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Machine Era Ti5 Slim Titanium Wallets

Machine Era Ti5 Slim Titanium Wallets

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Mine has arrived and I love it. It's so small I forget I have it in my pocket. And they sent it with an extra band, which is the only thing I was worried about deteriorating. I'm impressed!
Hey everyone -- We've shipped 99 of 172 orders so far; the rest are due to arrive tomorrow and our team will try to turn them around by Tuesday of next week. I wanted to let you know because the Estimated Ship Date given was May 5th, so we may be a few days behind that estimate. Sorry for the delay, the vendor has been keeping us in the loop and we wanted to pass our info to members who might be waiting on tracking info - thanks for your patience, it's coming soon.
Just a word of warning - if you carry a metal wallet in your back pocket, it will very quickly wear a wallet-sized hole in your pants. Learned this the hard way with the Machine Era brass wallet.
Wow, had no idea. Thank you!
Ouch! I usually carry mine in my front right-side pocket. My reasoning for this is that I'd be too lazy to remove it when going to take a seat were I to keep it in my back pocket.
Wow, this one has been really popular! The vendor has offered to make 25 more uncoated units available, they are available right now. Thanks everyone for making this a success and thanks Mithrandir for letting us know!
Uncoated sold out. :(
Lose the band, lose the wallet. Makes no sense to me.
You won't lose the band. I bought a second band direct from Machine Era thinking I'd eventually need to replace it due to wear-and-tear, but I've owned 2 wallets from them (both used the same style of elastic) and neither needed it replaced. When there are no cards in the wallet, the elastic cinches down onto the metal enough that it can't slip off.
Thanks for the info.
This is my favorite wallet I have ever used. I have tried a lot of different slim type wallets, card holders, and money clips but this thing beats them all. Super lightweight sturdy and slides in and out of your pocket easily. You won't even realize it's there. Only negative is the same for any small wallet like this and is that carrying more than a few bills is not convenient, but 99% of the time I don't have wads of cash on me and its great.

These things are legit. I've owned mine since getting it from the Kickstarter. Amazingly lightweight. I think I have something like 8 cards/IDs in the main compartment. I keep my work magnetic access card on the other side, with my transit pass. The elastic hasn't really shown any signs up letting up either, after a year (or two, can't remember) of owning and heavy daily use.

Best wallet I've ever owned.

I added some shots. I typically carry several (5 or 6, give or take a few) bills folded up under the elastic without issue. You probably don't want a wad of cash in there though because it'd start to get pretty bulky.
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I keep my most used cards on top, and they slide out very easily. so you can just slide a couple up with your thumb and then slide the ones you dont need back down and pull the one that you do need out.
Pretty easy, surprisingly. If you don't find what you're looking for on the top 2 or 3 cards, you can easily press against the stack of cards (where they're exposed at the "corners" of the wallet) to push the entire stack out of the wallet a bit. Also, if you don't cover up the hole on the back, you can actually use that to slide out the stack too! A bit hard to put into words but all very intuitive once you have it in your hands.

I keep my debit card on the top of the stack in the wallet, since it's my most frequently used card. Under that is my CC and then my ID. I always find it easy to access these in a split-second. The ones further down are a bit more of a challenge but you're only spending a few seconds, tops! (You can use either of the methods I described above.)

Hope this helps.
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