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I bought this knife many drops ago ... does any one know where to get a lefty sheath for this? It's just too awkward for me as a south paw.
This knife is loosely based off of the Mora Companion knife from morakniv. A lefty sheath from them should fit.
If not, I suggest making one. It's very common to rehandle and resheath mora's. They are good tools when loved.
Not sure about anyone else. But I bought two. And they both seem fairly sturdy. Used the fire starter and it did what it was suppose to. I will certainly use mine for use outdoors.
Rust WAY to easily. I have 3 of them. Two of them in my camper and I keep them in a sheath so we don't get cut. We use them daily, or we did... just took them out of the camper. You literally have to oil them after ever single use if you are cutting veggies, fruit etc.... these are terrible. I'll never purchase again. I know most guys rave about them... I just don't get it. Maybe it's only for a dry environment. I have over 50 knives, mostly high end.. this is one of the few that rusts so easily. I'd be all over it again if they offered a higher quality steel... this is junk.
They have several different steels to choose from the most common is like a 1095 carbon rusts very easy but takes an edge and holds it well. They do offer some stainless you just have to pick and choose the 1095 does rust quickly and easily. Marine tuff cloth is great to wipe it down with before going into the sheath.
LOVE it!!!!
Great deal. These are handy for the fire pit
can someone add the 'blades' tag for this?
Morakniv is good stuff. I have one of their other knives and they are literally sharp enough to shave with.
It is strange I received an email that the shipment was delayed from the manufacturer and had unknown delivery time. (Yesterday) I asked massdrop to cancel my order because I didn't want to wait another month. The following day (today) I received notification that my item has been shipped. Was there ever a delay with the manufacturer or was the delay with Massdrop and they were just lying. Clearly they had the item in stock, otherwise how could they ship it even without receiving the order from the manufacturer... I'm not sure I just wanted to share.
Taking a Leap of Faith here, last time I ordered from Massdrop, my item was "Lost in the mail" and I never recieved it, but did get a refund. Figured I'd give another chance
why this item shipped only in USA ... not cool ...
Lots of new knife laws worldwide even city by city it's hard to keep on the right side of the law everywhere.
I have owned this knife for over a year and I take it on every hiking trip whether long or short.

Very light and I the blade holds a very nice edge. My daughter messed up the blade using it on the fire rod but I resharpened it and it is a good as new.

Make sure you use the back of the knife on the fire rod not the blade itself.

I highly recommend this knife.
Once international shipping ūüėē Are light my fire preventing sales outside of the US like Kershaw?
Wondering as well. This is getting tiresome if you don't live in the US...
" To create a spark, simply remove the FireSteel Scout Firestarter from the included polypropylene sheath, and strike it against the blade at a 30-degree angle. "

This is incorrect - please use the dull side of the blade (top not bottom of blade)
Thanks! This has been corrected.
be careful with this one. if the flint breaks, you're f*d.
You can buy a replacement ferro rod insert from Light My Fire or drill/file it out carefully and glue in a replacement from a third party source.

It is a great knife for the price if you want an all-in-one but the ferro rod is on the narrower side and the tang of the knife is reduced.

If you want to baton wood or use it fairly hard I would recommend using another knife that has a longer or full tang and combine it with a separate ferro rod.