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LG 55|65-Inch B7A OLED 4K HDR Smart TV

LG 55|65-Inch B7A OLED 4K HDR Smart TV

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I thought I'd chime in on my experience with this drop. It shipped 7 days earlier than the expected date (awesome). And arrived in great shape no problems. Wall mounted it with a fancy OmniMount full motion over my fireplace. LOVE IT! Today I got an email from LG that it had been registered with my serial number and model number. I hadn't signed up for an account on lg.com but my email (same as massdrop) was "already in use" so I did a password change and logged in. It's showing up right there in my new LG account as a registered product with full warranty. So Massdrop must have registered my tv with LG for me. Really happy with this drop. Great price. Fast shipping. Can we finally put this "no warranty, Massdrop isn't an authorized vendor" stuff to bed now? It was annoying how often this misinformation comes up in this discussion thread.
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The problem is Massdrop KNOWS about the issue and can't resolve it but continues to advertise everything's kosher. That's why I even brought this up to begin with lol.
Uhm, that's pretty much standard practice with MD. They just HATE correcting any erroneous information or double-checking it before posting on their website. Every other drop has wrong info in it and MD doesn't care.
Sadly the latest drop did not ship early. In fact it's a couple of days past the expected ship date. No reply from customer support so asking here. Has anyone received a ship notice for the latest drop that was expected to go out in the 7th?
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It's just really annoying because we have paid for this TV and if it gets canceled, I am going to have to figure out a way to return the speakers, wall mount, etc.. I just wish everything would get figured out.
Oh trust me I believe you. I had issues with the order process and it took them 2-3 weeks to get back to me. Really, with how time sensitive these purchases are they just need additional people staffing support. Wouldn't be so bad if someone had gotten back to me same day or even the following.
I ordered on the 23rd with an estimated ship date of 8/7 and still haven't seen any communication on where my order is at. Are others getting this faster than that? I don't really like being charged for something and not even seeing that it close to being in route to me.
Nope. And customer service is awol in a response.
My 55" unit arrived in an unmarked second box around the normal box. The shape of the box screams TV. The driver's aren't paid to figure out what's in their shipment, so some Fragile stickers would have been called for. The box was laying on it's side on a small box in the truck. I helped the FedEx girl bring it in the house. The driver wasn't rushed, so she waited while I removed the outer box and opened up the normal box to verify that there was no obvious damage. The unit is surprisingly heavy. You should have two people to move it.

In general, the TV is well packaged. With all the weight in the lower half of the unit and a thin upper half, the design is begging for issues. Looking from the side, there is a barely noticeable bend where the base half ends (photo attached). I don't care as doesn't affect the image (oled displays could be rolled up) and even if I could get it replaced, it could easily arrive in a similar, or worse, state. I only have two complaints: 1 - No HBO app, so I'll have to get a new 4K FireStick to watch HBO; 2 - when I turn the TV on and off, it also affects my LG monitor at the other end of the room. I was planning on moving the monitor to another room eventually.

Bottom line: I'm a happy with my purchase.
Just got mine yesterday. No cracks and working great!
Same here! Just now wondering when we will be contacted by LG with warrantee info...
This is definitely nothing special. I don't even understand why they would be pushing us for a 2017 model
is anyone other than me wondering if this is a good deal? it's only $300 cheaper than Walmart. It makes me wonder if the price is going to drop naturally in a few more months as we get closer Black Friday in November or Cyber Monday.
This is a great deal. Dont expect to see price cheaper than this for Black Friday.
Dose anyone know the response time on this
You can pretty much find any specs you would ever want to know here.
Considering that shipping anything is so shoddy and shameful now that it's essentially a miracle to buy an undamaged box of cereal at a supermarket, I get antsy about buying anything big on the internet. And then we have all the comments I see here, and I start to wonder...
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Most likely. You would need to contact Community Support to see if its possible. However, I know that orders have already been sent out to the vendor.
No problem at all. I’ll be pleased regardless.
i don't want to rain on this parade BUT i googled the 65 inch 4K model number OLED65B7A and this particular TV is widely available for $1799 to $2500 (MOL) all with free shipping.. no mention yet of sales tax because i did not click on the ads..
i should add here that i'm kinda overwhelmed with all the options and so forth..
what happened to the days when you would just buy a TV, get it home, plug it in, extend the built in rabbit ears (antenna for you people under 50 :-) ) and turn it on..?
The websites your seeing advertising for $1799 are not legit. They are know bait and switch sites. Do some research and you will see.