LG 29" Curved UltraWide Freesync Monitor 29UC88-Bsearch

LG 29" Curved UltraWide Freesync Monitor 29UC88-B

LG 29" Curved UltraWide Freesync Monitor 29UC88-B


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I'm fairly new to Massdrop. I joined the drop and I'm the fourth out of five needed. If another person doesn't join within the time limit is the drop extended or is is cancelled?
Phew. That's clean!
This same model is selling on amazon for the same price but you have to pay for shipping. Just in case anyone was wondering
Care to share where exactly? I can find only for EUR 439,56 or more.
Price went up a little bit. It fluctua so just keep an eye on it.
LG 29UC88-B 29" UltraWide Full HD IPS Curved Monitor with Free Sync 2560 x 1080 - Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DMPK6DU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_HVEyAbA8T7AQJ
can ship to Australia
Damn, no love for Hawaii :(
Seriously? Can ship to Australia, but not Hawaii?!
I have the non-curved version of this moniter and highly recommend it, especially at this price
This coming back or nah?
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this is only freesync, what do you mean "freesync" model

also this one is curved and the one you found likely isn't, i thought the same at first
There are models with no freesync I think. Anyway, I bought the ebay one and it’s definitely curved. Saved $50.
Why it's not available in canada? It's just a bit up to the north... you know?
I have this monitor. I will say it has stunning visuals and the wide-screen aspect is nice. If you are looking for a curved monitor, this one may not be for you. The curve is very subtle and you will often forget it is there. Really nice tough, and the speakers are better than you'd think.
hey, if you want this, i will sell mine, on a discount... :(
Im in chicago so if you are around is should be super easy
i just unpacked it and used it for 3 days, it is too small for me, (i need more vertical space, widthwise it is awesome) i guess im going to dish out lots more for he 32+ version :(
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Still up for sale?
no, long gone :)
I have a MSI 1050 Would Nvidia GPUs use Freesync or Gsync?
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They are nvidia, they would use g-sync.
gsync but not sure if you all that is worth it. if you are gaming, most games if not all now support setting the Hz of the game framerate, so in a 1050 you can easily match any frame rate of the monitor.
I have frame rate matched and no v-sync on and it rocks. I think the difference is only in extreme heavy load when the gsync can fetch forward the rates.
I could be wrong, I stopped caring once I matched the frequencies.