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Mantis MK-14 Vicious Circle Neck Knives

Mantis MK-14 Vicious Circle Neck Knives

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Okay, this is getting out of hand.


...out of hand...?

Seriously though, where was this website when I was 12 and blade was my favorite movie?
Very similar to a saboteur knife used to slash tires. So it may do that well.
not an dc user knife. This is a blade primarily intended as an LDA. You exhaust all other options, then pull an unnoticeable hooknlade from around your neck and make the bad guys day really shitty. I would use it as a package opener, but very few systems can sharpen it. Its a rod only blade.
LOL! A knife around your neck...what could go wrong? For those striving for this year's Darwin Award.
Yeah it's not very common and I personally don't think it's very practical. I don't think it's very unsafe though, if you get one and wear one you are gonna be confident (that the sheath has very good retention) and comfortable wearing it
To clarify i'm talking about fixed blade neck knives, not this tiny ass hawkbill knife that has little (to none) practical use
Especially when I fall on it. Can't wait.
If it was a lock pick or something I'd have considered but a knife... come on.
A contextual photo would be nice too. Around a neck, in the hand etc.
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Thank you for your intelligent response. a response relative to the issue at hand.
The info you didn't have to ask for is so close, I can fit it on one screen.
Is it waterproof?
the handle material is stainless steel and the blade is aus-8. so its as water proof as those two materials, i assume you wont be leaving it in water when you aren't. probably less waterproof in saltwater. details here:
"Polished stonewashed" sounds like an oxymoron.
Perhaps the description is meant to be stonewashed abalone?
So... I guess we have to just assume it can close? No one thought to include a picture of it closed? This is a really dumb product but sadly I know a few people who would think this is awesome and practical.
I had one for years and it worked fine. Only issue was the post that is part of what holds the knife body to the necklace loosened over time.
what is the actual use case for this? This is really stupid.
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Cutting a piece of string i guess ...some tape
then dont buy it or take prat in the discussion...problem solved
Come on.....
These are interesting as a necklace gadget. But they have zero "knife" qualities.
Add:. I picked up a couple basic models years ago when a dealer was trying to dump the brand. Going from memory, but don't think I paid more than $10 for them. And even that would be hard to justify, unless someone really wanted the "necklace". I was really just interested in checking out a G & G Hawk designed gadget. Their designs are usually not cheap, even with poor materials and manufacturing.
Besides the insane curve, the "blade" is so soft, it's absolutely impossible to sharpen. And I think I've become a pretty good sharpener over the years, (tootin' my own horn 🤪😁😇). I mean, it won't even tear paper. You could maybe cut tape if you turned it backwards. But then, you can cut tape to open a box with a Bic pen. I think the biggest issue would be, if it were sharp, there is no way to do much without self injury. So in the end, it's just a dull toy.


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the hook is only there to hold the loop in the back to keep the necklace on. the adjustment is done by sliding the knot up or down to add slack or remove it. im not sure what that type of tightening knot system is called. i believe it is the taughtline hitch knot.
That's sort of what I expected but mine came tied in a way that I can't see any practical way to move the knot without untying it. I'm admittedly not very good with knots but I have other things with cords tied the way you describe that aren't hard to adjust at all.
Massdrop has been selling some really dumb shit lately.
Lol agreed
looking at your comments id say you beat them when it comes to dumb shit.