LG UBK90 4K Ultra HDR Dolby Vision Blu-Ray Playersearch

LG UBK90 4K Ultra HDR Dolby Vision Blu-Ray Player

LG UBK90 4K Ultra HDR Dolby Vision Blu-Ray Player

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it is on sale at $149 every 2/3 weeks at buydig (totally Legit seller). Will massdrop pricematch?
Dolby Atmos and DTS X support?
Many MKV files contain embedded subtitle files. Some MP4 come with a separate subtitle file, e.g. .srt. Does this unit support such files? This would be the primary deciding criteria for me to purchase this unit to replace a computer player.
I should have waited for this player for future proof. Just settled for ubk80 without dolby vision. Anyways, my tv doesn't support DV. great drop again massdrop.
The wife and I, with another couple, rented a house over the weekend. Teh interwebs were 0.6MB down and 0.3MB up. Not a typo. I think I'll keep my physical copies, lol.
Is this a superior 4K player to the Xbox one X?
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I’ve ultimately come to the opposite conclusion. The Xbox One S/X had some playback issues and colour accuracy problems at launch with 4K Bluray, but those have all since been fixed in patches.

i ultimately got the Xbox One S because I have a soundbar 5.1 setup that only takes Dolby Digital 5.1 (no DTS), and the LG doesn’t convert audio to DD5.1. The Xbox does, and gets solid longterm support.

The only other comparably-affordable UHD player I saw that could do that is the Samsung, but then it doesn’t support Dolby Vision (while the Xbox will be getting it in a few more months).
I didn't want to deal with waiting lol.

I have a ps4 pro so I didn't feel buying another console that had games I could just buy for my PC.

On top of that fact of with all the issues with it at the time (Dolby vision, Dolby atmos, playback compatibility)
I don't have that issue with my sound bar as it's newer_ish and supports dts/dd and has dtsx. Unfortunately it doesn't have dolby atmos but dtsx does make up for it quite a bit.
We’ve got several Blu-Ray players in the home, and occasionally pull out a title from our relatively extensive DVD & BR collection. However, we have completely stopper buying any new discs, and I don’t think I have any 4K titles. My wife says It’s just simpler to stream everything now.

Curious what everyone else here thinks: Are we looking at the death of physical media? Even at $180.00, it doesn’t seem like a prudent purchase unless you already have an extensive 4K collection that you can’t enjoy currently. I’m regretting all the money we have poured into physical media over the years. And the resell value is almost as bad as old VHS - cents on the dollar. What do you think?
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I've been streaming Dolby Atmos on Netflix for a while now. You just need an Xbox One/One S/One X and a 4k Netflix subscription to do so (or a 2017 LG OLED TV or newer).

If your physical media has provided you with enjoyment over the years, then you have nothing to regret. I still buy blu-rays - mostly 4K and 3D blurays (TV manufacturers say 3D is dead and yet most of the new blockbusters still get a 3D bluray release), but sometimes even DVDs. Nothing I've seen yet beats a good 3D bluray on a big screen with Dolby Atmos surround!
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