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LG 27" 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor 27UD58-B

LG 27" 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor 27UD58-B

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Specs: Contrast ratio: Mega lol
I have one of these monitors. It is being driven by a RX580 4gb card. It will run a max resolution of 5120 x 2880. It recommends running at 3840 x 2160. On either setting if you leave scaling at 100% you will need a magnifying glass to read anything. It runs Netflix 4k just fine. It unfortunately won't run 4K games without blacking the screen every so many seconds. If running at 2160 it can run ok. I had 2 HD7970's running in crossfire and could run World of tanks at 4K with about 30 FPS. It runs 2160 at about 80-90 fps and running it at 1080p was running at 115. With the single Radeon it runs about 100 Fps at 1080p. I found a Pantone Huey device at a thrift store for $10. It does make a difference after calibrating it. You can try to use the Radeon calibration but it is not as good as the Huey device. All in all I would consider getting a second one as my secondary monitor is 1080P max and it gets wonky trying to run 2 different resolutions. I jsut don't have the desk space to fit 2 side by side.
only 60hz refresh rate ??
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Find a 4k monitor anywhere near this price that has a higher refresh rate.
All 4k monitors have 60hz expect for the new asus that has to come out soon and will cost like 1000 dollars
Of course a 27" 4k ips monitor goes on here the week after I buy a 27" 1080p ips monitor from amazon, for the same price 😑
Return it and get this one. Amazon will give you a return label. :)
good idea but that's so much hassle for where I live
Yanybody know if they ship to cana da?
i ordered 300$ speaker and they shipped to me, u just have to pay fee to the courier. I had to pay 35$ to pickup 350$ worth of electronic.
Seriously? You can buy the 2017 model (27UD68P) on Amazon for $70 more and have it in two days. Plus the bezel is much nicer.
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It wasn’t at the time of my post. Prices do change daily on there..
Amazon has AI pricing bots that will price something based on who is viewing, stock, etc.
I have a mid 2015 macbook that has Thunderbolt 2. In order to get 60hz, you have to use the display port connection and you need a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable. HDMI connection on this mac will only get you 30hz. I ordered this cable from Amazon and it works: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N5RY8D7 and it works.
Weirdly, you can't actually see the refresh rate in System Preference monitors for this monitor when using display port (it did display as 30hz when using HDMI. This is all it shows with display port connection:

To see that I got refresh rate I installed the cscreen terminal app. If you use homebrew, you can install it with 'brew cask install cscreen'. It outputs like this:
DisplayID Index Depth Width Height Refresh 1a49e846 1 32 1920 1080 60
From that I could tell I got the 60hz refresh rate.
Edit: You can also use this one for Thunderbolt 2 to HDMI 2.0 and get 60hz (it's better if you want HDMI Deep Color): https://www.amazon.com/Plugable-DisplayPort-Supports-displays-3840x2160/dp/B00S0BWR2K
Edit: You may also need the SwitchResX app if your mac still won't apply the 60hz resolution
Why only to the US, I'd like to be able to get this?
4k monitor sounds good on paper, but monitors with 4k + HDR are where you're really going to see jaw dropping graphics. If you want something amazing, right now you can get an OLED 4k + HDR television with quantum dot on samsung, and they even offer in house financing on their website.
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This has Ultra HD Deep Color in the settings. Enabling it gave me 10-bit colors. Is that not what HDR is?
Edit: duh, I must have been tired when I wrote this. HDR is the metadata, 10-bit is just the pre-requisite for that to be able to look good
QLED is Samsung's proprietary label for their Quantum dot technology. Samsung made a bet on LED over OLED years ago, and they missed out on that 'train'. As a response to OLED's dominance of the high-end market they created QLED as a competing technology that corrects all of OLED's flaws while offering some significant improvements.
Most notable, the pixels last longer and burn at the same rate (OLED blue pixels burn faster) and QLED is much brighter than OLED can be currently while still offering nearly the same black levels.
Alright, can anyone verify if the PS4 Pro runs "4k" on this? I have had gnarly luck since black friday with monitors... HDCP 2.2?
I doubt it. There's only a few 4k monitors that are HDCP 2.2, they are much more expensive too.
I know your comment was 19 weeks ago however this is for the current drop:
This monitor does not work with the PS4 Pro for 4K; it is still usable at 1080p though. ( Unfortunately returning one that I had bought from Microcenter tonight... :/ )
Keywords: Playstation 4 PS4 Pro PS
One further comment, and I want to state this separately because it can be a legitimate concern for some...there are two versions of this monitor, 27UD58-B and 27UD58P-B. As luck would have it, I actually have one of each. The P version has a seriously sturdy (if a little large) stand that can adjust vertically and side to side. The 58-B has one of those boomerang stands that connects to the very bottom of the monitor, which seems to make shaking and other issues more severe.
*Given the choice, if I was stuck with the stand it came with, I would choose the 58P-B every single time*
On the other hand, if you plan on getting a spring arm mount, this is the panel you want. The 58p-B actually has a recess in the VESA square (where the study stand conveniently clips in place). Unfortunately, this means that the screws on most mounts will not be long enough, and that you will also need small plastic spacers to make it work.
********************************************************* I also want to talk about a defect I had with one panel. It has REALLY REALLY bad image retention. I would literally leave google running for 10 minutes with the dark theme (black background, white google). I would then change inputs, and the google logo would be "burned" into the screen for like 30+ minutes. I realize that the real term for this is image retention, but it was SO severe that I feel it warrants the deeper connotation associated with the phrase burn-in.
That's how I ended up with one of each model...IT bought me a replacement, but got me one of these instead of another 58P-B.
Also, the power button on the bottom also serves as a 4-direction movement analog stick selector thingy..this means it sticks out a bit. Be extra careful not to bang it on its way out the box...you can't even stand the monitor on the table face up without the stand because of the button, so watch it!
********************************************************* I'm sure Massdrop would be happy to replace any defective panels, and I am sure that was a relative rarity, but I felt I should share it all the same.
Final thoughts: Get this model, throw away the stand. stick it on a VESA mount and then be very very happy. If you're not going to do that though, and you have the desk space, definitely get the 58P-B instead.
I got a promotion at work, and after some persuading to the IT engineer, I was able to talk them into getting me an IPS panel. *my eeyyyyess hurt, I can't see the monitor from the sides, wahhhhh*. After some discussion, we settled on a pair of these babies!
I really have to say...I fucking LOVE them. Now, I wouldn't use them for really fast gaming, but they are certainly game-able, just maybe not FPS-able.
I own an LG OLED at home, which is amazing, but I attributed most of its gains to the awesome panel and OLED tech...I didn't expect this 27" to be quite as big an improvement....but oh man, was I wrong.
You remember when everybody was saying "you can't really tell a difference between 720 and 1080 at less than 42 inches anyways"? That may have been true playing 720p movie files vs 1080....but when it comes to 1080p vs 4k, the difference is absolutely staggering. I had a 1080p Acer IPS panel set up next to this and there was simply ZERO debate.
If you want to know just how awesome this monitor is, I gave up 3x1080p at 60Hz; I am now running 2x4k at 30Hz....and yes, 30Hz sucks, but for desktop stuff it's doable, and I can always disable one of them if I'm watching/playing something. It's because we have laptops instead of desktops now...but I digress. The point is, I gave up an entire extra monitor and halved my refresh rate, simply because two of these were THAT badass. The fact that they're only $300 only cements it further.
I have a feeling that, at this size, there isn't a massive qualiy difference between the "lower end" of 4k monitors, and that you're pretty much getting the same thing. In contrast with the past, where I always said colors and contrast trumped pixel count....you are adding SO many damn pixels with 4k that it ends up winning in both areas, hands down.
You've obviously never put an LG next to a Samsung or high end Dell. Sorry man if I'm gonna get a panel for work it's gonna be perfect color etc. Even if I have to sacrifice 4k to 16x10. LG has the worst color I've ever seen in my life.
Samsung 245T is a proper display bud... just saying.
Oh, I know....but I'm not going to be convincing them to get me an Ultrasharp anytime soon. I am in the InfoSec and Networking sectors, so I'm not doing any graphic design or anything like that. In fact, a lot of my day is spent in a monochrome environment haha, so a good monitor is really just a bonus for my desktop background and the rare movie I watch when I work. It's a really hard sell just to get something that isn't a cloudy splotchy TN panel.
I take my wins where I can get them! Also, I think it's a little unfair to bring up monitors 3x the price and in a wholly different category when talking about this.
I run a c7 at home and used to have a friend with the Dell U2401P, so I do know what good color looks like. My point is that with the 10-bit color and four times the resolution, so many new details and intricacies pop out.
Given the choice? I still say accurate color is extremely important...but after seeing 4k, it's not the *only* consideration. It sort of levels the playing field a bit between older items like the u2401, since there's so much added detail.
I do agree with you...I agree so much though that I feel like there's simply no way to fairly compare those panels. Also, can you imagine the business justification on 2 $900 monitors? It was a hard sell just to get them to put me on IPS.
Is this HDCP 2.2 compatible? If not you can't stream 4k through netflix, amazon and playstation..
amazon same price ship imediately
Amazon has it for $350.
Camelizer and you will see it constantly drops under $300
This shouldn't be advertised as a gaming monitor. 60hz 1ms GTG would be more like it even to start. 120hz min for a gaming monitor these days.
Listen, if the monitor can't do at least 120hz, preferably 144hz then it shouldn't be considered a gaming monitor. This will be a bad monitor for FPS games.
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Last I checked, there is no such thing as a 4K 120Hz monitor (due to bandwidth and panel limitations), but yet people still game at 4K successfully. Don't bash a product for it not being something that doesn't even exist yet. I mean do you even have the graphics horsepower to drive a 4K panel at 120-144 Hz? Let me answer that for you: no. It takes a 1080ti to get 60Hz at 4K for most AAA titles, not to mention that SLI doesn't scale 1:1 especially since Nvidia is pretty much ditching SLI nowdays, so the best that you could even hope for with modern hardware would be around 100 Hz.
I’m not bashing the product, I'm simply stating that it is a poor monitor choice for FPS games, which isn’t obvious when there is an FPS game on the first image of the monitor and the specs tout its FPS features. 60hz is utter shit for FPS.
call me when it gets 120hz and 1ms ;)
At 4k resolution....?! With an IPS panel...!? Are you also waiting for when you can save money by buying GSYNC... What are you talking about?
Adaptive sync alone has made me consider buying an AMD GPU, I still have a GTX 1080 so I probably won't be upgrading any time soon. Sigh, the wait for the QHD/UHD G-sync IPS monitor continues. (Viewsonic XG2703-GS pls)
Yep, working with Viewsonic now on some deals for the end of January or February.
would these work good for the new Xbox One X (project Scorpio)? i noticed it does support HDMI 2.0
You'd likely be better served with a decent 4k TV instead since that doesn't support HDR. TCL P607 P Series is the best option in terms of entry level sets this year.
What does "Mega" contrast ratio mean? 1 million to one? Sounds like some annoying marketing crap to not just tell us the number.
It's a complete marketing BS number based on dynamic contrast ratio, e.g., when the backlight is being manipulated during the measurements. The ratio here is [minimum backlight black]:[maximum backlight white]. Not actual contrast in real use, which would be at a fixed backlight level.
This is only really a useful statistic in the highest-end monitors which have a grid of LED backlights, so they can control the local contrast - not just the overall contrast. Otherwise it just helps the screen look darker when it's fully black, and otherwise is at best mostly useless (at worst actively distracting). You almost always can and IMHO should turn dynamic contrast off.
However, this doesn't mean the monitor is questionable. It means the marketing department got hold of the stats. Essentially all quality 4k IPS panels have real, calibrated contrast ratios in the 900-1000:1 range and variation within the same panel line matter about as much as variation between panel models. Top professional VA panels can reach the 4,000:1 range. With current tech, if the number quoted is greater than these ranges, it's a dynamic measurement.
tl;dr: if it's a quality IPS panel, the contrast should be fine. Ignore whatever they decide to write there, and remember to turn off dynamic contrast.
Yeah I've seen this monitor on newegg and amazon advertised with both "mega" contrast ratio and 1000:1. I was just wondering if anyone knows the actual number for the dynamic contrast ratio out of curiosity.
Looks like $299 at Fry's, not sure if identical model.
$329 on a newegg flash that has been active for 3 days.
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Its a good monitor for the money you are correct. Im looking forward to the Asus line of AU Optronics 4K 144Hz IPS panels. Tired of the same 60Hz offerings, hence the fart. But for 310 smackers why not. Its $339 on amazon so I guess people can save a few bucks.
AU Optronics are infamous for making very crappy panels.
how do i get the monitor speakers to work? my old monitors worked with the display cable. so i didn't need another cord. does this monitor not work the same way?
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The 24 inch was all the room I had for a monitor. If I had room for the 27 inch that's exactly what I would have gotten. I'm just using it on a hand-built PC with an GTX 1060 video card. Mostly using it for video editing and stuff.
Is the color accuracy good enough for that?
Gotta say I'm disappointed.
I bought the same monitor from newegg a few months ago and I liked it, so I bought the second one here in MD.
When it arrived and I put them side by side... oh well...

The left one is from MD the right one is from newegg. It's very clearly that the left one is visibly yellowish, even from a picture taken from a smartphone.
(Both monitors are showing the same white webpage and driven by the same graphic card and are reset to default settings)
I don't know if I'm the only one or if LG is shipping slightly different models to MD, but either way I'm not happy.
If anyone has the same issue or has any idea how to fix this, I'd be much appreciated!
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have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in? lmao
Begin troubleshooting by switching only the monitors leaving the cables. If the yellow stays with the monitor....it’s the monitor. If it stays on the left...it’s anything else.
Start with that and report back. Lol
I have been using it for a while now. I would say it is actually pretty good monitor the price you paying for.
Since I have a GTX 1080Ti, would Freesync do anything for me? I really want to get a 4K monitor, especially if they have a high refresh rate, but ones like this with proprietary technology aren't appealing to me... Even though I have an Nvidia card now, I'm not necessarily going to in 5-10 years.
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Ginger, by the way FreeSync isn't the proprietary technology, nVidia just refuses to support it.
FreeSync is the open technology, Gsync is the nVidia ONLY option that is the "proprietary technology"
FreeSync is such that if nVidia wanted to support it, they could with a driver update.
No, nvidia currently does not support Freesync. They may never support it. Also note that this monitor does not have a high refresh rate (60Hz).
The open version of Freesync is called ActiveSync by the VESA standards organization. Maybe someday nVidia will support ActiveSync but I wouldn't hold out any hope of that happening.
Couple things to note:
if you dont have a display port, this only runs in 1080p, or 4K at 24hz....which if you don't know is really, really bad.
the color accuracy is horrendous
that said, it's an okay 4K monitor
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You're right, I hadn't even noticed that the included HDMI wasn't 2.0, but still that's something to note, you'll need to either have one on hand or buy one alongside this monitor if you don't have display port and want to run at 60hz.
I'm using the included HDMI cable and it is 2.0. But I bought mine from newegg a while back. Ordered another one on MD and we'll see.
Got my today, earlier than I expected. Thanks!!!
Same! 2 days early ^_^
That's silly - I just paid $319.99 for this. Do they not refund you the $10 to match the cheaper one they're selling now?
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Which is why, unless you REALLY want it, you should always commit at the lowest price
Doesn't always work, let's say you commit to the lowest price and it's achieved but someone backs out, and price goes up to the previous level, and you end up paying that if you are not watching it. It is because your commit turns into the full buy when the lowest price achieved but does not revert if the lowest price is lost in this scenario.