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LOKSAK Odor-Proof Sak (4-Pack)

LOKSAK Odor-Proof Sak (4-Pack)

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This says it is good to 170 degrees so you can cook in it, but then calls for boiling water. To quote "the OPSAK can withstand heat up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit and you can safely pour boiling water in to rehydrate food." When I went to school water boiled at 212 degrees, so can someone explain how this works without melting the bag.
I included an empty large loksak bag in my 5 day resupply package on a 10 day hike. Rained every day. Shipped my old, dirty clothes back home in it. Pro: it made it through the post office. Con: . Girlfriend said that she has, to this day, never smelled anything so rank. Fot getting your dirty smellies back home it works. I only use it paired with other, dependable, proven bear protection when I’m in their territory.
I've been using these to pack out my dog's used poo bags for the last three years. The first one wore out quickly, but that was before I learned to be gentle enough to avoid damaging the ziplock at the top. Now, one bag generally lasts several months or even multiple seasons. For what I use them for, they work better than anything else I've tried, including double- or triple-bagging the poo, or putting the used bag in nested Ziplock bags. Maybe an animal can still smell the contents, but they work great for protecting human noses from nasty smells.
Has anyone used it to carry marijuana through the airport security service? Does it work?
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for sure, but former doesn't exclude latter
There's far better options out there.
Until I read some of the discussion I had no idea why you'd want odor proof bags. First thought, days old socks. We don't have bears here in Oz, except drop bears, but they don't hunt on the ground...
Wait is this really 4 zip lock bags? $17? Really?
Yes, and reviews on REI and Amazon indicate an unacceptable failure rate. They split along the seam between zipper and bag. Gallon Ziplocs double bagged would be a far more economical and practical alternative.
Got a different brand called Smellyproof. They really worked for me and so far have lasted two years. Wouldn't want to try another to "see" if it is as good. I'm happy. Also the price is a bit high if you only want one of the two sizes.
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how do you see smells?
What is your name? oh. Ok.
I'm lucky to get a set of these to barely last one season. On my last trip, I had the top pull area rip out when trying to open it on the first night, I think I'll pass this time and look for an alternate. I've also had the seal area deform so it won't close properly. These are pretty much just a step up from a standard ziplock bag, only a little heavier.
Perhaps I wasn't careful enough packing them, but all my food was in an Opsak, inside my Garcia bear canister, and a black bear found my canister and mauled the crap out of it while I was out of camp. I don't use them any longer...
Seriously? Shipping half the price of the product. Pass.
From my experience, these are overpriced and mostly a waste of time. I had an opsak bag filled with unopened dehydrated food in mylar bags hanging up inside of a Ursak kevlar bear bag and woke up to a mother bear and two cubs clawing at the thing trying to tear it out of the tree. I packed the bag with clean hands and checked it for punctures before use. There's no reason an animal should have found it if it's as "smell-proof" if it claims it is. This is not a substitute for a bear canister/bear bag, and I definitely wouldn't suggest using these to get past sniffing dogs.
Would these work as reusable sous vide bags?
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Thanks. Sanitation is important. I was thinking if it was washable, it might be a good way to reduce waste, but it's probably not worth it. Who knows what chemicals/flavors/odors it might leach in to the food too.
Most sous vide cooking happens at 120-140 degrees, which is well below the 170F limit on these bags. I'm not sure how flexible the plastic is on these bags, but this would be an important consideration since the sous vide process relies on the bag conforming to the shape of the food so the air can all be expelled.

Lots of people here just use freezer grade ziplock type bags for steaks and fillets, and clip the bag to the edge of the water tank, with the zipper end above the water since zipper bags don't hold a vacuum on their own. The water pressure against the outside of the bag keeps air out below the water line. 4 cents a bag vs. $4 a bag?
> can withstand heat up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit > you can safely pour boiling water in Boiling water is 212 degrees Fahrenheit. top kek.
i have a pair of the 7x7 inch bags that i haven't used but im pretty sure i remember reading on the literature somewhere on it that you CAN pour boiling water on the INSIDE of the bag because it is coated/lined with something but you can NOT dip/submerge the bag in a pot of boiling water because it doesn't have that same lining material on the outside.
weed bags are back!
REI had them for cheaper
Is it possible to be airtight but not water tight? Seems that the entire rain jacket industry must have it backwards. Air can pass through smaller spaces than water. Aka waterproof but breathable.
I think with rain jackets water and air can pass one way through the fabric but can't the other way.
Nah, it's pretty simple in the most basic form. There are microscopic holes in the membrane of a jacket that are big enough for air to pass through but too small for water to pass through unless driven by pressure. It's basically the exact opposite of what this bag claims. Lol
Better than shoving up your anus I guess!
Safe for boiling water?? Water boils at 212 degrees at sea level. They must mean just real hot water.
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I was thinking the same thing...170 degrees is much different than 212?
You can pour boiling water into it but you cannot put the OPSAK bags in boiling water. One of the main uses is pouring boiling water inside the bags to re hydrate food.
Is anyone else curious if you can store cannabis in this and get past Customs and the drug dogs?
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hahahahahaha ! You better get some brain food . You seem to need it . I know cannabis did not cause you deficit.
Not interested in trying my luck, but I immediately thought of this as a herb container.
Same set is $14.50 at REI? Or is that just waterproof and not “odor proof”
It is the same bags but this is a 2 pack.
The 4 pack is just water pack and not odor proof (Loksak sells multiple lines of bags)
These have become essential. Whether you're trying to smuggle weed past the drug-sniffing dogs at the border, salami past the bears in King's Canyon or packing out your used TP (like you should). They are durable enough and some have lasted me season to season, but I'd like to see them a bit tougher particularly the sealing mechanism.
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Sure, pretty much everything is 'biodegradable'...eventually. At altitude, matter degrades very slowly. One packs it out because one can and it's easy...also because it's lazy and fucking rude to leave trash in the pristine wilderness. I'm glad that you've never shown up at a lake 10k' up in Sequoia after a bunch of asshats' shallow poop holes were raided by critters and now soiled tp is blowing around. ...or barely covered or sticking out from under a rock...etc.
Just pack it out with the rest of your trash. Problem solved.

Ah okay - I'm not really a camper but the couple of times I've had do deal with wilderness waste was with a group. Definitely made more of a deep latrine because of that - never occurred to me that one would just dig a toy pit or not cover it.
Used these on AT thru hike. Small bag was good for phone protection (can still operate buttons and take pics while sealed watertight). Big bag was food bag liner. Worked great ...but the top plastic, above the seal/lock, tore off after a month and made it hard to use. Replaced it. These are much more substantial than a zip lock.
I have this set. . havent used all 4. But have used the large for maps during rain season in nor cal and it rolls up well. Used a small, for my cellular. They ARE waterproof if you are sure the zip is completely closed. And are low odor. The small bags are fairly useless for much more than a very small thin item, since they can’t be “ballooned“ much at all, or won’t hold their seal. (Takes very little resistance to break the seal). Haven’t used for boiling water and food cooking, but am sure its hard to clean food out of after use. Don’t mean to be a drop bummer, but, In general, a quality ziplock works as well, and weighs less.
I usually get a season or so out of a set of theses bags. I use the large one inside my silnylon bear bag from SLD as a liner and the smaller one to keep snacks or coffee etc separate from my other food. I've only had one time where a critter chewed through the corner, and I admit it was my fault for leaving the bag next to a log in my camp when I got up for a few minutes. About the only thing that goes on these is the sealing mechanism that somehow gets deformed....I've also had the area right above the sealing mechanism rip out when I've gone to open the bag. This is actually a pretty good deal, since for around $20 bucks you can get 4 bags.
Well.. Am I supposed to re-use the toilet paper bag..?
Only for food
I’m thinking this combo makes a lot of sense for the following:
Large 1 Food bag 1 Garbage/poop bag
Small 1 Heigene items 1 Wash towel/cook items 1 Alternately, a bag for current day’s food that the critters won’t try to munch into.
Just a thought
I wish we had the option of choosing which bags we want. I like Loksak bags, but I have no need for the smaller sizes which ends up not making the drop worth the price point. Now, if I could choose one the other hand...would likely join no question.
I have to agree. I would probably rather buy 4 large ones than 2 of each... ideally there would be an additional size in between the large and the small currently offered, and I could choose for each of the bags which size I want.
“The bags are lined with a film....” —what’s the film composition?!
Anyone here ever pack out their dog's poop in one of these? (Poop bag tied up inside loksak)
When camping by water I have to pack out the dog poo instead of burying, (it would be great if I could tell my dogs just to hold it...) and I'm always paranoid about bags breaking or leaking or making things smell bad...
Some Amazon reviews do mention punctures and tears, and even a marmot chew - about 15% 3 stars or less, which on the surface seems good. I've been curious about these but I'm going to start with a smaller and cheaper package than this MD bundle for testing purposes. Not sure about this combination of sizes anyway.
They are not going to break. I’ve put many many miles worth of use into these bags and never had a problem.
My kids tell me they're great for something called "bud." So I guess you can store your beer in these to.....
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That was a joke. I'm certain he knows what bud is.