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I thought I'd chime in on my experience with this drop. It shipped 7 days earlier than the expected date (awesome). And arrived in great shape no problems. Wall mounted it with a fancy OmniMount full motion over my fireplace. LOVE IT! Today I got an email from LG that it had been registered with my serial number and model number. I hadn't signed up for an account on but my email (same as massdrop) was "already in use" so I did a password change and logged in. It's showing up right there in my new LG account as a registered product with full warranty. So Massdrop must have registered my tv with LG for me. Really happy with this drop. Great price. Fast shipping. Can we finally put this "no warranty, Massdrop isn't an authorized vendor" stuff to bed now? It was annoying how often this misinformation comes up in this discussion thread.
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no, just give up and move on. If you have an issue with it e-mail support. Try it who knows they may just FIX it.
The problem is Massdrop KNOWS about the issue and can't resolve it but continues to advertise everything's kosher. That's why I even brought this up to begin with lol.
Received mine a few days earlier then the original estimated delivery date! My excitment was soon crushed by the horizontal crack near the top that many of the comments mention. Also a good sized dent in lower corner. the UPS guy carried it to my door by himself and pretty much left as soon as the door was answered. I can see how it got broken.... Fun times await.
recieved mine, cracked completely across the top of the panel. was told as others in this discussion thread, that there are no replacements and only a refund will be issued once the tv is sent back. so plan on owning a truck or suv, since you'll have to drive this giant box to the ups store to send it back (unless you schedule a pickup, but i'm almost sure you have to pay for that).
not sure why they include this in the description: "

TV Damages Disclaimer

All TV damages must be reported within 3 days of delivery. If upon delivery the TV has obvious damage on the outside of the box you should refuse the shipment at that time and this will speed up the process of getting a new one out to you.  "

How can they get a new one out, when they don't do replacements? anyways, luckily this drop is active again, so I went ahead and re-ordered. just seems like playing the lottery as to if the tv will arrive in good shape. (the screen is insanely thin on the upper half, so i can see why it happens) it's just such a good deal (even having to pay tax in my state) that it makes no sense to try again with any other company.
Anyone else get a shipping tracking number but UPS never received the package? Only the label has been created since Monday.
Followup - received TV okay. Also customer service was pretty fast and responsive. Mounted on wall and ready to go. Good Massdrop experience.
Just got my 55" TV today with a crack along the top third. Was hoping not to be one of the unlucky ones.
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i already am though. can’t beat the price, taking my chances a second time lol.
It will be pain in the a##, I live on 3rd floor and UPS isn't exactly walking distance from me. I will take my chances as well and reorder once I get my refund. Right now, its a waiting game. Looking to get a TV for living room and master room.
My LG arrived today and the screen is cracked! Very disappointing!
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Looks like I ship it back and get refund. Currently don't have a replacement in stock. Had been so looking forward to setting it up!
Strange that many had their LG screens cracked this time. Mine arrived ~8hrs ago with screen cracked. Horizontal crack line across the screen (almost seem deliberate). I sent The pictures and video and will probably hear on Monday since MD is only open M-F (from what I know).
Fyi I saw some videos about LG oled panels getting image burn in easily and they won't do shit. About it. Look it up on YouTube.
Do you ship to France ?
Vous livrez vers la France ?
Shipped on May 18, Am I the only lucky one or did anyone else have their order shipped as well?
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Aww man, that sucks. :( Sorry to hear that.
Another long wait now. I was so hyped, sign
Does the MD team know when this drop might be back? My order got cancelled due to confusion/misunderstanding (I'm partially at fault as well for the cancelled order).