LG 34" Ultrawide IPS Gaming Monitorsearch

LG 34" Ultrawide IPS Gaming Monitor

LG 34" Ultrawide IPS Gaming Monitor

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so this is not shipping to europe?
I have been wanting to see more on my monitor, so was looking at this 32" 2K...


This drop is 2" bigger, but the 2K has higher resolution. Do you think I'm correct in thinking that filling the display with the same Google Map, for example, I would be able to see more detail on the 2K monitor?

I don't know if that makes sense, but have brain fog from being sick so figured I'd put it out there :-)

Thank you!
75hz is not acceptable for gaming
>gaming monitor
75hz refresh = nope
you won't get much higher on an ultrawide, especially ips. 1080p is the real deal breaker.
I cannot own any monitor under ... Idk, 90Hz refresh, it's just nasty. Definitely prefer 1440 or above but I can handle 1080 assuming the monitor is smaller. 75Hz is jarring to me, cannot do it. IPS/TN is also a small issue for me, personally. All about dat refresh.
I thought 6bit atrocity is limited to TN panels only. Apparently that's not the case.
June 15th, 2018
Really nice monitor and @ $100 off MRSP and I can't find this cheaper than $379.

With a 2 week ship time and free shipping...

This is a good drop!
75hz refresh is very low for gaming.
75hz on on ips with a 5ms, and 1ms MBR it not bad for the cost and size of this monitor. Show me a better monitor at this size with a better refresh rate.
I. Australian.
Vesa mount?
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here is a video someone made about it.
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