Macally iPhone 6 - 3000mAh Battery Casesearch

Macally iPhone 6 - 3000mAh Battery Case

Macally iPhone 6 - 3000mAh Battery Case

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Thanks for the super fast fulfillment/shipping...... I see my package tracking (UPS)!!!
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I just checked Amazon and noticed a few things:

1. This case actually costs about $70 on Amazon.

2. It has quite a few well written, descriptive, 5-star reviews.

3. The vast majority of all of the reviews for this case come from individuals who received a free case in exchange for an "honest" review. As much as one tries to be honest, a getting a free product before writing a review will usually bias the reviewer to writing more favorably of the product. This is a great tool for getting quality, subjective reviews but you have to be able to read critically to compare this with other offerings.

4. There are other battery cases available on Amazon with strong reviews available in the mid-$30 range. Some of these might be better or worse than others but the availability of alternatives at equivalent prices to this drop bears mentioning.

Hope this helps anyone considering.


Fine print: periodically edited, opinions are mine, I have no affiliations with Massdrop (other than the being a member), Macally or any other case manufacturer.
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