LG 34" Curved Ultrawide FreeSync Monitor 34UC88-Bsearch

LG 34" Curved Ultrawide FreeSync Monitor 34UC88-B

LG 34" Curved Ultrawide FreeSync Monitor 34UC88-B

Where's the price?
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Can this be hooked up to a Macbook Pro (2018) using Thunderbolt 3?
Doesn't look like there's a USB-C port on these. You might want to look at the 34CB99-W
Thanks... will check it out
The more i look at stuff on this site the more i realize you barely save anything. As Pater said, $25-$30 more on Amazon. Post something that is going to save me $50 minimum otherwise waste of time. I have yet to see a good deal on this site.
For myself the situation is even worse, as I would have to pay $60usd for shipping on this monitor. One good example was the MSI ultrawide mass drop which was $499 usd + 60 usd shipping (total $730cdn). Did not ship till oct 1st. I was able to get one from PC-Canada for 543cdn +tx (Total $625cdn)and free shipping and got it mid Sept to my door, so for myself the drop would have cost me $100 more and I would have had to wait 2 weeks longer. If I exclude the shipping costs it was still a worse deal
From a non amazon certified seller, meaning no return policy.
In my experience with Mass drop, their return policy was second to none.
Can be delivered to Israel??
Can you please provide the estimated duty and shipping cost to Philippines
Is shipping to India available?
Does anyone know if this will be coming back? I'm absolutely loving this monitor and I could use another one :)
Yep, its back!
Does anyone know what the expected delivery date is?.. Just wondering, ordering stuff from Amazon has me spoiled..
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I received mine yesterday 6-8-18.
It said mine was going to be delivered today, but now FedEx shows no delivery date... I hope I still get it today, it said it was 60 miles away at 5:58pm.. Not sure If it’s still coming.. đŸ˜©
After checking out LG’s Support/Download area for this monitor, I noticed that the white version of this display, the 34UC98-W has a few extra downloads. Is the black version(34UC88-B) different in this aspect? I thought lack of Thunderbolt ports was the only difference besides the color of course.
Just wanted to add, I tried installing the “On Screen Control” app for Mac OS off the LG Support site but the installer said OS 10.9 was incompatible. So I then tried the OSC Mac installer on the LG CD included with the display. It worked! It must be an older version of the app considering this display was originally released a few years ago.
Does this ship to Tasmania, Australia?
Shame that it doesn't ship to EU... MASSDROP
I'd like me a second one
Like @Geoff.Lucas said, every now and them i notice a bit of image retention, but other than that I'm super happy with this monitor for 2 years now. It's gorgeous, the image is sharp but doesn't require aggresive scaling of the UI in windows, it's height adjustable. It incredibly boosted my productivity for studying and projects - being able to open the book, the presentation and my notes all side by side is great. The one thing this monitor doesn't have is a Type C input - that's on the 34UC99, a newer model. Just something to keep in mind.
For this amount of money it's a no brainer. Enjoy
Just mentioning that I've had this monitor for about a year now. I didn't get it through MD, but a local retailer.
It's a beautiful monitor and I would definitely say it's worth it, but I have had slight issues with image retention (not burn-in). I'm saying retention vs. burn in as it occurs on pages that have been closed when they've only been up a few seconds.
75Hz $529 :( If only it were at least 100Hz
And US only shipping bleh
Yeah but also 3440x1440p. The panel is slightly dated but still excellent.
Agree with the shipping though.
I'll take a 75hz IPS display over a 100hz VA one ANY day. The ghosting in VA panels is unbearable.
dang, i thought this was for the three pictured and got SO excited. :(
Can anyone suggest where I can find a VESA mounting plate? I purchsed the Ergotech Freedom Arm and want to mount this monitor to it. Thanks!
This was $100 less for the previous drop. WTF?
wish MD got more g sync monitors
What kind of taxes do I have to pay to receive it ? Any Idea ? I live in Bulgaria.
Should add the freesync is shit. Atleast with R9 390 Nitro on World of Warcraft. Black ghosting or flickering while freesync and 75hz is enabled. Also the drivers needed to have AMD recognize this monitor as freesync compatible rivals Eldorado in difficulty to find.
If anyone got the freesync to work, I'm all ears btw
How does this compare to the Viotek that was up not long ago?
Would split screen 2.0 allow two different inputs? Like out of a mac one side and the pc on the other?
Yep, and each side has it own brightness control, etc.
LG also bundles software that allows a single keyboard/mouse to span across both devices.
That's pretty neat. Any other cheaper screen supports that?
Yeah, price is pretty high.
still higher the one I got from Costco last month, $599
When will this drop be active again? I really want to buy this monitor
Ugh... I keep missing these...
This is honestly one nice monitor! Can someone tell me what is the Freesync refresh rate range on this bad boy?
Ok. When "exactly" does this drop end? I'm trying to figure out if this would be a good idea for a triple monitor setup for SIM racing. Can't seem to get an opinion
This drop has 1 day left.
I seen that. Was actually wondering what time tomorrow it's gonna end. I'm probably gonna be down to the wire. Lol. Thanks for the reply
BETTER JUMP ON THIS ONE GUISE CAUSE WE NEVER, EVER SEE FREESYNC MONITORS (Luckily, nobody buys any of them fancy doohickey nvidia cards. I bet those guys would be pissed.)

ALL I SEE IS G-SYNC. PROBABLY CAUSE OF THIS POLL WINNING MASSIVE G-SYNC SUPPORT https://www.massdrop.com/vote/G-sync-or-Freesync-Monitors

_______________ In all seriousness, when will polls start reflecting product selection? (I mean for real)
I believe last drop has 3 year commercial warranty. This time it only has 1 year?
They are different model numbers. The Commercial series monitor model # is 34CB88-P.
If I join the drop right now, will it charge my card right away or not until it ships?
a dollar now, then full charge when dropped.
So Saturday... Ok, thanks