitive to angle than I prefer, but give it what it wants and it writes like a champ. The cap threads are a marvel, and construction throughout is top notch. I suspect this pen will see a lot of use.
Mine arrived yesterday in the UK. I am very impressed with what arrived. I ordered the Stealth version and it looks good. It is quite a heavy pen, especially when posted but nothing untoward.
I filled it with Mont Blanc Permanent Grey and the pen runs smoothly: I have not had the issues others have reported with ink flow. It is not a fire hose but does write quite wet.
The nib is a “Fine” but writes more like a medium in my opinion. It has a wee bit of flex that I like: it is certainly not a nail and displays a nice bit of line variation with modest pressure. It is early days but so far, so good. I am glad I joined the drop.
I just got mine. This is easily the highest QA I've seen on a new pen. I have other Levenger pens with minor problems, including one where I had to replace the nib immediately; so it's possible I lucked out. But man is this pen ever nice out of the box. Writes wet, starts perfectly, ...
... but what impresses me the most is the cap. It screws on feeling like there's a spring/cam system giving it increasing resistance until it's closed and you know you're done. How did they do that? There's no plastic in there, which is what I expected to find. It seems to have something to do with little curvy gaps in the threading. Mysterious.
Flagged this one. Should be updated soon.
Thanks Alex.
Thank you.
The same inaccurate picture of the royal blue pen from the last drop got used again. The actual royal blue pen is much darker than the picture, and has silver ends and clip. There's an actual picture posted below.
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Interestingly, all the colors on the Massdrop page have black clips/finials ... yet they are all actually chrome, not black (except the stealth model). It does say this in the Massdrop description; it's just their photos that are incorrect.
Thanks for flagging, this has been corrected.
Got my "stealth" pen yesterday and first impressions are that it is an awesome looking pen, really well made and in a fabulous case. However - I'm not won over by the writing experience yet, primarily because it takes so long to get the pen started, even after just an hour or two. I'm using a Diamine black ink which suits every other pen I own. And once the Levenger is started, the ink flows nicely and it writes smoothly - even for a left-hander like me. But if it's always going to be a pain to get going, it's unlikely to be a "daily" pen.
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Hi - I've been using the converter exclusively from day one. I'm using Diamine bottled ink, which I have no issues with in over 15 other pens. I will persevere with this pen as I think it looks great - but all is definitely not as it should be.
Same here... anything more than 30 seconds and it doesn't write straightaway. I can't even copy text from my computer screen without it getting stopped up.
I just got my royal blue pen. It has silver colored ends and clip. It doesn't look like the picture in the drop.
I have the same thing. I love how this pen writes, but it's a shame that the pen I got is sooo much darker and the ends are silver and not black :(
So...what color did you order?
Does anyone know if the Royal Blue pen actually comes with a black or silver clip and caps? On here it looks like it it a blue and a black pen, but anywhere else I can find it, it is blue and silver... I like the look of the blue and black one better.
It's blue and silver.
I really don't love my pen. The threads on the cap are poorly designed and slip constantly, making the cap pop off in my purse and misaligning the flats, which looks unsightly. I called Levenger about it and they were not willing to do anything about it. Bummer because I've bought lots of Levenger stuff in the past, but won't in the future.