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I *think* my 65" may have shipped today. Recieved a FedEx home delivery notification that a package was dispatched. Anyone else?
I got that as well. Weird though that they are coming from Edison NJ like all other Massdrop stuff, when it says these would be shipped directly from the Vendor.
I got a similar one - for FedEx Express. The box sounds too small and too light for what I purchased. I don't think a 58 lb TV would have a 60 lb shipment weight nor fit in a box that is only 57" wide (unless there's zero foam/protection/padding). Hopefully it's just something with the FedEx site and not a screw up.
Massdrop offered E7A for this previously (55') What's wrong with this... picture. Can the purchasing managers...get to work?
Not sure I understand your comment.

In this drop we are offering the following.
65" B7A for $1999.99
55" B7A for $1499.99

We have offered this previously in a different drop.
65" E7P for $2599.99
55" E7P for $1699.99

These are all the best pricing we have ever offered for these sizes and models. Considering the E7P is a higher end model it does cost slightly more.
Just purchased one. It's time to retire the plasma. I hope it's as amazing as everyone says.
What's Massdrop's policy on dead/stuck pixels or other such panel defects?

I've searched through the help center and found it vague - just indicating to contact MD for "assistance."
You will have full warranty and support from LG on this product. Massdrop does not accept returns but would be there to assist if the unit is DOA. The problems you spoke of would be covered under LG's warranty.
You need to google B7A vs B7P! there is a difference and a warranty difference.
As far as I can tell, the oly difference is some Dolby Atmos stuff. Is there anything else?
If it is just atmos speakers, then it shouldnt matter much for anyone who does sound through a receiver. The weird part is, the B7P that advertises Atmos only has 2.2 channel speakers, and the B7A that does not advertise Atmos has 4.0 channel speakers. Considering Atmos is designed for 7+ channels and above, you would think that the higher channel count would do better with surround sound stuff rather than stereo config would do.
Yes, the difference is that the B7A is the newer model...
New to Massdrop so apologies if this is a well worn question but — after the drop is done, how soon could I expect this TV to arrive?
SHipping is always listed at the bottom of the drop page's description. In this case, a couple weeks away. These are likely drop shipped directly from the big LG warehouse in Texas.
Might as well ask here. Looking at getting the C7, mainly in the 65" variant but I can get the 55" for literally half the price right now. How much of an improvement could I expect from the bigger screen?
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I bought the 55" C7P from my local store before the drop of that LG version here. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment with a decent sized living room. For me, the 55" seemed huge in replacing my old 40" Samsung but does fit well now - getting used to it - subtitles for my Korean dramas are much easier to read, too.

The 65" LG would have been simply way too big for my living room, my viewing distance. The size matters more for how far you plan to sit from the TV. We sit about 6 to 8 feet away. If you have a large living room and sit further away, the larger size would be worth considering. So, distance should dictate which TV to get - the size for viewing distance.
I've had a 55" for 6-7 years now and sit between 7 to 10 feet away depending were I sit. Think I'll grab the 65" plus it'll suit my long TV stand better. Considering how much I'll be spending I hope I'll keep my eyes off another TV for at least 10 years lol
I.WANT.THIS.TV! I've watched it drop and come back a few times. My blessed ole plasma (circa 2011 Panasonic viera VT30) is buzzing, picture has faded, not nearly as crisp as it was...and its pushing 7 years old. I've loved my big heavy plasma, but it's time to get into 2018. I hope (O)LED has improved to the point where it doesn't have the soap opera effect?! I know I've seen panels that still have that odd effect that makes TV shows/movies look ridiculous, which my plasma never had-and one of the reasons I bought plasma over the nicer LCD/LEDs at the time.

I want a 65 at least and this deal seems too great to pass up. I know the picture on this will blow my mind. So many great reviews, seems to have what I want in a TV, and I do care about specs-black level, HDR, tweaking the settings, natural colors (especially since I'm coming from a plasma w fantastic THX mode for movies). Never owned an LG flat panel before, hoping the quality overall is just as good as the Samsungs and Sonys, and the longevity is there. Decisions.....damn.
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Ah ha. I see. So samsung added an N after the model name to denote the change from 2017 to 2018 models.

I looked up the specs on the Q6FN and it seems it does not use the microLED backlight tech, it still uses the same old edge lit system. So I would still expect the contrast to be rather low and the local dimming to be pretty bad. Edge lit local dimming with low zone counts like this result in what is referred to as "blooming". Most tests use a black background with a slow moving white ball on the screen. In this test would would see most of the panel as black since the backlight is off, however large sections of the screen would be grey, as zones light up as the ball moves.

While this is a review for last years model, I would expect the contrast and local dimming scores to be fairly close to the new 2018 model year performance, as the panel is the same and it is still edge lit:

It is a fine TV, but it leaves much to be desired in certain areas. I think this LG B7A is a better TV when comparing the two. The only Samsung TV of this year I think this LG OLED would compare against would be the Samsung Q8FN (not to be confused with the Q8CN). How they would stack up against each other im not sure, as there are no reviews for the new backlight tech yet.
That soap opera effect is a setting you can actually turn off on the TV
LG trying to clear stock as they are starting to ship the 2018 models to stores now. lol.

Still, probably a great deal to get these cause the 2018 models only have an upgraded processor which allows "AI integration"
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No, Alexa is Amazon. Bixby is Samsung. Siri is Apple. Google's is just called Google Assistant

Amazon and Samsung do however base their operating systems on Android. However both lock down their phones and tablets in an attempt to prevent modification and the use of regular Android OS, and if you try to compile a straight version of Android to run on their devices it will not work as you u need to use their proprietary, custom files to make the OS work.
Sorry EniGma1987, my bad...senior moment. Must be a case of old timers disease. You are absolutely correct sir! ;) Let's not forget Cortana...Microsoft's. :S