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Is the macro lens supposed to be loose and just fall out of the ring? There is a round plastic ring that, I assume, is supposed to hold the lens in place. Mine just falls out and now the ring is cracked because I tried to push it back in place to hold the lens in.
Disappointed. First, my 5-in-1 kit only came with 4 lenses, not 5. Second, quality really sucks. Third, the clip is too short for my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8+), and does not fit well, resulting in a black ring around the photo. The only positive thing about this it was cheap, so its not a big loss.
It does come with 5 lenses. The Macro and Wide are stacked together in the packaging. The Macro requires the Wide to be stacked on it to function as a Macro. The Wide must be independent to function as a Wide.

Separating the two can be difficult. I find it easiest to screw the stack together into the clip, then unscrew the Wide from the Macro.
You are correct, there is 5 lenses! Thank you for clarification.
I've also tested just the Macro lens, the results were similar to the other included lenses, as if shooting through greasy/dirty lens.
Don't request this. It sucks. Minimal difference in photos on phone...

Yo, WTF? Really thought y'all were better than this...
I just received this. Disappointing to say the least. It does not seem to work well with an 8+ (Dual Camera) and they are very cheap. I was taking a chance with this because it was cheap, but I think Massdrop shouldn't have let this one through Quality Control....
These are terrible. Don't get them.
I am a videographer with First Coast.TV and though I use cameras all the time, my iPhone is my back up, which I always have on me, so when my other cameras would take too long to set up, having these lenses in my pocket with my iPhone is awesome to know.
I am particularly interested in seeing how the macro lens does. If I can get even some decent images using just my phone, traveling without a full size DSLR would be great.
Pretty doubtful on the quality of the lenses, but I guess we'll see.
Who would have guessed that shipping from the USA to other countries would be expensive 🤔
Actually byte cost is out of rrasonsvle shipping. I buy from heaps of us and uk stores at a lot less. Imo charging 13:25 for this is gouging. I can buy the more expensive knives and pay $5 shipping now why Is that?
Have a stroke?
The shipping for India cost twice as much they cost and in addition to that there will be around 30% custom duty taxes. Not a good deal!
$13.25 shipping and handling to AU. Sorry the impression youre using shipping to make profit from international sales is growing
Wow, that's insane.
Sadly thats normal lately, with the exchange rate its pricing massdrop out of our reach. Interestingly if i buy an expensive knife shipping drops to around $5 in most cases.
Can anyone comment on how this compares with acesori's lens kit that was on massdrop a few months ago?
This has 2 more lenses and is cheaper, is the quality worse?
Anyone know if this fits an iPhone X?
I'm hoping this shows up in time for me to include it in my review of the OnePlus 6. I feel like it could help show off the camera even more, assuming the fit is right.
Update: phone shows up Monday. Based on the timeframe, it probably won't be a part of the initial review, but I can include it in any additional impressions