LG 34-Inch Ultrawide FreeSync Monitor 34UM60-Psearch

LG 34-Inch Ultrawide FreeSync Monitor 34UM60-P

LG 34-Inch Ultrawide FreeSync Monitor 34UM60-P

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I'm looking to upgrade my office monitor (no gaming or video editing). Just typical office tasks and web browsing/video viewing. Will this fit my needs? The Vast seems like overkill for what I need. Thanks!
Is this the height adjustable version or fixed?
fixed unfortunately, but it is VESA mountable
We want g-sync
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Oh I am under no illusions that this would happen ;-)
we want... tonotspend$1000...
I have a pair of LG34UC88-B they are great. I am concerned about the lower resolutiom of this display. It is only 2560x1080 not the aubstantially better 3440 X 1440. Calling it a gaming disolay is a bit of a misnomer. I chose the higher res version to match the pixel density of the 27” iMac i was attaching them to.
Is this monitor brand new in box or refurbished? Amazon has same monitor for $10 less, but it's been refurbished.
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Many thanks! My first time on this web site. I wasn't sure what the idea of mass drop was, now I do! Power of group buying. There's a lot to like about this particular monitor, but I may hold off for a higher refresh rate.

Thanks again for your speedy reply!
This is a great monitor to get into the world of ultrawide. great price for a great product. its minimal in specs (resolution, htz, etc.) but you get the immersion of a 34 in. ultrawide all the same. Bought this about a year ago, and now i can never go back to 16:9... its a blessing and a curse.
Wait for the vast to come back everyone
Not a fair comparison as the Massdrop Vast is $600 VS this monitor is $300.

If you have the $600 to spend sure the vast is a superior monitor.
This is a rip off, just saw the same monitor at Costco today $30 cheaper
Wouldn't that require a membership fee? I mean, I pay one to get in the store, so it's not a direct comparison.
Amazon has this listed at $299 and can get it to ya by Oct. 27-31 vs Nov. 6. and they have a way better return policy ...

It's very odd this was listed as a nice deal ... they were really underestimating people who can read. 😆 😆 😆 😆

oooooooo shiny picture of monitor 🖥 I want it!
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I'm seeing 9 in stock at $283 right now on amazon (US). https://www.amazon.com/LG-34UM60-P-34-Inch-Ultrawide-Freesync/dp/B06Y28LK9G
im not sure wat u r looking at, but sure u can get a used monitor for $283
How is the 1080 resolution for coding/text? I use a MacBook Pro; might matter due to differences in scaling
2560 x 1080 kills this monitor for me.
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Thank you for providing so much detail, I really appreciate it! Yes, it did help a lot. :)
Ultrawides are much much wider and therefor not as tall as regular 16:9 monitors of the same size. And they have more pixels in width, but same in height. So a 34" 1080p Ultrawide is crisper than a 34" 1080p 16:9. But for 34" is still quite low.
I agree with trevin, the resolution kills this monitor. At least for any serious uses. It's still good for casual use, if you don't have it too close.