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Macally Adjustable Dashboard Phone Mount

Macally Adjustable Dashboard Phone Mount

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Can this hold a heavier phone? Say, an S8 Plus with zerolemon battery or an LGV20 with zerolemon battery? Which is about 300 to 400 grams?
Apparently $19 with shipping And arrives in a couple weeks.
$19.99 on Amazon and get it in 2 days.
As a prior drop participant, I’ll note that while it has worked well in our car, during the warmer summer months the ball-and-socket joint that holds the phone mount seems to get a little looser. i’m still pretty happy with my purchase though
$7.00 shipping for something that costs $11.99 ... Really? I'll pass ... What a rip! I'll look it up on Amazon.
Does this do well on a slightly textured dash? Also, does it leave any residue behind once removed?

Thanks in advance if you can answer those questions.
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actually the product is even called "Macally Dashboard Phone Mount" and states "Simply attach it to the dashboard using the twist-and-lock suction cup" so I may be too pesimistic talking from experience with other suction cup based products. But maybe this is a better type suction cup.
I bought this on a previous drop and use it in my Nissan Juke which has a slightly textured dash.

There’s a “suction cup” aspect to it, but the circular base is not a rubber suction cup like you’re thinking of. It’s more like a gel-based stickum that works on smooth and textured surfaces. The stickum is likely enough to hold it in place, and by turning the dial it adds suction to more firmly hold it where you stick it.

i removed mine yesterday to clean the dash with some Armor-all and no residue was left behind,

Hope this helps!
i'll just get this from amzn, same price and ships free.
Cheaper in fact
If you have to move it from one spot to another just clean the cup off with soapy water and let dry. It will be very sticky once again. I have lint roller made from the same sticky rubber and thats how it is renewed.
Great holder, but you can't re-stick it down over and over again. I had moved it about 5 times and the suction/adhesive type side has stopped sticking. I've bought two, and the same thing happened to my cousins. Would be great if they offered replacements suction cups or included a couple.
You should be able to wash the sticky part, with mild soap and water, let it air dry, and good as new. I had a similar type of car mount, with a sticky part, and thats how I got it to be sticky again
Was in until the $7 shipping. From comments maybe good to stay away given spotty results.
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$12 + $7 shipping? It's available for $16 on Amazon... Not much of a discount.
I just saw it on Amazon for 11.99 with free shipping. ! The power of group buying. I'll know better next time.
Never thought I would comment on a product like this, but I have to say, this is the best phone holder I have ever owned. I am a German sports car guy, and this holder never, ever fails. I have been able to place it exactly where I want; drive like an idiot on mountain roads, and it never falls. Get it.
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Love it! Works perfectly! Hasn't lost suction in over 2 months of daily use. Would recommend to everyone!