LG 29UM59A-P 29-Inch IPS WFHD Ultrawide Monitorsearch

LG 29UM59A-P 29-Inch IPS WFHD Ultrawide Monitor

LG 29UM59A-P 29-Inch IPS WFHD Ultrawide Monitor

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The newer model with better i/o and features is only $180 at Frys. This is a bad deal.
Is this monitor very good for normal stuff like programming and watching movies?
Yeah it's 21:9 ultrawide, it's gonna have a lot more screenspace than a 16:9 monitor. And for movies, you'd want the movie to be in 21:9 format, which is the aspect ratio used in theatres.
old unimpressive monitor only reason to buy would be if it was cheap. I wouldn't call this drop cheap.
This was on buydig months ago for $165 free shipping at that time I thought it was kind of worth it.
A GSYNC monitor on massdrop yes!

29" wide... Only 1080p.. Only 75hz..

..oh :(
The monitor isn't even G-SYNC it's free sync 😂
Can you ship to uk
I just purchased two of these monitors and the computer desk that has a drop going on right now - the "Sit / Stand desk".

Really looking forward to having the ability to have different programs running in different areas of the monitors. This is going to be so fantastic, I can hardly stand it!

They have arrived. I have them hooked up to the fastest desktop I own. Waiting for the Sit / Stand desk... this is SO cool!!

I own a super similar model, I game with it, important you download Flawless Widescreen to support games which are not natively 21:9 or have proper support. Running with a 1070Ti everything looks beautiful in it. Very affordable and great option. Looks better than most monitors in terms of eye candy. Day to day tasks are also great. Highly recommend this at normal price and especially when its up for just $200 bucks.
No overseas shipping? :<
You don't want it anyway. bad deal.
Sosad that this doesn't ship to Australia lolz
So close. I have the 29UM68. Would've snatched up another one in a heartbeat.
I've been using this screen for a couple years now, haven't had any problems with it, love the ultrawide ratio, it matches the 21:9 of a lot of movies so there's no black bars, pretty cool.

Pretty slim bezel too. I agree with another commend that the stand it comes with is rubbish and have it VESA mounted to an arm+table clamp. I'm getting a second one to double them up, good deal for 2560 x 2160 workstation!
is this windows 7 compatible
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Ohhhh yassssssss
I sent you a PM on Facebook to make sure you got taken care of...
Great deal for the average user. Not so much for gamers or anybody else who need fast response times, etc.
This is an amazing Deal ! But unfortunately I live in Bangladesh :(