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Mark Rogan Automotive Prints - Art of the Car

Mark Rogan Automotive Prints - Art of the Car

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Just received my 3 prints. Still poor quality. Huge white border. Low quality paper. I'm extremely disappointed. You would do better printing a Photoshoped print at Office Depot. The 18x24 looks tiny due to the huge white borders. Borders are in excess of 3 inches. What a disappointment.
Still no Chrysler Crossfire or Toyota MR2 Turbo...
Would love a red Crossfire one and a Blue MR2 one.
To anyone who's purchased these more recently: any updates on the quality? I'm hoping they've improved as I'd really like to get some if they're actually good now; however, I got some a while ago and they were terrible and I got a refund. Are they the same tiny prints on huge paper of poor quality with bad shipping? Or are they respectable quality now?
This Mark Rogan guy hates Subaru. He’s dead to me.
2 evos and no STI :/
To echo other comments, if you are considering this next time it drops you'd be best to pass on it. I ordered 3 of the 18 x 24 and was annoyed to see a large white border around each. No big deal, I was bringing these to a company to get framed so figured they could cut it to size for me. What really annoyed me was the print quality. I likely could've printed these myself at a local print shop for substantially less and gotten better quality. I'm not even talking about copying and pasting the images, I would've been better off literally opening Photoshop, slapping a solid colored background, and then putting my own images of cars on top. First drop I've been disappointed with...
that's a bummer..... i wonder if the future of things like this is to just sell the file and do as you said.
FYI for people considering this. I got two of these the last time they dropped (the DB5 and 500 abarth) and they were..... disappointing. I ordered 14x11 prints, and, well, the image was 14x11, but it was on a much larger sheet of paper not cut down so I guess I was supposed to do that myself? And the listing did not indicate that would be the case (still does not). Also, the packaging was hilariously bad, not in poster tubes and they arrived very creased and damaged. To Massdrop's credit I got a refund almost instantly; but I'd strongly warn against getting them, at least if you're buying the prints and intending to frame them like I was. Can't comment on the canvas quality.
An orange Honda 600Z Coupe on orange background would be nice.
That's a cute car, I want one
What a acam!!!! The example art is gigantic while the reality is TINY. That's darn near bait and switch territory.
Don't even bother checking the price of an actual canvas
Got all four Jaguars to mimic my collection.


selections to expand I hope? suggestions Alfa Romeo GTV6 (1985_mine_Black; all 82-86), Audi B5 (1999_Metallic Silver) 90 Quattro (1989_Tornado Red) 4000SC (1986_Tornado Red). I just gave the years(and colors)of my particular vehicles, the ranges are greater. Colors, you can pick and choose. I might buy in an "off" color from mine, but prefer what I have of course. Or can color be customized?
this is 2 times i've seen this drop and there is still no subaru...... *sad face*
I would buy one if there was a Miata
Any chance for a Mazda RX-7 (FB or FD) ?
If the tallest print is 36", does that mean the ceiling in in photo 1 is only four feet high?
My thoughts exactly
Two Evos but not one Subaru..?
Print #84 is a C2 Corvette not a C1 Print #26 is correct as a C2. Print #28 is correct as a C3. Print #40 is correct as a C3. Print #47 is labeled as Corvette. Print #72 is a C1 Body Style. Print #75 is correct as C7.
Please make a C2 1963 Coupe Split Window in Black maybe. CLASSIC Corvettes are beautiful..
1963 C2 Corvette Split Window would be amazing. The C2 Convertible is beautiful, split window coupe is the most desirable with collectors.
This man has taste
These are amazing prints
$100? Why don't I just print this out and frame it? You can get entire Panoramas at Walmart or Ross/Marhalls whatever for like $15-20.
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This may be out of date or something, but I see $14.99 - Did they try dropping these for $100 a pop?
If you go to checkout and select that you want it on a canvas, as anyone would, and as the picture shows, the price skyrockets to around $100.
Would have bought if there was an Aventador
Two different Evos but no Subies? Pile of fail.
Haha I thought the same thing too
No Tesla love? #RIP
two isetta posters but no miatas....
Exactly, would've bought instantly if there was a miata
Still waiting to see a Chrysler Crossfire or a 2nd Generation Toyota MR2
Crosswise is an amazing car just never was accepted kinda like the Buick Regetta. I had a 1988 but sold it in 1996 and regret it to this day.
No Focus RS. :(
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Same. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me :)
This might put you in the mood.
No Subaru love?
Needs a BRZ.
Any discount if I want to order five prints in the 18 x 24 size?
370z Nismo in black would be sexy.