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Levenger L-Tech 3.0 Fountain Pen

Levenger L-Tech 3.0 Fountain Pen

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Dont get the black one it's a peice of junk, doesn't feed properly
I purchased the stealth. It looks amazing with everything all black. Hopefully a stand alone issue and not a common one.
It's not an isolated issue, the quality of the pin is sub par. The ones without the black nib work better, but the converter didn't lock in well at all and felt loose, which is simply a design flaw. The Lamy Safari out performs this pin for a fraction of the cost.
You can buy a bronze or purple pen on the Levenger website now for $39 +$6 shipping- I did and I got it a day later.
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Go to the Levenger website and actually search for "L-Tech Fountain Pen". 2nd and 3rd results are for the bronze and purple versions of the L-Tech 3.0 at 60% and 50% off, respectively.
Oh found it now! thanks
Got my pen and was super excited. Unfortunately, I might as well throw this in the trash because it leaks like no ones business. Not just around the nib but seems to seep around the feeder and onto the grip which is super annoying and prevents me from using it as an everyday item. Besides wasting LOTS of ink, it's kind of a pain to walk around with paper towels cleaning up every time you want to use it. I hope the manufacturer cares enough to fix this issue.

UPDATE: Contacted Levenger support and they were very understanding of the issue! Took care of me within a few days and haven't had the issue since.
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Well the problem was ink seeping onto the finger grip area. Perhaps due to a type of capillary action due to the fine texture of the grip. I don't know for sure what the cause was. I notice what appeared to be a hairline crack in the feeder itself, though this could have been a seem from a manufacturing process. So maybe it was the seal where the feeder and nib meet the grip.

No matter how the pen was handled, this happened. Example: cleaned the pen, relieved pressure in the converter so nothing was being "pushed" out, laid the pen horizontally on my desk for a few minutes, picked it up and found ink on the grip again.

Believe me, it sounds odd, but it happened time and time again.

But in the end, Levenger took care of it and I'm happy. Been using the pen exactly as I was before and have had no issues whatsoever.
The expected ship date was yesterday. I received an email on 11/7 that the shipping label has been created, and then nothing. There have been no announcements her either. What’s going on?
Third fucking time in a row. FOUR hours after the launch email and I can't select my preferred option of Stealth/broad.
Either don't bother or set the launch to allow for people who fon't live in your fucking time zone.
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Perhaps you should read the drop description first :)
Having now tried the pen with many inks, I found this pen to have a rather thick ink spread for a fine nib. Ordered an Edison #5 nib online in Extra fine. It worked very nicely, except I found the Edison nib to be rather 'stiff' and a bit unresponsive as well as not having the same nice flow that the original Levenger nib had. I guess I will have to learn to live with a thicker size on my letters. For simply writing and taking quick notes it is really nice, but for something I have to go back and read several times, I prefer my Waterman for now.
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Where do I send them?
Well, I actually bought this pen last year. I had similar problems that others have mentioned on this forum, wouldn't start, would start but skipped, etc. Tried all the suggestions on here and other fountain pen websites with no results. Finally threw it in the back of the drawer.
Recently I decided to give it another try and bought a TWSBI 580 nib, as others on this forum have done. ($21.50 on jetpens.com) Worked like a charm ! It is a drop-in replacement and wrote immediately. Hated to have to spend a few more bucks, but at least now it works.

Thanks to the others on here for the suggestion!
No such luck for us outside USA. Had to order a Edison tip after reading on some forums that it should work and also have an Extra Fine nib. The transport is double the value almost from most shops to Europe and in Europe, I have a hard time finding any shops online selling nibs :(
My LTech had serious issues with x-feather but heart of darkness worked fantastic. No clue why but some pen/ink/nib combinations just don't seem to want to work. See above for a nib/feed that I got that works really well for me.
I have to say that this pen is really nice, feels well-balanced in your hand, writes really nice and it is a quality thing for sure. However, I find the nib to be rather broad for a fine nib size. My biggest so far and makes my Parker with ef looks like a spider-thread in comparison. This writes with a thick flow of ink and I doubt I will actually use it much since I have to write almost 50% bigger than my ordinary style for it to not clog up my letters. Sad since I really like the pen otherwise. This ones fine nib is wider than the Italix pen that was on Massdrop previous to this one.